Toning the Administrative Machinery: Badal shows the way!

Times keep on changing and so are the life prospectuses for individuals or Governance styles. So many new methodologies emerged with change in innovative technologies of times. The telephone itself was part of important facility enjoyed by select numbers in society in past or for that matter everyone could not afford to move for living in city. The inventions for so many life comforts have brought out total change in our living prospectus including generic approach to ethics & Ethos. Thus it is true that no two circumstances could easily be compared to be justified or be criticized by reference of past specific actions to present conditions. But in the meantime certain actions of important personalities or authorities succeed in making entry for being a history action during future quotes. Such a few events and statesmanship bring in lasting MEMORIAL IMPACT for quite some times despite fast changing modern times. Two events are worth sharing in respect to discipline & desirability of Office time sincerity, being on seat at least from 9 am to 5pm, neither leaving station headquarters without permission;

Mr FLETCHER I.C.S. officer when posted as F.C.R. was also perhaps senior to the C.S. during Chief Minister Ship of Srd Partap Singh Kairon in Punjab. He encountered similar circumstances to the present surprise office inspections for highest seat of Governance in Punjab. The then C.M. Punjab in one of the surprise checking ordered the closer for entry gate of Punjab Civil Secretariat at 9.15 am. He further desired that all those coming late must report to him at 1/30 pm in his office. Mr Fletcher was known for his discipline & straight forwardness in bureaucracy. The worthy C.M. sought views of Mr Fletcher that he being disciplined officer, how he has come late by 15 minutes. He initially preferred to avoid confronting C.M. but came direct to the point explaining ,”Sir, You are right but if you expect me to be available from 9am to 5pm , it is possible for me but kindly do not than expect me to be available before 9am or after 5pm!” That happened to be last time for surprise inspections by worthy C.M. Punjab.

The other past history for discipline for remaining at Headquarters and not leaving without permission of competent authority was displayed in Punjab Civil Secretariat. The newly appointed V.C. for G.N.D.U. Amritsar entered main V.V.I.P. gate of Punjab Civil Secretariat, Chandigarh for meeting of “Building development Committee”. The then D.C. Amritsar, Srd K.S. Bains I.A.S. also entered in during same time and so was the entry of the then C.S. Punjab, Srd S.S. Grewal I.A.S. On exchange of pleasantries between late Srd B.S. Samundri & Srd Grewal , the C.S. looked up to Srd Bains and questioned him that how come he is in Chandigarh. He explained that he is also member for Building committee G.N.D.U. and so is his presence there. The next question came to him was that did he seek permission of C.S. to leave Amritsar. The Dy Commissioner regretted and apologized for none compliance to the norms. The C.S. ordered him,” Mr Bains go back to your Amritsar headquarters and call me from your office phone that you have reached back to your place of posting. He warned that such thing may not happen in future.” Srd Bains, the Dy Commissioner had not choice neither argument but left the civil Secretariat porch for return journey. One wonders that past such scenes are a part of history and may not get repeated in the absence of such Actors and circumstances.

The times for everything have changed, further changing and future to be very different from now. Though there are substantial facilities at the disposal of system operators but despite that a large number of officers continue remembering old ERA of I.C.S., their salaries now felt to have been reduced not being compatible to rising price index and neither similar growth for senior executive in business corporate. But a few of them talk on reducing administrative morality, evaporation for major part of sensitivities towards generic human welfare, discipline, sincerity to state – NOW in comparison to PAST etc . Thus the Governance itself has become a big Challenge and getting under pressures to meet out a daily a variety of complexities from many a invisible groups, mustering strength to get positioned to most important departments or move away from state scene till friendly politics do not take charge in the state. The old timer expressed that Worthy C.M. is aware of everything of past but surprise checks for office time reporting in civil Secretariat is just awakening call to re energize the Governance apparatus to meet out public aspirations for efficient delivery of decisions on subjects placed before them. Hope best get displayed in practical to improve confidence levels for REPUBLIC OF PUNJAB!

Nirmal Singh Keerka ,
Gen Secretary, Punjab Heritage & Education Foundation. Cell 9876122122



Updated: July 22, 2014 — 1:43 pm