The impact on Hinduism by Ramakrishna.

Pandit Rama Krishna (Chattopadhyaya)

It has been proved beyond doubts from the history on Bengal that suo moto acted for dilution of ethics for Punjab chapter between 1800 – 1947. Pandit Rama Krishna (Chattopadhyaya) was 23 years of age and married to a 5 year old girl child with famous name as Smt Sarda Devi. When she reached to the age of adulthood for18 years, she was installed in MANDIR as living Devi by her own husband. Rama Krishna addressed her as his living MOTHER. He thereby abandoned the responsibilities for relationship of Husband –Wife & to bury his inner bodily or psychological weakness & diverted attention using name of religion .She appears to have gone through humanly injustice having married at first stage in childhood in the age of 5 years & then put to religious practices on attaining the adulthood age for 18 years.

Let us refer the case of his staunch follower Sh Vivekananda (Datta ) who is projected to have inherited legacy of Sh Rama Krishan Chattopadhyaya. He abandoned his social – married life & became SANYASI in young age of 24 like his grandfather. Some of the women for his age who proposed to marry him; he insulted them by responding to be their son suggesting son-mother relationship, thus embarrassed and insulting the institution of marriage or man/women natural biological relationships. Punjab has been unable to understand greatness in this theory. There is one thing good in principle that he advocated by him was related to the dispensation for education. But he alone is not there for this concept; British introduced education system on better footing then the existing one at that time.

He being a Brahamin ,representing the educated lot of India tried best to put credit to his account .This does not matter as long as community welfare measures are introduced by any one. But he did not take clear stand on education to deprived categories of the society know now as scheduled caste or backward class population or women folk of India. His Mission was basically to strength his own founding community therefore is relevant to Brahamins or some misguided non Sikh Khatries of Punjab carrying on his flag without realizing that they are just taken messengers spreading Brahmincal thought process to practical shapes .

Let us also view another intelligent personality case on the name of Pandit Daya Nand (Tiwari) ,he also did not marry & became Monk – Yogi in young age .He did not go through the process of normal social human life but wrote note on being expertise on subjects for when to marry ,who to marry ,who not to marry who is entitled to give birth to a child from another man when first one has gone abroad & readopt old one along with retention of child born out of another man etc. Which Vedic law or modern law permits has not been mentioned accept the standard phrace that whatever he is writing is based upon VEDIC times & knowledge .Vedic times knowledge may have its relevance and connectivity for those times but the society & science has moved too far from illusions & imaginative thoughts.

The society is adjusting to realities but the so called platform referring Vedas or N.G.O.’s in reference are purely used by believers in IDOL worship, disrespecting others those largely believers in most modern faith known as SIKHISM. The faith & The Sikh way of life is internationally appreciated in the background for Global welfare appeal to Almighty during daily Prayers from all Gurudwaras stating: “SARBAT DA BHALA”.The Brahaminical think tank of other India do not wish to go along international faith for GOLBAL community standards seeking respect for every religion while practicing their own without interference to conduct for others.

Therefore all the above three projected as religious bench mark belonged to Brahamin clans for Bengal & Gujarat (earlier part of Bombay Presidency Province ).They were tactically supported by British Christianity who took controls for India & wanted attention for their conversion Missionary Projects remain unnoticed by creating another kind of divide between the local communities using intellectuals. The reader may understand that the slogan ‘Hindu Reformist Movement’ with 3 – 4 tags basically targeted Jats & Rajput communities living in North India. These were reasonably influenced with the ideology propagated by Guru Nanak to Guru Gobind Singh .It was not taken well by few local Pandit lobby & they engaged services of the than foreign Brahamins from Bangal & Gujarat (Bombay) to slow down adoption for Sikhism. Brahamins for Punjab or India did not abandon the practice for belief in IDOL worship neither any serious effort were visible to have been undertaken by these N.G.O.’s .Another major Hindu community under faith & practices for Jainism/Budhism remained unaffected by & large except for micro exceptions.

The propagators for Dev Samaj, Arya Samaj did not make any effort neither attempted to bring in fold or respect communities declared shudra or backward class .The sincerity or the kind of Hindu reformist movement it has been ,can be read in between by all living in Punjab in different areas belonging to a variety of sub caste in identification of our personal way of life. The historical FRAUD may get corrected by coming generations by seeking equality in the eyes of Law for every one without reservations for caste /creed/region preferences if society is to rebuilt on fundamentals preached by Guru Nanak Sahib to Guru Gobind Singh enshrined in Guru Granth Sahib.