Historically unethical damage to PUNJAB 1946 – 1996?

The mix of all above now is addressed for Governance as Political methodology, an co operative sort of a management for the affairs of the society, based on majority number game, but with innovative kind of exploitation happening since last 67 years.The models during earlier times were different, but common people generally dealt in similar conditions in last more then 2000 years. The degree of human cleverness has now become complicated, working in advancement of individual benefits in the garb of projected association with variety of logic suitable to their end results. The leaders of the society representing different shades of life talk in for the welfare of a specific set of human groups on the name of caste, creed, language, region, state especially on the land of a country which at some point was also known to be birth place for Vedas.

B) It is believed that most of political entities with CENTRAL party platform end up perusing respective personal agendas: for name, fame & organizing material richness on Earth. The party system finished internal democracy when majority number ¾ was required for leaving party which finished opportunity of independent views. The democracy culture stood changed to explosiveness on the name of party discipline.The microscopic number genuinely work for welfare of human race and the count for such in underdeveloped countries is further diminishing. The priority, unfortunately with majority of Indian political, religious, money rich is to get more fame and richness through advancement of their respective captured platforms of power in the prevalent system. They tend to ignore fundamental realities of the Nature, which keep on changing destiny of individuals, the countries and Nations.

C) The statement may link the writer to be a part of above life cycle to some extent but we may have to carry on sharing individual mind expecting this or that to be helpful to the society for reforms and taking it to the nearest goals for a natural human living for every one on the GLOBE. Punjab subject has been in focus of history generally for good acts; sacrificing while defending common folk of the region since ages ,especially during the last 500 years, the Era starting with Guru Nanak Sahib to date. The excessive human exploitation in one form or the other, on watching INDIAN affairs for the last about 66 years, has been with fastest speed, matching to advancement of science recoveries.

D) The people of this land withstood the times for great Emperors Ashok the Great, peace loving- humanitarian administrator, Aurangzeb- addressed to be barbaric by non Muslims who was a religious fanatic, Maharaja Ranjit Singh – a pro people ruler, British for Rule of law (written and respected traditions- conventions) during above long period of history. We, on hypothetical co relation to the immediate past acts of nature, considering the life span of late Indian Prime Minister, known to be an ‘IRON LADY’, successful in international politics but not that Lucky on internal political turf when believed the advice given by Hippocratic political identities who were not in touch with historical ground facts for Punjab chapter. The Congress representing Punjab also contributed in competitive politics harming directly to the interest of the state.

E) Madam (PM) often use to express against political leaders in opposition that they are saying or speaking such and such on behest of foreign – unfriendly countries of India, but fate landed her in same ‘trap – well’ of a foreign nation, alleged to be Russia for her orders on the Indian Army, to move in Sri Darbar Sahib in JUNE 1984.The break up of Soviet union, a Communist Nation, in fifteen countries such as: Armenia, 2.Azerbaijan, 3.Belarus 4.Estonia 5.Georgia 6.Kazakhstan 7.Kyrgyzstan 8.Latvia 9.Lithuania 10.Moldova 11.Russia 12.Tajikistan 13.Turkmenistan 14. Ukraie 15.Uzbekistan. which gave rise to the Sikh belief that they got their share being direct party for the attack on Shri Darbar Sahib. The primary competitive goal with two world powers; U.S.A. & U.S.S.R for international politics has been to make higher influence over Asians & other countries to catch buyer market for sale of their arms. They had earlier controlled world’s largest conventional arms exports above 70 but now during exports for 2008-12, reported by Tribune in March 2013 were: USA 30%,Russia 26%,Germany 07%, France 06%, China 5%. The natives of India or Punjab must understand, who is doing what with our society at our cost ?

F) The Sikh community, in large number was in Darbar Sahib attending Martyrdom day of Guru Shri Arjun Dev ji, on the day for the attack, later she herself unfortunately turned victim for actions taken on questionable briefs by courtier politicians & alleged super foreign power friend. The history created at Jallianwala Bagh, place on distance of 100 yards from Darbar Sahib stood repeated with a bigger sense of crime, by invasion of Indian Military in June 1984 on its own people, adding a new historical scar of hurt, bigger then 1919.Indian political stage, post 1947, therefore, appears to have engulfed most of Indian political leaderships & their cadre in a new culture, developed in the absence of human & moral ethics. The Army all over the world is known for DEFENSE & India used for OFFENSIVE acts against its own people.

