JUSTICE denied to Punjab by new India in Judicial & Executive prospectus.

Historically speaking, The Sikhs live life with the doctrine for Live & let live, honestly following other natural principles for life taught by their GURU Sahibs, do not hate anyone on the Earth at individual levels but act with ‘Missionary zeal’ on injustice done at individual or collective levels by a person or Institution. System operators are expected to act in best fairness to choose a better one option & stop discrimination in overall welfare of the humanity. War of any kind; in the minds of the people or on the internal or external land FIELDS has never been in favor of humanity and served the interests for suppliers of arms & ammunition living on foreign land operating at Global levels. The U.S.A.& RUSSIA were reported to be having share for almost 60% for sale on conventional arms in the world. India plays jockey/fiddle in their hands but not trusting its own human assets strength to stand on its feet due to most influential being on their pay rolls .

B) The people of Punjab, if Indian system operators continue conducting with same policy in future, may get compelled to believe that there is little scope left in the country on adjudication for justice in realization of their natural aspirations for equal growth opportunities in the country while competing with other states .The expressions made by almost every GOVERNMENT at New DELHI happened to be on similar wavelength by every political party belonging to the majority community alleging that ‘Punjab is rich state’ and ignored the ground realities known well to them. It is true that Punjab was a rich state but now it is part of the old story in the books. The Governments at New Delhi need to view demands submitted by Punjab with reference to settled methodologies, law full reasons & grounds for delivery of JUSTICE on the basis of equality enshrined in the constitution of the country. A Punjabi officer confided that New DELHI Secretariat some times deal them as of master & servant relationship projecting as if Punjab state happens to be a beggar before the system & not a co share holder, representing although tiny number constituents but valuable members of the country.

C) Helpless Punjab, earnestly expect natural values, referred with historical records above in the beginning of the appeal, viewed for appropriate support to the people of the state who are getting pushed earlier then its times to dark tunnel without direct fault. The central Government appears to have done wrongs favoring specific (relative-Hindu) states in immediate neighborhood of Punjab by providing them special economic packages resulting in for contribution to state difficulties, affecting adversely to the interest of Punjab population. The special parental authorities such as :Hon’ble President, Prime Minister & Chief Justice for the country, being Heads for respective fields were expected to intervene helping Punjab state, but preferred to remain silent and appears to be not interested in small state of Punjab or its people, having insignificant representative numbers for just 10 -13 M.P.’s, who are not makers/breakers for the Governance of Indian systems .Punjab continue to be living in fools paradise believing some day things may be better without introspection :

C-I : People of Punjab having one common culture, speaking language, similarity in fashion, eating habits, agriculture background were divided to break their common identity & stood achieved by Delhi. People of Punjab were useful till 1947 & again to some extent during international war affairs but now with technology in hand, India feels that it can manage without traditional strength of Punjab particularly the SIKHS? India wanted help from Punjab for food grains to cater rest of India, they performed & continue to grow more at their less profit margins in competition with neighbor field owner, using best of best seeds, pesticides, ground irrigation support resulting in producing much higher per hectare than immediate neighborhood in Haryana. But Punjab may never be that influential than Haryana in Delhi Power corridors.

C-II : Punjab had PRIDE in them which had been shaken between 1980-1995 especially in 1984 .The is one common saying that Punjab having lost major part of irrigated land in Pakistan was not that hurt, they became homeless but still were ready to stand again with their honest labour in rural side of the country but with old saying that when a lady get raped & she never gets back to its original position is the kind of status for The SIKHS.
C-III : Many project that now Sikhs need not to be angry on having a Sikh Prime Minister appointed in India despite having only 2% population has no real meaning in it .There is always difference to be partner in Governance or being used as COMMODITY for self use/misuse & reality is well known to India & Sikhs in Punjab. Has DELHI allowed a SIKH Prime Minister to help Punjab in solving any of its long time pending issues for exclusive rights on waters flowing in the Punjab state referring international riparian law on WATER managements. The common folk Punjabi or non Punjabi will quickly understand example : ‘The level for storage in Bhakhra reached 1645 ft (report 27th July 2013) which is 82 ft higher than corresponding last year levels.

