Desirable Human Path for life JOURNEY

A) The reader may well understand that how ruling class in political system or last kingdom for British conducted themselves in favor of their Queen/King or political class representing a particular community alleging to be representing majority community for particular land natives .It may be the period of post pre & post Maharaja Ranjit Singh ,pre & post 1947 & now 1947 forced partition for Punjab to remaining period suffering & Challenges for Punjab & Punjabis .

B)The times for planted VEDA period had al together different social environment with different set of land boundaries ,honesty levels for ruling class ,simplicity in for the inhabitants ,limitation of choice for being governed or heard for justice dispensations ,internal & external communications being just less than 2% for the present times, limited urge to yarn for materialistic goods ,slow economic based on rural handicraft etc.

C) Now we look in personal relationship & difficulties in carrying on heritage values within first family members has itself come under great stress for lust of mutual greed or at times fragmentation of land ownership contributing social tensions among family units in the state .Most of us talk for that during times of my grand parents :this was not happening ,it use to be like this or that but now children conduct themselves altogether in different (commercial) way etc. The society has been growing alL the times in science, materially comforts, economics & so has been difference in approach towards its religions getting self centered.