G) The invisible political brains reported to have allowed another horrible incident by keeping political silence on Massacres for innocent minority known as ‘Sikh Genocide -November 1984’, thus added new & unbelievable chapters to the Indian & Punjab History, relating to modern peace loving community who ‘MADE INDIA PROUD ’ by their courage & contributions. The Kings , administrators, top person for ruling state or for country; as & when shut their eyes, close ears for common civilization, act on brief of just courtiers, appreciative to their goodie-goodie presentations, remain in dark for real picture of times, some times end up contributing in loss of power, as well as risk life game in some cases. Justice Thakker, of Supreme Court, who was entrusted to look into the performance of various actors, pointed an accusing finger at close aid of the than P.M., but enquirers remained unresolved. Not many were interested to find out who were the actual persons behind her death but the whole Sikhs community, stood condemned.

H) The present generation, members for a National political family, earlier alleged to have contributed for Major loss to Sikhs, displayed signs to better its relationship with minority community of India, living in Punjab by the appointment of a ‘SIKH’ as Prime Minister. The action, although happens to be a solitary one, but considered by Punjabis to be a good step. There may be many other reasons for such a decision, but definitely an attempt appears to have been for possible corrections to the historical blunders for incidence anchored in June & No. 1984.

I) Punjab, genuinely fear that the delays or inadequacies in settling for cases requiring justice by New Delhi relating to human losses by state/central actors as identified by one Srd Khalra & loss over ‘Indian massacres –November 1984’ may not be mis used by unfriendly foreign powers by emotional charge to the SIKH youth, settling account for the torture –barbaric killing for the faith children of Guru Gobind Singh, leading to fresh crises at any stage. The ordinary rural folk of Sunam-Sangrur, Punjab without confining in to any political leaders, family or friends & changed the name Udham Singh to Ram Mohammad Singh, representing three major religious communities of India went to U.K. to settle 1919 account at London in 1940, despite numerous odds of those times to punish, Michael O’Dwyer, known guilty for massacre at Jallianwala Bagh. When and how many, in spirits of Udham Singh may rise, is not know to human imaginations. India need to act fast to attend basic aspirations, especially for minorities, otherwise may end up making journey for every Indian more difficult. What we sow, so shall we may have to reap’ is taught in schools, which gets applied in all circumstances of life. Mr Kuldip Nayyar, Punjabi by birth, converted to Delhi culture by abandoning original Punjabi myth or way of life also praised & felt proud on the action taken by Udham Singh but unfortunately preferred to be mum on judicial approach on 1984 Sikh genocide. But there are people like Mr Ram Jethmalani who dare to say spade for spade & fully share grief with SIKH fraternity.

J) The statement of Media that India is soft state and do not have its Foreign Policy is perhaps true. Countries first make their own policies for management of their own home in best manner then they try to reach to neighbors and other countries of the world. We have not been able to finalize home policy & may consider conditions for Indian state ;Tamil Nadu. They frequently threaten Delhi for pull out from MANY Governments ,also threatened to pull out of Indian systems, if Delhi do not toe their Political line on Sri Lanka. Their demand are generally met with like,” calling the killings of Lankan Tamils genocide, censure Lanka for war crimes & commission to look in war crimes”. India does not dare to address them like Sikhs in Punjab to be nursing separatism ideology or displaying traits for a terrorist state, but contrarily jump to air out quick negative response when subject for Pakistan come on the stage. India is made to boil its emotions in search of ideas to bully Muslims living in India & suspect them to be closer to Pakistan, the doubt not created in the nationality for Tamils when they declare closeness with Tamil brotherhood living in Sri Lanka?

K) We assume that world politics do not understand our partial approach by not deciding some standards of its own and we fail to make consistent Policy towards A-B-C-D nations. The leaders of world politics had been dictating their terms to India for a long time and we may have to continue obeying them irrespective of the Congress, BJP or Governance by combined political groups. Indian leaders by & large are aware of the scenario, continue compromising, believing the old Quote, though not in good taste but is relevant’ “when rape can not be avoided, one start co operating, get in a compromising position, mutual enjoyment, so is the similarity for most of the Indian leadership while conducting them with foreign affairs with other countries, forced to compromise with so many of them & obeying developed & supper powers of the world!

L) Therefore, the challenges for Sikhs in Punjab & out side living in other states are multiple and prayers alone may not help them (society) to save for future honest survivals relating to religious faith, physical strength, identity, intellectuals, economics with present unfavorable ,discriminatory methodology of Delhi. The SIKH diaspora daily hold (Ardas) PRAYERS from Sri Darbar Sahib Amritsar for welfare of every soul along with seeking free access to historically left out of India, the Heritage Gurudwaras, but the contents now appears to be an ritual exercise for the Sikhs & not seen and considered as Missionary statement made before almighty for its fulfillment. The contents in ‘Ardas’ are required to be followed correspondingly for ground action initiative by Sikh leaders for fulfillment of PRAYED aspirations, but is not happening. Prayers seek blessings of ‘Bharosa Daan’ wishing SIKH diaspora remain on Gurus track, many a times we turn in half hearted belief, not understanding full spirit and face 1984 like difficult test of life & sufferings, wish no repeat shape up again !