Bengal- Bombay invaded Punjab 1875-1946 -IDEA “Arya Samaj” options to Sikh ways of life !

The British had taken over Punjab in the last & had fear for rebellion against foreign nationals .They manipulated to plant seeds of mutual distrust by indirect encouraging movements such as ‘Arya Samaj’ on the new occupied territory i.e. Punjab. The major agenda for Arya Samaj platform was not for religious reforms in Hindu way of life but to HALT adoption of Sikhism from the than exiting Hindu & allied Hindu way of life.The Arya Samaj targeted Rajput, Jat, Kashtaria categories & not scheduled cast/Scheduled caste tribes who were confused with SLOGAN STATEMENTS but nothing happened on ground relating to betterment for them. Brahmins were already controlling Priesthood but having slept over wave of EVOLUTION shaping new face for the society with advent of Sikhism & they stood shaken for their own failures.
B) The historical introspection will confirm that formation for such NGO’s was aimed not for reforms alone but to mislead evoking references contained in VEDAS with best use of choicest Sanskrit words by Bengali intellectuals for their political interests. Let us look around real application for ‘Arya Samaj’ which prohibits idol worship ,did we ever hear anyone coming forward to say so & all those who consider them in this segment also visits Mandirs contain idols. Incidentally the Guptas, Jains, Scheduled caste, backward class in original Punjab was not taken as member for this sect. There are of course many Khatries who settled in & around Amritsar, Gurdaspur, Jallandhar & Ferozepur areas who shared common Gotras with Sikh Gurus accepted doctrine of Arya Samaj & were deprived themselves to be directly a part to larger family of SIKHISM .
C) Their elders had taken POSITION on religious motivation by Bengal – Gujarat Brahmins & continue to carry on with past culture adopted. The principles of Arya Samaj culture has been a part of Sikh Philosophy except for visual & some other practices made for Sikhs. Why Bengali – Gujarati brahmins felt the urge to experiment IDEAS for NGO in Punjab & not in those times in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Odissa, Assam, Bihar, Kerala etc. itself confirm political objectives of British being catered by them. The Punjabi, as a race is comparatively simpler in their way of livings, which may be for eating, wearing, defending against invaders, practicing religion, friendliness etc. & failed to gauge when faith is misused for different political goals by counselors. The Christianity plan next 200 years, Brahmins/Banians for next 100 years, Muslims for next 50 years but SIKHS or Punjab start thinking when they are taken over or already hurt by unfriendly jealous co communities. It is the way the SIKHS & PUNJAB who continue living just day to day life without FUTURE VISIONARY introspection or positioning for the community.
D) The recent history post 1900 has got altogether an interesting picture for adventurism by intellect of Brahmins. They worked through front for Punjabi Khartri Gotras in Punjab playing multiple personality role connecting platform for ‘Arya Samaj’ referring their elders by accepting partial Sikh ways of life & continuity for certain Brahminical practices. They invented the establish of a Temple in competitiveness to Darbar Sahib on initiatives of religious activists from Bengal.& Gujarat. Thus ,the Durgiana Temple situated in the city of Amritsar which derives its name from the Goddess Durga and it is also called by the name of Lakshmi Narayan Temple was got positioned.
The Temple was got constructed by Bengal – Gujarat Brahamins under the charge of Mr Harsai Mal Kapoor in 1908.They got created replica on the pattern of the Sikh Golden Temple and located near the Lohgarh gate at Amritsar. It was initially called Silver temple for its carved silver doors. This has been despite the fact that those who established Durgiana Temple were also party for propagation of ‘Arya Samaj’ concepts which has principle for rejection of IDOL worship but have been positioned in Durgiana Temple in violation to basics for Arya Samaj marketed in Punjab post Maharaja Ranjit Singh in British periods.