Believed LAAWARIS- The “MISSIONARY VALUES” in the CHARITABLE TRUST of Srd Dyal Singh Majithia.

now being framed as Government platformed activity “THE TRIBUNE-NATIONAL SECURITY FORUM”?

Srd Manmohan Singh, the then P.M. of India, while participating in the .. 125th Tribune Foundation day on 24th Sept 2005, at P.G.I. Auditorium, Chandigarh, recalled humanistic statesmanship of Srd Majithia. He quoted from the 1881 speech made by Srd Dyal Singh, “Down under shams and hypocrisies which play such a prominent role in the life of Indian people. Weed out old and worn out customs, stupid prejudices and superstitious beliefs. Do away with poverty, miseries and ignorance and pull down the false Gods.” Srd Manmohan Singh called upon the august gathering to create “educative knowledge Banks” to groom young Indian professionals for export to fast aging foreign countries, who are in dire need of them. Such VISIONARY THOUGHTS were appealed to be transferred in realities through platforms, created by social leaderships like Srd Majithia. Srd Dyal Singh reportedly counselled few Sikh leaders for establishment of educational institutions .. subject to one of the the condition .. those to be named after him. The ”IDEA” for influence of many past Sikh historical complexities, could not materialize. This did not mean that he left Sikh faith or changed to Christianity, Brahmo or Arya Samaji etc. as projected by recipient of charitable grants from him. He remained incharge of Shri Darbar Sahib & performed revered responsibilities for many a years.

Late Justice Sarkaria stated that Srd Majithia was truly a great man. He further wrote that .. due to Anarchist conditions that prevailed in Punjab after the death of Maharaja, Ranjit Singh in 1839, forced General Lehna Singh, Chief of the Ordinance department of the Maharaja, to leave Lahore. After travelling to Hardwar, Mathura, Banaras, Jagannath Puri and Calcutta, the family settled down in Banaras, where Dyal Singh, his only son was born in 1848. Orphaned at the age of six on the death of his parents in 1854, Dayal was later brought to his ancestral home in Punjab.

Srd Dyal Singh reportedly displayed signs of an inquisitive mind with an insatiable hunger for knowledge, in his childhood only. He learnt Persian, Arabic, English and Hindi. The contact, with and his travels to, the U. K. and Europe, broadened his outlook towards life and revolutionized his religious beliefs. He appreciated efforts of the Brahmo Samaj, a “Hindu Reformist Movement” founded in Bengal in 1828 by Raja Rammohun Roy. He being philanthropic donor remained associated with many reformist platforms, basically encouraging them to do away with meaningless prevalent Hindu rituals. He agreed to serve as the Trustee of the Sadharan Brahmo Samaj. Swami Dayanand when visited Punjab in 1877, also met the Srd. Dyal Singh and discussed the question of the infallibility of the Vedas, but Srd Majithia was not convinced in the background that he had already studied the Bhagavad-Gita and the Bible. Srd Dyal Singh use to extend his patronage to poets, artists and sportsmen.

Srd Majithia otherwise developed an admiration for Western system of education and the freedom of the Press. He, for welfare & ethical development of Indian cultures, Punjab  in particular, started the weekly Tribune, on February 2, 1881, it became a tri-weekly in 1898, and a daily in 1906. He was also largely responsible for the setting up of Panjab University, Lahore, in 1882 and also established P.N. Bank.

PUNJAB may be perplexed to know the “Financial Policy Mishandling” by Trustees of the TRUST. Srd Dyal Singh earned a huge fortune from the real estate and the trade in precious stones. Majithia was reportedly not happy with the British model bureaucracy or executive systems but never knew that his own “ESTATE OF TRUST” shall come under …. “(unaccountable) retired, Indian model bureaucratic controls”.
The HOLISTIC TRUST MISSION of Srd Majithia, stood brought under captivities thought process of select few for advancement of personal and specific parochial cultural objectives, rejected by the founder. The TRUST activities basically designed on Punjab faith inheriting cultures are …… hijacked by unfaithful -non Punjabis……… The basic Trust philosophy was to highlight mitigation & suggest solutions of the crises, encountered by the people residing in the region between ….J&K up to New Delhi.

