Dangerous counterproductive Politics Separatist symptoms on ‘108’ Ambulance by Central Govt.?Article Posted on : 2013-07-06

India is known to have taken birth with emergency surgery handled by Ayurvedic surgeons comprising Sriman Nehru, powerful lady Edwina Mountbatten, Sh M.A. Jinnah, though administratively anchored by two Gujarat native politicians Sriman MCKC Gandhi and Sh Patel. India from day one after the exit by British continues to struggle getting in basic grade for Nationhood after unwanted CESAREAN OPERATION by U.P. and Gujarat based hakims of those times, which triggered – early birth of India.

British are believed to have decided the handover for political powers to Sh Nehru who was rated to be more English from heart then original British natives. Thus the Royal English forces of the crown continue to have sufficient say, rather even after grounding of Russia, the controls are reported to be absolute & exclusive on Indian systems by the Christian trading community. Thus they all together across the (Indian) land & Sea boundaries carry higher degree for controls on us than the one legitimate local cloned majority public representatives.

Smt Santosh Chowdhary, Union Minister of state for Health in central Government, recently inducted during election year that has shown extra importance for the photo of Chief Minster Punjab displayed on Ambulance. One wonders that, is it that big issue for a respected Central Minister to travel to Punjab for this to be presented as BIG statement. The Photo for A – B or C on Ambulance will not affect QUALITY on delivery of service; neither improves the public convenience at large. Hon’ble Minister was expected to bring in few Projects for Health care during her maiden visit to her own state, engineering political benefits for the election year .She herself is not aware that New Delhi systems will not facilitate funding for better health systems to her own state .They are for development of all ,except for Punjab. Therefore, principal agenda taken up by her appears to be uncalled for. The picture displayed is not for a Political Party head but for the Chief Minister for the state. The FUNDS given to state by New Delhi had contributions from Punjab.

The respectable Minister has gone a step further, threatening state that so and so funding will be hampered if photo for the Punjab Chief Minster is not removed. What a tragedy of immature birth of India who are unable to develop balance systems of governance even after 60 years. Punjab in a way may benefit on implementation for such an immature political culture displayed as that Delhi belongs to some other country & Punjabis are not part of it. One may like to question in coming times the locus standee that how frequently with their (Delhi) might, they had been naming so many PROJECTS in Punjab after Gandhi – Nehru –J Hussain –Patel etc when all of them brought miseries to Punjabis being direct party to the division of OLD PUNJAB, making lacks HOME LESS with physical loss of over 7 lakhs innocents on both side of borders.

The names mentioned above are for those who anchored forced surgery, leaving country population bleeding but they held celebrations on having grabbed individual political power, also do not qualify for naming of development of Projects in Punjab. The leaders who ruled for a long periods in Delhi, developed their habit to bash state systems & target certain communities for their personal advantage in 60 years but public has now fully understood their ploy (boggy).

Therefore, opportunity created by Minister of central GOVERNMENT may be considered to be utilized by PUNJAB by removing all those (unfriendly) names from Old & New Projects on Punjab scene in response to their politics of disrespect to the Chief Minister of the state. Srd. Manmohan Singh is otherwise not known to encourage such a divisive politics, but unfortunately, he appears to be losing ground to old party guard / culture who could go down to any levels, constructing new conspiracies to regain controls for POWER as that of earlier alleged planted by them the Tails of cows in Mandirs & Cigarette butts in Gurdawara thorough system operators during Chief Ministerial regime of Late Darbara Singh.

Nirmal Singh Keerka ,
Gen Secretary, Punjab Heritage & Education Foundation.
gnanaktimes2aajtak@gmail.co. Cell 9876122122

Updated: July 8, 2014 — 1:14 am