Historically Ethical tips for conduct in Life.

It is known fact that the communication from first level to third, fourth or beyond places reach in different shape with individual mark of the conveying subject.The human history has journeyed through a long life for more than 10,000 years and there had been so many natural & unnatural up & downs during intervening times. The history is got written by winners in their own language. Therefore, the history relating to about 8000 years of B.C. Era & now for 2000 years of A.D. to be read accordingly. The period referred for at least 5000 years is acceptable and taken to be known history account for developments in human journey.The initial times prior to the emergence of challenge by Lord Abraham (Ibrahim) around 1850 – 1800 B.C. to the than king was that God is a different authority than human race,  King had no controls on spirituality subject. The history for SIKHS & their ETHOS is most recent development and just appeared in the last 500 years and has least distortions.The faith again has also not been dedicated like other religions to one individual but is with active participation for construction by Ten Godly personalities, who nursed for a period between 1499 to 1710.

The doctrine has further being carried on by their disciples to date with the self Governance vision constructed by Baba Banda Singh Bahadur to Maharaja Ranjit Singh times.The history for the Punjab chapter saw rule for Hindu kingdoms before being taken over by invading Monologue/Mughlas. The invaders under history title for being Muslims continued Governance for about 1000 years before dismantling by British in other Indian states and finally Sikhs in Punjab era between 1710 to 1799.The Muslims in a period of times marginalized the spirit of locals or converted them to Muslim faith.The revolutionary poetic statement made by Guru Nanak Sahib after invasion of Babar called conscious introspection by locals in addition to protesting complaint to the Almighty God who allowed atrocities on defenseless innocent public.

The message originated from the scriptures of Sikh Gurus, particularly by the founding father of faith, Shri Guru Nanak Sahib may have to be inculcated sincerely for betterment of present & future human Sikh life.The religious dose released from many a Deras is to keep humanity on the side of good civilization but are not providing solution to challenges in Economic, Educational, Employable opportunities to the visiting public having faith in them. The good health use to be a bench mark for every Punjabi without distinction for being a SIKH or non SIKH. The eduction was prioritized and  promoted in many other India states. Punjab native’s unfortunately have lost track on both in health & Education. The education to Sikh children by parents, the moral heritage guidelines to adults may help to improve individual level of living of natives for Punjab.The Governments in state of Punjab for that matter may face higher difficulties in deliverance of Public Services, keeping in view continuity for none supportive approach by RED FORT.
Punjab may have to abandon or at least reduce the path for consumptions for highest per capita Liqueur and other drugs which may not be possible to be achieved without support by state. It may be better to face reality conditions for self survivals than to passing a day to decisive action tomorrow. The Global environment for the picture available with us is also not very healthy. We, The Sikhs stood used by almost every one for advancement of their own agendas; it may be the British during World War II or Punjabi Sikh/ Hindu diaspora in 1900 to date. This is despite Sikhs having fought with Mughal (Muslim) defending Hindu way of life. The dismal growth results for Sikhs in Punjab who have been  used are on display of  India for their role in last period of 70 years. The old generation had some knowledge for martyrdom of SIKHS but next coming generations have not been educated & response may not be different than crises 1984.
The sincerity for performance and deliverance of desired rights has been going down day by day for the SIKH LEADERSHIP.The community may not believe all the times that Sikh leadership stood cheated by Red Fort politics. The amount of personal interest’s advanced or sacrificed are before the community to understand message in between the efforts. The list for sacrifices is very long, though none of the heritage family members has been trusted to represent in M.L.A., M.P. or for S.G.P.C.membership. Most of those who succeed belonged to past family connections to Lambardar, Rai Bahdurs, Sardar Bahadurs, Sirs etc who were close to British Governance mechanism. The category for fighters struggling for the cause of community is a different category than who got tactics  for being close to the corridors of power adjusting conscious with every one.
Punjab may just look in recent Memorial subject of Baba Banda Singh Bahadur who other than Guru Sahibs accepted martyrdom of his young child son. Muslim tyranny was that they took out heart of his son and tried to push in the mouth of Baba Banda Singh, forcing him to change religion to Muslim. There were 740 who were captured with him but not even a single person including another child agreed to change faith and got martyrdom. Had the founders or the following Sikh leadership got in Muslim trap accepting personal & family benefits, they all may have been materially rich but the principals may not have been journeyed to this stage. The leaders may take care for personal wealth but doing so at the cost of selling or compromising community ethics /interests tent amounts to moral criminality, thus is the point to be pondered upon. The conduct for large number Akali Dal leaders for 1945 to 1947 and to date displays poor picture for the later times of Sikh leadership. The pride of belonging brought out to the community by past Sikh Heroes 1499 1940 clearly reflects impeccable HONESTY TOWARDS COMMUNITY. The decision lies with us (The SIKHS) to continue on the PATH shown by Guru Sahibs doing SIMRAN and wait for emergence of likely GLOBAL Challenges for necessary corrections. The re positioning to respective capacities in addition to maintaining BEST HEALTH WITH APPROPRIATE KNOWLEDGEABLE EDUCATION is required  to be handled accordingly for bigger forthcoming community CHALLENGES !