False sense of Insecurity for Punjab drummed in India.

The insecurity, zealousness among natives of other India keep the pot of Punjab boiling on one pretext of the other. The natives of India at individual levels are good but on collective level support unfriendly actions of Delhi, hence the simple application for the phrase remain relevant ‘a friend in need is friend indeed’. The Sikh Diaspora carried on protest against excesses for the EMERGENCY times, New Delhi reported to have made re conciliatory offers to satisfy Punjab Chapter by attending its basic challenges on economics. But Punjab disproved till emergency is not withdrawn & cases registered against its leaders all over India not withdrawn.
The Punjabi business community came on line by behaving in favor of public interests and Sikhs fought for common Pride / independence for Indians, but they all let them down during 1980-1990, also many of them became direct party for unforgettable damage to  them. Sikhs continue to believe in the preaching of GURU Sahibs, seeking welfare for every one, but failed to protect their own house hold, during unethical challenges thrust upon them. Time is known to be healer but actions for the history are generally not forgotten that easily unless visible justice dispensed for settlement .