C-IV : The CHAIRMAN for BBMB some Aggarwal stated to have warned Punjab on 10th July 2013 that excess water in Sutlej & Beas may be released .By 20th August one third of Punjab crops are submerged in water released bringing in loss to them but riparian law is not referred for its value for such conditions by Media. What Punjab can do & it is like that a women is caught,locked in a room & Press release given that warning was given to save yourself but she did not act properly on time ,hence Delhi cannot do any thing.

Well, the international law states that who so ever is to suffer with natural flow of water is to be the sole /propriety owner for the water asset. Punjab had earlier suffered with release of water for conspiracy or otherwise is best known to top politicians but water disputes created are only to deprive Punjab inhabited & sufferings faced by even non Sikhs. When big chess games are played, actors sacrifice their own like non SIKHS population in PUNJAB but they don’t understand this complexity. Haryana / Rajasthan / Himachal /J&K made illegally partner will not suffer with release of excess stored waters so are not legally /morally partner claiming right in River waters flowing in state! But who will listen, all in the garb of party A –B or C are one when dealing with Sikhs in Punjab?

C-V : Punjab or Sikhs in specific are not that useful now and New India has already prepared themselves and TAILORED their mind, displayed in 1984. We, the SIKHS today must understand reality geographical conditions, when or when not international politics come on the scene for their own advantage /benefits & not for the cause of humanity alone. Sikhs although don’t have out side same community moral support SIKH countries as the Muslims have but the basic principles declared for UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD without discrimination for caste/creed/color will continue to garner desired respect from GLOBAL SOCIETY for future GENOCIDE if anchored against them. Punjab must know to understand that Christianity & Muslim otherwise share common heritage at spiritual levels for common GODS from pedigree of Prophet Abraham (Ibrahim).

C-VI : The Sikh way (methods ) of life in new India after 1947 is not much different than from local natives of original India in terms of their business dealings/fairness with a few rare exceptions. The sacrificing /Martyrdom spirit stood used by commercialism of politics .Who started /why happened /should this have been adopted by Sikh diaspora is another chapter like hen & egg story. Let us compare one past example with modern case history to understand what we are & we try to project false strength but well known to Delhi but not to common village folk.

The total lot of 740 were captured with Baba Banda Singh Bahadur & all preferred martyrdom than to conversion to Muslim faith despite allurements for wealth & positions in those times .The heart of Shaheed Ajay Singh, son of Great General Baba Banda Singh was taken out and put in the mouth of Baba Banda Singh Bahadur with an attempt to shake him but he stood to the principles learnt from Guru Gobind Singh Sahib & preferred martyrdom. Now take just one example for modern Sikhs. The Akali Dal leadership at one point of time in competition with other leaders in race to win over loyalty in Delhi Darbar was won over by Sardar S.S. Barnala to have been useful for playing their game. We may leave apart all others issues, he could not QUITE the chair of chief Minister ship, when Red Fort (Delhi), once again went back from their declaration on transfer of CHANDIGARH to Punjab. He, thus may have been genuinely more worried for welfare & future politics of his children. But all those children lost during different Sikh CHALLENGES could also may have been saved by their forefathers accepting immediate benefits but they did not do so & preferred shaping us to bring us to present positions. Many other Sikh or Akali leaders are conducting life in similar way of life but contrary to the lessons taught by their ten Guru fathers may need to review approach going on original path!

C-VII : The Sikhs in & out side Punjab are on walking on path of difficult test of life. They all may have to cultivate & manage their respective journeys in their own skill with maintenance of good health, education & knowledge ‘stated by the gentleman ,SIKH Prime Minister during his visit to CHANDIGARH. One of the historians during interaction expressed that the Guru’s Sikhs managed their life living in real Forest (Jungles) while there was price on their heads for being fare –just –honest –defending self right to practice own choice religion etc in life journey. The community may re emerge to display strength & capacity to settle injustice of every kind done at individual levels, institutional one in urbanized jungle life by majority of other India. Wish his prophesy prove true earlier than imaginations for restoration of PRIDE settling HURT component inflicted with clever ignorance by co natives of our countrymen.

Despite all above, history for blatant injustice with the ‘SIKHS’, Punjab continue not to be enemy to any one on the Earth. Appeal to almighty ,God, to forgive all those being party to acts of injustice, discrimination done to the natives of our state. They mostly are passing through great variety of difficulties not for their fault alone but having prioritized the state Governance, by standing with the country, defending its borders during CHALLENGES of the country especially in 1947,1962,1965,1971 and losses suffered by common folk during competitive political dramas enacted between 1976-1996!