Day & Night QUESTION –Response 22nd April 2013: Should Sehajdharis be allowed to Vote in the SGPC elections, if yes, why? And if not, why not?

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Day & Night T.V. Channel QUESTION –Response 22nd April 2013: Should Sehajdharis be allowed to Vote in the SGPC elections, if yes, why? And if not, why not? The answer to title of article is ‘NOT’. Every ‘SIKH’ is eligible to be a voter, though; the Management /office bearers must be restricted for GURSIKHS.

There is great history behind creation & development of SGPC which can not be allowed to be diluted with whims & fancies or legal tactics of New Indian systems .The system operators during British rule increased interference in the day to day affairs of Gurudawars & many such similar acts were planted at the behest of non Sikhs/Half Sikhs /partial believers in Sikhism for GOVERNANCE convenience. This included, retention for some idols in the adjacent premises of Sri DARBAR sahib up to the end of 1900.These, when forced to be withdrawn after a long struggles, was responded with reaction by local non Sikhs, though on instigation by other India resulting in creation of DURGIANA TEMPLE ,in similar shape as that of Darbar Sahib!

  The Hindu myth took time in accepting the independent identity for Sikh religion/ way of life. Now post 1947-NEW INDIA, wish to use, the old (British) tactic, with an attempt to divide Sikhs for their cheap, current political gains & risking loss to common citizens over conflicts. The introduction for the word ‘SAHAJDHARI’ was not brought on the scene by these very Punjabis claiming to be Sahjdhari ,when Sh NEHRU-PATEL –GANDHI asked AKALIS in PUNJAB to identify majority SIKH AREA for independent PUNJAB on partition. They fell in trap in looked for visible Sikh majority area & not for majority area who believed in Guru Sahibs .The number for believers in Guru Nanak Sahib to GURU Granth Sahib were much larger ( 4 to 5 times ) then VISIBLE SIKHS but Punjabis failed SIKHS during 1947.Punjabis ,especially non Sikhs such as Bedis, Sodhis, Bhallas gave BEDAWA to Sikh brotherhood and preferred all other HINDUS of India in 1947 .They failed another test by declaring Hindi to be their mother tongue in place of their original language ‘PUNJABI’ ,thus HURT near dears of own PUNJAB!

The place of worship must be allowed to be managed by complete 100% believers for respective faith believers & not by any fraction believers: between 1% to 99% (including Disguise of Sahajdharies) We all must oppose attempt for present POLITICAL nature POSITIONING FOR SAHJDHARIS .All this unfortunately appears to be a creation of STATE ACTORS of DELHI to add on confusion OVER VOTING RIGHTS by resurface of QUESTION that who is a SIKH OR NOT! The 98% Non Sikh Parliament has never taken up agenda that How Hindu Mandirs /Muslim place of worship /CHRISTIAN church has to be managed, but they inherited right from IMPERIALIST British RULE to interfere in SIKH GURDWARAS, happening due to non seriousness & display for limited VISION on community welfare by SIKH POLITICS .

No one has ever looked in that every individual, who is either a MUSALMAN – CHRISTIAN, HINDU or a SIKH. We do not hear that so and so is partially MUSLIM or PARTIALLY CHRISTIAN. But the Hindu way of life is very liberal, when they practice JAINISM/BUDDHISM/ARYAN SAMAJIES –PUNJABIS HINDUISM/SOUTH INDIAN HINDUSIM, they are liberal for ENTRY & EXIT to religious practices & ALSO wish to see SIKHISM in a similar pattern .The Sikh is either a SIKH or not .All others who like some principals for SIKHISM do not entitle them for creating divisions in SIKH TITLES. Some Mr GARG /SHARMA /AGGARWAL /CHAWLA /BHATIA/SODHI etc who continue part of their belief in IDOL ISM & other forbidden rituals, may also be appreciative for SIKH WAY OF LIFE but do not get entitled FOR PARTICIPATION in management of S.G.P.C. affairs . The weakness or scope for improvements in affairs of religious places do not entitle entry for others, which may amount to direct interference & challenge to practice for religion independently!

  The need for the time is for enforcement of principles while electing members & implementing rules for their early EXIT when if found violating norms. The representative body for SIKH affairs must be composed in accordance with complete norms made for KHALSA during 1699 .All others having not adopted complete (graduated )way of life, may wait to be part of it, considering themselves just on journey to be ,on the way for 100% purity by adoption for the total principals .Sikhs got great heart when they accepted leadership of Sant Fateh Singh who was borne a MUSLIM, Mater Tara Singh, first generation SIKH & only Sikh in Hindu family to lead the . Therefore, journey between (SIKH) elementary class to (KHALSA) graduation must remain qualification for service e through SGPC platform . Let Sahajdharies first reach graduation like all other GURSIKHS for SEWA for entry if they desire to be in SGPC.

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