Punjab humanly Ethical to value norms on Dhrama for co existence.

Human history has come through many critical phases of life. History for other part of the world states that Prophet Abraham (Ibrahim) had a male child Ismail (Ishmael) who later played fatherly role for Muslim faith & second male child Ishaq (Ishaac) had fatherly role for Judaism & Christianity faith. Prophet Abraham encountered resistance from co citizens before his logic advising not to have absolute blind faith in IDOL worship was got agreed upon that too by use for SWORD POWER by aggressive postures by Prophet Muhammad. Palestine and ISRAEL are stuck up in their own cycle of competitive conflict between religious leaders of Muslim & Judaism. The claims for land of birth place for Judaism is under challenge. All these are children of one God i.e. Abraham.The similar conditions were inadvertently or intentional one created between India & Pakistan by leaving Nankana Sahib in Lahore but fortunately both Sikhs & Muslim avoided conflict on this account.

The Punjab & other Indian soil have also witnessed many spiritual leaders representing in Jainism, Buddhism, and Sikhism. The belief non belief in other epic heroes, Actors & demons pictured in Geetasar, Ramayana, and Mahabharata has its own implications & impact. The guiding role depicted on Lord Brahma – Vishnu, Shiva ji & seven divine sisters has their own history desiring regulation for human conduct. There is another world labeled communist countries of Russia, China, Korea managing billions of humanity without doctrine for respect or fear for existence and guiding controls by Almighty GOD. Incidentally the political environment emerging for India conveys that the conscious leaders for Hindu platform in heart of heart wish to settle old hurt with present generations for mitigation brought out to their past ancestors by Arab-Mongol-Muslim Governance. The role of Sikhs in the eventuality may be difficult having gone through June/Oct 1984 experience of community award at the hands of so called Hindu diaspora!

Many Sikh organizations confronted British on certain principles enshrined in Guru Granath Sahib but got faulty results of 1947 for partial freedom. Sikh soldiers otherwise supported Indian British in their war against other countries during world wars. They also fought with tyrannical rule of Muslims protecting non Muslims by greatest & largest number for Martyrdom on the GLOBE .The Global politics allegedly referred has conveyed the questionable roles of Russia & Britain resulting in direct physical & psychological damage in June /Oct 1984 to SIKH Diaspora apart from collective over zealousness of unfaithful other India. The undercover Actors are alleged to have acted on behest for respective countries misguiding the than Prime Minister of India to realize direct /indirect dreamed economic benefits.

The revisit to circumstances if shaped, non Sikhs got options to move to other India with Co Idol worshipers & Muslims got so many Muslim locations within & outside the country but Sikhs may encounter limitations for option either to merge identity by shaving or to prepare for better mechanism to defend. Hence introspection by Sikh leadership may have to be made for FUTURE VISION to deal with unforeseen repeat Challenges similar to recent past 1984 history. The old political dramas as that of 1976 -1996 if are reenacted & forced upon the state in different model, may bring irreparable damage. Sikh community may have to view ideological re positioning with cautiousness for individual & community safeguards of every kind in the eventuality of unforeseen crises triggered again like past by foreign agents for divisions among us as co citizens.

The ultimate present India of course is growing but Punjab is allowed to develop at its own with available limitation for resources. A news paper reported that NRI’s in Punjab annually bring in direct /indirect money around 20,000 Cr. How long a large number of families will continue to be fed by their NRI’s wards? India or Punjab could only be realized this net sum profits when state register product transaction for over one Cr. The major benefit for net financial receipt in Punjab goes to manufacturing or marketing of other India. How long & if for God’s sake international borders are under CHALLENGE during coming times, the state may not be able to withstand in defense to the degree for past performance.This unfortunately being overlooked by RED FORT governed by majority of other India. Let the central – State leadership without party banner choice woke up to CAUTION RED FORT, not to meddle more in HURT TO PUNJABIAT for exclusive benefits to other India. Punajb if brought to further knees in Economics, Education, Poor Health infrastructure, Employment opportunity with continuity for poor management of international border allowing Drug intakes by Youth, may advance crises allowing India to have larger number for units than Russian compulsive conditions despite being one of the SUPER POWERS?