Precious lives get LOST while on the Way

Precious lives get LOST while on the way to or return Journies from respective faith religious institutions, despite having taken blessings of living & none living Guru level identities. Present case, when one of riches in India get lost and in line there had been losses of many Precious lives while going -Coming from Mandir/ Gurudwara/ Maszid or other religious faith identities, but most of us being Asian fail in self introspection for over faith in category being religiously BLIND, fighting over my & other’s faith GOD, believing superior to other one and majority commercial business politicians in the category of unethical conduct bring in issues of practice for different language /culture/ religion & trigger divide parameters for own limited selfish ends, leaving Basic responsibilities, honesty in WELFARE STATE SUBJECTS! The uncontrolled/ insensitivities allows society by default in mad race in day 2 day civil life and reflected through speed on roads. India daily encounters so many tragedies of this kind as unfortunately happened to the Member Tata family (Mr Cyrus Mistry) on the roads of India. One of the lessons to be drawn is that the scientific innovations when misused to their extreme, those may be speed on roads or some other extreme actions, our respective GOD identities also fail in intervention for SAFETY OR MORE TIMES FOR LIFE. ALMIGHTY TOO HAS LIMITATIONS IN LIMITED TIME LIFE FRAMES ALLOTTED with caution for “Life on applied conditions”. This humble Appeal is made for self applied restrictions on all of us and share it with near dears limiting SPEED of us & especially Speed of CARS! Advisory stood composed in our common interest & welfare of Indian civilization without reference to state, language, culture, colour, habbits etc. Regards; Team Punjab Heritage Education Foundation Chandigarh.September, 6th, 2022.āā

Updated: September 16, 2022 — 3:54 pm