Month: May 2015

Punjab awaits Modi’s healing touch to its wounded economy- 1st Anniversary

A concerned Punjabi’s voice MEDIA will keep INDIA busy for some time, deliberating one personality-Mr MODI, the P.M. who is operating like a Presidential kind of Governance. The MEDIA, in last about three decades, has successfully positioned to be principal anchor on moderating public opinion on Government performance. The owners of business Media in turn […]

Legal System needs Honest Restructuring……… India

Wake up Call for Society: Mould young generations to the path of positivism History of India conveys that the countries which came to India for TRADE, were such as Portuguese, the Danes, the Dutch, the French but only the British succeeded. Owing to luxuries and weak military position of the Mughal Raj, the British won in […]

Urgent need to end British Model of DIVIDE and RULE Policies….?

Wake up Call for reviving glorious Indian Traditions based on Unity of Mankind An eminent Punjabi columnist personality, Mr Kuldip Nayar, wrote a column in Tribune-April 2015, “The resolve of composite culture lovers is weakening. Religion is having the upper hand. Both the Kashmiri Pandits and Punjabi Hindus have no future. The valley is claimed […]