Victory of Banda Singh Bahadur at Chhappar Zhiri-Sirhind War.

Baba Banda Singh Bahdur having been blessed by Guru Gobind Singh Sahib was victorious on territories falling between Bihar & Punjab journeys reaching locations around Mughul Governance for Sirhind. The ultimate aim of Banda Singh Bahadur was to punish Wazir Khan and conquer Sirhind. It required time to consolidate his material and territorial gains. Banda devoted three months in organizing his civil and military administration. Bahadur Shah was still away from Delhi. The Delhi Government had made no attempt to recover their lost territory from him. Wazir Khan of Sirhind was made his own preparations to meet the danger from Banda Singh Bahadur.

B) Wazir Khan had proclaimed a jihad or a holy war against Banda. He was joined by the Nawab of Malerkotla, all the other Muslim chiefs and jagirdars as well as Ranghars in large numbers also joined in. Majority of their soldiers were trained men. Wazir Khan’s own forces were six thousand horsemen, eight to nine thousand musketeers (burqandaz) and archers, and with these about ten guns of artillery and many elephants. In addition, there were about ten thousand Ghazis. The total number of their troops was about thirty thousands. Banda advanced from Lohgarh and halted at Banur, near Ambala, 14 Kms from Rajpura. The battle was fought at Chhappar zhiri, 20 kms from Sirhind. On the Mughal side Sher Muhammad Khan, Nawab of Malerkotla was the leader of the right wing. The Nawab of Malerkotla is kept in high esteem by Sikh diaspora for his reported dis ending views for cruel, capital punishment given to young sons of GURU Gobind Singh who were in the age of 9 &11 to be buried alive with brick constructions.But the history also states that when the AGENDA for confrontation between Sikh warriors v/s Muslims under the collective command for Wazir Khan emerged ,Malerkotla Muslim rural stood with Muslim fraternity i.e. for war against Sikhs at Chappar Zhiri .

C) This is not well known, neither educated to Punjab diaspora that when final call developed on fight for JUSTICE, MALERKOTLA, Muslim ruler stood with his Sirhind Muslim brotherhood & was neither neutral nor with Sikhs to the general belief to be friend of SIKHS except for one exception.  The blanket emotional belief in totality for Muslim brotherhood for settlers in Malerkotla by Sikh diaspora if carried on providing special protective umbrella of Trust, may not be in over all welfare of Punjab for having a blind faith.The New Challenges, if gets emerged on Indian territory for conflict between Muslim & Non Muslim faith entities for right or wrong reasons, as in 1947, despite one Malerkotla ruler once expresses emotional support to save life of Sahibzadas later punished by Sirhind Governor, may have to stand with their own community for self protections. But Muslim community by & large during subsequent Sikh-Muslim war conflicts representing Nawab for Malerkotla fought with Sikh forces in support of Mr Wazir Khan of Sirhind. Therefore, Wazir Khan who was in command of the Center for war at Chhappar Zhiri (Sirhind). Mr Sucha Nand, the Chief Secretary of Nawab was put on the left. Srd Baj Singh Bal a Jatt of village Mirpur in Patti distt. of Amritsar, was positioned on the Sikh side, headeding right wing. Srd. Binod Singh (descendant of Guru Angad Dev ji) headed the left wing,  while Baba Banda Singh commanded the Center facing the Wazir Khan’s army. Shouts of ‘Bole So Nihal – Sat Sri Akal, rent the sky. Sucha Nand could not withstand the ferocity of Baj Singh and soon vanquished from the  scene.

D) Baba Banda Singh Bahadur Governed to best of his abilities after Victory in Chhappar Jhiri ,Sirhind .He may not have lost controls that early if some SIKHS settled in & around Delhi not acted to weaken Baba Banda Singh Bahadur at behest of Delhi Kingdom; misusing – misguidance of adopted son named ,Jit Singh by family member ( Mata Sundri JI ) while living in Delhi till 1738. The system operators of those Mughal times organized dispatching few conflicting communications from Delhi to Punjab, dividing community on lines for pro & against Baba Banda Singh Bahadur. The happenings if co related to present times for the actions of certain Sikh leader settlers in & around Delhi conveys symptoms of past reflections for old the history getting repeated when a few Sikh leaders sides with ruling system for immediate economical gains for present life comforts. The other side is for sacrificing /martyred spirit by majority, above 740 who were captured & accompanying Baba Banda Singh Bahdur to Delhi for test of faith learnt from Sikh Guru Sahibs. Living for only present life or present & future blend values or exclusively preferring future life is a matter of choice before all of us in context of our glorious history, generally based & tilted more on future life fundamentals.

E) Baba Banda Singh Bahadur leadership happened to be the first important personality other than Sikh Gurus to have fought successfully against injustice ,cruelty ,forceful conversions to Muslim faith. He, when captured on conspiracy by internal forces, was with 740 Sikh soldiers including his baby son, Ajay Singh but none agreed to change faith and preferred martyrdom. There has been similarity in historical circumstances to the position for Baba Banda Singh & his captured soldiers to condition of When ‘Jesus’ Christ came forward in a garden to meet visitors , the traitor Judas gave them the appointed signal by kissing (Jesus) Him, facilitating implementation for the order or warrant of Jewish systems. Thus many modern Sikh leaders like past traitors in the form of Tej Singh, Pahara Singh, Gulab Singh etc have been playing their role in line with old times of the history, offering services for fast wealth gains though it was not part of basic rules of life taught by Guru Gobind Singh Sahib therefore, but some bad virus has also creped in Sikh faith?