Humanly connects between Sikh/Hindu/Muslim Contents.

The Sikh community in past, has not been active on writing comparative history of their own, neither shared regularly its glorious heritage, role during war for protection to natural human rights in last 500 years .The history, such as : Sikhs Gurus period when Bhai Ghanaiya, a Mashki, served water on humanitarian grounds to all wounded or dying including Muslim fighting war with Sikhs during Anandpur Sahib in 1704, without discrimination, the concept later developed for International First Aid theory. Bravery standards settled in ‘Saragarhi War’ for Sept 1897, when 21 Sikh soldiers got martyrdom & earned place in top 8 stories of the world for display of Bravery. The Sikh martyrdom in Chota Ghalughara at Kahnuwan in 1746, Wadda Ghallughara (holocaust) 1762 Kup Rohira – Malerkotla in Punjab has not been known to largest part of other Indian civilization.

B) India otherwise produced many in the spirit of ‘JESUS’, expressed by a Missionary in regard to the martyrdom by Gurus & hundred thousands in line by their followers, but India, unfortunately failed to understand values in the principles. The controllers for HINDU systems, places for worship, did not allow its believers to understand the perpetual real concept of GOD, fearing threat to threat to dilution for their own interests. The known historical fact is that the Muslim community in India by and large got common biological inheritance at some stage of human life with common forefathers, now one Mother Earth is feeding- catering them , then why Hindu still hate, disrespect, compete for superior –inferior religious points for each others, referring way of their life to be good or not that good! We all Indians must introspect what is best for all of us in present shape of India & act in oneness for welfare measures without commenting on personal religious faith.

C) The Sikhs fought against tyranny of individual foreign Muslim invaders, but were never acted against Muslim as a community v/s community. The rule of Maharaja Ranjit Singh 1800-49, is an evidence, when Muslim community were the largest subjects (Above 75%) during his times but proved to be an efficient ‘rule for delivery of justice’ .The foundation for Sri Darbar Sahib at Amritsar were laid by a Muslim Saint Hazrat Mian Mir in 1588, which is another evidence for interfaith of Sikh –Muslims respect levels for those times. The first follower for Guru Nanak Sahib was a Muslim, the father of Guru Nanak Sahib was employed with Chaudhry Rai Bular, a rich Muslim land owner for Talwandi Rai Bhoe ki, now known as Nankana Sahib, in Pakistan .He was first other then sister of Guru Nanak Sahib to identify that he is a Rehbar- divine person. The two companions for Guru Nanak Sahib during long journeys; one was a Muslim, Bhai Mardana & other A Hindu with Sandhu gotra .Such has been the openness for the Sikh faith, believing GOD is one for every one & so are the children of one almighty.
D) The spiritual movement in India laid road map for the humanity and Sikh Guru Sahib adopted the basics on getting ideology for famous one, incorporated in Shri Guru Granth Sahib, resulting in highest place of reverence for them and continued to be respected by Sikh Diaspora .Punjab having fought during most part for Sikh way of life 1499 -1999, in follow up for spiritual guidance enshrined in Guru Granth Sahib, containing teachings for almost whole of selective leaders representing different states of India, Bhagats like ; Kabir Namdev, Ravidas Farid, Trilochan, Bhagat Beni, Dhanna, Jaidev, Parmanand, Sain,Sadhna, Ramanand ,Bhagat Surdas on spirituality advocating Path to make life better, convenient, comfortable. It is regretted that ,the Sikhs had been defending human rights for all others on the GLOBE but forgot to devote exclusive time in development of their own community in best planned ,innovative methods at their disposal by virtue of Science & safeguard themselves from challenges emerging on new Indian, larger canvass of land ,God may bless them to guide in learning from past for laying better future to defend themselves & their community when hurt or challenged for collective society v/s society damage in captive conditions.
E) When new ways of human living got developed ,the closing for doors on past traditions take time, one step taken forward by society after implementations of innovative way of livings, such as SIKH way of life, & one feet remain on back before final decision to leave past, time for old traditions, rituals taken ,but others left out do not allow society to leave them easily being tied up with economics for certain categories .The SIKH DIASPORA as a matter of fact living in larger canvass land of country dominated by HINDU traditions ,former faith for all Sikhs, are in a visible risk to for re-adoption of certain rituals, while practicing new way of life in respect during religious conduct for Shri Guru Granth Sahib, some times conveys, certain reflexes to be getting back for re adoption for abandoned ritual methods, forbidden by the founding father, Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, is also a worry some subject , stated by a leader on Sikhism !