Challenges to PUNJAB by New Delhi ?

Challenges to PUNJAB by New Delhi ? Articles 42 on brought on face book by P.H.E. Foundation


The Tribune in its edition for Feb 9,2013 reported on front page ‘Punjab not convinced with SC mediators on tax sops’ The news further shared the mind of Supreme court bench who were reported to be unconvinced with views of Punjab Government & said “Punjab is a rich state “ and was not expected to compete with states like H.P. and J&K where the level of unemployment was quite high .How can Punjab compare with Hill states ?Yes ,Punjab (India) is not allowed to compare with any states of India ,Hill states got its own advantage /disadvantages & so are the states like Haryana getting direct benefits by covering capital of the country, therefore development advantage is due to their Luck for its location !


The Punjab & Punjabis must continue to be taught lesson for the kind of their emotional decisions taken in 1947 under influence of non Punjabi politicians who made so many catchy political assurances for specific benefits on such an geographical arrangements resulting in for the present state of affairs. The non Punjabis initially partitioned Punjab in two :East /West Punjab then Indian Punjab further in four Units :Punjab ,Haryana, Himachal Pradesh & Chandigarh .India it appears intentionally address (present) Punjab to be a rich state ignoring its own official government data such as :
That 60% of state population live in villages /towns who are able to send less than 4% of their wards for higher Education in the Universities. The education in school & College level is no better than this data .The feasibility for average expenditure on Health sector in Punjab is just Rs. 496/- per capita. The Income per capita for Punjab given by Hindustan Times in their paper is for Rs. 46,788/- per annum against Rs. 62,825/- of Haryana which is still considered a poor & backward state for more central funds? Himachal Pradesh expressed not to be compared by Punjab has Rs. 49,817/- per capita income which is also higher then Punjab. The state YOUTH is going through most difficult test by getting lured to a variety of intoxicants and the scope of employment is similar to other states .Punjab is not yet specific to recruit its own people although neighbor states ensure their native are employed on priority .No one seriously taken the recruitment of above 90% Conductors/Drivers from Haryana and from one district by an I.A.S. officer of Haryana cadre when posted in Chandigarh Administration as Home Secretary !Punjabi cannot buy land in any of the immediate neighbor states such as Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan ,J&K but the residents of all these states can buy land in Punjab ? Haryana has recently come up with quite an abnormal demand that the existing management which is marginal to be got handed over to the B.M. Board controlled by New Delhi!


Punjab is also criticized for facility of free electricity to its farmers resulting in accumulated losses of state power companies for Rs. 10,402/- Cr which work out to be Rs. 375/52 per capita .But no one is questioning that how come Haryana without similar facility to its farmers got accumulative losses for Rs. 10,000/- Cr & having per capita liability for Rs. 395/25 which is higher than Punjab .The requirements for energy per capita in Punjab are for 1800 Units against their counter parts in neighborhood states for 1454 & 1145 Units and shortage in Punjab is 3.1% against shortage in Haryana for 3.6%.Punjab is also publicized to have been in debt trap & this music is being sung since last three decades .No one is looking in the actual picture that almost all states got liabilities and Punjab cannot be exception who faced hardest times in 1947,1965,1971,1984-90 .Despite so many challenges thrust on it ,the financial liability per capita in Punjab is about Rs. 2785/- against Haryana ,a revenue rich state for Rs. 2100/-.


It appears that most of the personalities sitting on the chair of a responsible position, including the Judicial management systems continue to laugh intentionally or un intentionally at the plight of Punjab when they call “PUNJAB IS A RICH STATE “why they are asking for financial support from New Delhi! They are aware of the inside economic condition of the state and its people .The system operators may continue to discriminate but Punjab will remain rich in its spirits, the way of living although they may not have much in their personal account neither Government has much in its Treasury as that of people from other states of India (1947 make) has with them. Punjab inherited old VIRSA –legacy on eating -drinking -wearing which otherwise need to be curtailed for their respectable FUTURE survival by abandoning life styles such as ‘KHAHDA PEETA LAHE DA –REHNDA AHMED SHAE DA’ But ,India otherwise may remain CONFUSED searching secrets of Punjab psychology that how despite so many planned –unplanned challenges relating to the hammering ,damages ,injuries in last immediate 63 years, Punjabis not only survived as in the past from outside invasions but still laugh and continue to have digestion/ capacity to enjoy being laughed at by their co residents of Newly made country –India 1947 !May God bless them & forgive them for injustice done to its natives!


Kulwant Kaur Sandhu -P.H.E. Foundation
Updated: August 12, 2014 — 9:33 am