The Idol worship, ‘Araya Samaj’ & other concepts !

The ‘Araya Samaj’ concept ,as a matter of fact was a blended cocktail for the than times & claimed to have been linked with Vedic periods but in real sense ,it was a diluted, modified form for SIKH ways of life to be used by our Brahamin friends to justify their role in continuity for controls for Priesthood, displaying reforms taking shape on their initiatives. All those reforms listed had already earlier been advocated by Guru Nanak Sahib in 1499.

The Araya Samaj concept did good to some other Hindi belt for India but their actions though in advisory nature to Punjabi Hindus from 1885 -1950 were to distance themselves ,their relatives /friends from new faith (Sikhism) , fearing loss to basic Northern Hindu human nursery .They with misconceptions created intelligently by British continued to function for more hindrances on the path for adoption of Sikhism by non Sikh Punjabis who believed in Sri Guru Granth Sahib without beneficial reviews. The Sikh Diaspora confronted Challenges between (1499 -1799) from Muslim -Mughal invaders who use to force conversion of Hindu populations to Muslim faith and Sikh platform forced them to abandon their Mission at the martyrdom cost of millions of Sikh community. The tragedy is that they (Sikhs) became victim in the hands of those for whom the forefathers of SIKHISM laid their life for survival of natural identities for fellow citizens, known to be living for Hindu way of life in Punjab & territories in other India?

II)  Therefore ,the deliberations finding background for original concept on ‘Idol worship’, deserves to be taken in its rationalism for the fact, that it has been part society development from ages & without differentiation in religion A or B or C. Most of our (heritage) elders were part of it but could not draw message to readjust on new knowledge, from the declarations of Prophet Abraham (Ibrahim) or other Prophets during old times in regard to the other options by value changes on Idol worship. The origin for ancient belief in most parts of the world for IDOL worship may have been a natural chronology for conduct of life. It may have initially been a method to reach GOD but priesthood regulated worship in Idols to connect the GOD for their personal economic interests. After the passage of time it became more of a ritual like now again happening in many faiths. The Locals were made to confront frequent invasions who suffered physical, psychological damaged on disrespect to places for their worship.

The original Indian natives were otherwise peace loving, thus annoyed on valid reasons against invaders who did not share their new knowledge in an appropriate method, such as, through interfaith deliberations for our mutual enrichment on the concept for omnipresent ‘GOD’, till emergence of Bhaghti movement in India .Guru Nanak Sahib, being another special messenger of GOD, explained the basic mool mantra regarding life ‘Eak Onkar,Sat Naam,Karta Purakh–Nirbhau,Nirvair,Akaal Muraat,Ajuni Sahib bhngh,Gur parshsd ,Jap Aad –Aad Sach ,Jugadh sach ,haibhi saach,nanak hosi pi sach .

III) The Mughal Muslim invaders from Arab countries were otherwise confronting great economical challenges for their survivals while living in desert ,regularly attacked rich India. The wealth available in the Mandirs was not targeted for material values alone in them but was in accordance to the fanatically dictates from Prophet Ibrahim & implemented by force to disrespect IDOL worship. The message emerged was perhaps that the Indian population also may amend their ways on moderation, leaving traditional worship limited as rituals for idol worship. The larger message had been to encourage for direct interaction with almighty, without allowing idols in-between their relationship with GOD! The than priesthood controlling Indian Diaspora, it appears never allowed them to touch this part of ideology, perhaps fearing risk for dilutions on the philosophy of economics based on Idol worship. Such inner message/philosophy reflected on their regular attacks and taking away the Idols, though made with precious metals, but other message could not percolate down with Hindu public, having been blocked by priesthood, who preferred continuity for their regular involvement for being route for public/believers to reach their God through them.

Guru Nanak Sahib (1469-1539) did try to bring Idol believer to new side (1499-1539) but only few, in the form of ‘Sikhs could adopt the latest, different method to connect with the GOD the ‘ONLY ONE GOD’ for everyone on the GLOBE. The Sikhism otherwise qualified to be adopted as most modern way of Hinduism instead for being addressed on the behest of other Indian Educated Bahamians, controlling systems since long times as only a branch of Hinduism.

IV) Therefore, Guru Nanak Sahib stated GOD to be formless & Omani present, without color, caste, feature, regionalism ,nationalism , may be happiest to see knowledge being shared with total humanity for respective mental enrichment, leading to welfare in present times of life .The science could help us in refinement of our conventional religious belief for mutual usefulness on religious reformist movement ,an ongoing journey till perpetuity .

The Idol worship, may still carry some logic to be an instrument for ultimate connectivity to GOD by focusing through them, but worry on this is that with passage of times, it is fast advancing to become a mere ritual and expectations are for magical results without honest complete surrender for our thought process to almighty on important components: Kaam, Karodh, Lobh, Moh, Hankar. (Sexual Lust, anger, selfishness, attachment, Ego). It is feared that the respect for Guru Granth Sahib, while bowing before without allowing space in our minds for actual understanding on ‘SHABAD GURU’ may also get linked with times or end up as an alternative statue/idolism by Sikh Diaspora with over influence of majority heritage Hindu number.

V) The desired values adoptions of ‘Shabad Guru’ from Shri Guru Granth Sahib is not getting in to us in totality. We, the original natives of India, has our own way to focus while doing prayers before GOD ,seeking peace of minds in prevalent (Lok) times & future applications for salvation (Parlok)! None need to disown our mutual heritage of humanity for our past elders; neither forces any one to go back to ‘VEDIC ERA’ blindly for Hippocratic or commercial reasons. It may relate to 1 or 100 generations ago, when all the humanity had one common start point .We all in the society could continue practice present individual ways for the living & faith without direct challenge for claims on each other, to be a better one or a superior /inferior path of life in competitive wave length.

VI) The study on ‘Journey in development of RELIGIONS in the world’ conveys that there had been numerous Global theories. But irrespective to the claims or counter claims, the mankind irrigated, developed, inducted respective views in our day to day living with relevance from birth to death times, providing certain rituals dedicated to be necessities. One of the basic fundamentals had been to keep original animal traits in human beings at abeyance by creating relevance or fear of GOD for normal living work culture and success of a civilized society.

The Economics in turn are life line for survival of humanity prior to the application of religions. The war on controls for Economics are on rise since ages in one form or the other .World war I & II also happened for the reasons on major expansion & economics, apart from Egoism, superiority /inferiority reasons with competitiveness between Communism and capitalism concepts, bringing them to war grounds, leading to loss for over more than 50 millions in World war II.