The operative philosophy out of three TRUST established, particularly for the TRUST meant for management of ”The Tribune” affairs,  instead of professional re positioning the priorities, to counter new I.T. or business challenges, chose suicidal path, compromising independent investigative reporting by becoming direct party with …” The political Governance systems”. The original awareness interest of the natives of Punjab-Himachal- J&K -Haryana are finally getting go by ……..abandoned.!

The loyal Tribune readers of this region found the event .. as absolute a SARKARI SHOW of the paper held on 3rd Dec. 2014. The comparative analysis between news paper philosophy of the founder & real operative picture of priorities are  a serious worrisome subject for loyal readers, particularly for natives of Punjab.  The spirit of late Majithia, foreseeing the identical Tribune path of slow death, like P.S.U.’s of the state & central Government, invite holistic corrective CHALLENGES. The event….anchored associated had eminent retired political-bureaucratic leaders of the country. But the TOPIC of the platform was …..not matching with the..MISSION OF THE FOUNDER!

Thus, the titled “TRIBUNE NATIONAL SECURITY FORUM” created therein by the ….(Dis) TRUST, brought in about 20 eminent professional speakers. They undoubtedly all are very important and valued in the EYES & EARS OF RED FORT point of view. But none of them was…..amongst….. Sikh intellectual Diaspora of Punjab……..India was provided opportunity to platform their wisdom on “Myth of Indian insecurity”. Unfortunately, newspaper also became party to picture “Sikh community” … be “unqualified”- “unfaithful ” into the measurement of the SECURITY PLANS OF INDIA…… despite the fact that so much blood got “drained out ” during the five centuries in Punjab state, contributing chance for current loud voices from such “MADE UP FORUMS”. India believes to have “neutralized Sikh leadership”…… (Intellects) and dared to conspire…… ignoring the views of “saviour” -“defenders “….on their own- founded TRUST by their forefathers.

The statement of Justice, Dalip K. Kapur delivered in 1998 during 100th “death memorial event” of Srd Majithia need to be revisited for restoration of original spirit & practices of the newspaper “the TRIBUNE was bold and fearless, which refused to be cowed down by the British. It was given to investigative journalism at a time when that expression had not even been invented. Its leading articles shook the Empire and brilliantly evoked the idea of the poor Indian oppressed by the greedy Englishman. Every misdoing, every misdemeanor, every act of misgovernment was fully exposed to the public. He stated that, it is not possible to reproduce the substance of the editorial writings, which were outstanding. It is sufficient to say that one can be proud of what was said, particularly, at the time it was said, when Indian self-esteem was at its lowest ebb.” The British germs embodied among political class in post 47’ may require major surgical -investigative treatment, so as to allow peace to the pious soul of the founder.

The Missionary lessons reminded by Srd Manmohan Singh or the strength Tribune enjoyed for being independent stated  by Justice D.K. Kapur hold no importance for the occupants of seats now being TRUSTEES. The discomfort of Srd Majithia with British (now Indian copies) bureaucracy is not sensitized while picking up members of the Trust. PUNJAB CONSCIOUS may have to WAKE UP….to .. LESSON SILENT HIJACKING OF the “FAITH “…founded by the “dedicated son of the undivided Punjab” ….now put under clouds …by “ungratefulness of India.”

The healthy SOLUTIONS to chronically structural ailments of the Trust philosophy may be HIMALAYAN TASK but must be taken seriously……for FORCED accountability achieving ”WILL&WISH” of the founder. The T.T. mystically anchor intellectual sermons, being ”FARE & JUST” but not allowing corrective surgical methods on unhygienic (parochial) in house conditions. Re-position selection contents of  the Trustees, ….  revisit accidental pro establishment reporting,…. remove absolute bureaucratic “yes Sir” colonial work cultures, ….. reorientation for pro people cause highlights   prioritized regional development, …sensitize special requirements of the border state,… remove myth of the Tribune ….. controlled by Arya Samajis & anti Sikh Diaspora on hiring –firing by general bureaucratic conduct etc …NGO’s watching developments ….to follow taker of ”TRIBUNE (dis) TRUST REFORMIST MISSION” ……..? 

Kulwant Kaur : Punjab Heritage & Education Foundation.

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