Media pulse in neighborhood of India- 1) 5th Aug 14- Historic Modi visit to Nepal

Hindu India reach to Hindu Nepal with Socialistic  brand adventures in COMMUNIST neighborhood but appears to be  HEALTHY INDIAN GAMBLE IN KATHMANDU 4th Aug. 14:

NEPAL came close to China in last about three decades despite natural psychological  bounds with India. India has never displayed annoyance to to only HINDU neighbor country for cultivating closer ties with China which are believed to have been at the economic – defense strategic – cultural ties with that of India. The degree of displeasure conveyed off & on to other neighbor in northern part of India has been much louder. The Indian conduct in way tantamount to appeasement of Nepal despite their arrogance diplomatic responses in last three decades. Nepal otherwise has  80.6% Hindu, Buddhist 10.7%, Muslim 4.2%, Kirant 3.6%, other 0.9% (2001 census). Many peoples in Nepal follows both Hinduism and Buddhism together and often called as Buddhinduism. China incidentally has just about 21,000 Nepalis population in their country against India having provided home to about 4. 1 million Nepalis. Most of them are employed, though India has a very large unemployed number with them.

The communist (China) establishment expanded their influence charter in our other neighbor country settlements like Sri Lanka along with  Nepal at the cost of Indian interests. Sri Lanka in recent times has come closer to China for mutual economic developments. The new Government in Delhi being consciously alarmed for these conditions wish to try for special fresh reconnect with its own neighbors including Nepal, Bhutan, Bangla Desh but Pakistan & Sri Lanka do not seem to be on first priority.

The population table for Nepal for July 2012 reported Nepal population to be about three crores (29,890,686) & in addition the following 5,643,000 number of Nepalis are living Overseas;   

Country Population Country Population
India 4,100,000 United Kingdom 35,000
Burma 400,000 Iraq 30,000
Saudi Arabia 350,000 China 21,000
Malaysia 300,000 Continental Europe 20,000
United States 59,490 Hong Kong 16,000
Bhutan 110,000 Australia 10,000
Qatar 100,000 South Korea 100,000
Japan 100,000 Canada 6,000
United Arab Emirates 50,000 Total Over seas Nepal Population 5,643,000

The Indian Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi on Monday wound up his  visit to Nepal with a slew of sops focusing on the 4 Cs — Cooperation, Connectivity, Culture and Constitution to enhance bilateral ties. Mr Modi, is reportedly the first Indian Prime Minister to visit Nepal in 17 years, stressed the importance of the constitution writing to the Nepalese leadership including President Ram Baran Yadav and Prime Minister Sushil Koirala.

During the visit, Modi reportedly assured Nepal that India did not want to interfere in its internal affairs. Seeking to allay fears here of Indian interference in Nepal’s affairs, the Prime Minister said India has no intent to “dictate” anything to Nepal which should choose its own course in its Endeavor to build a stable and prosperous democratic republic. “Nepal is a truly sovereign nation. We have always believed that it is not our job to interfere in what you do but to support you in the path you decide to take,” he said while addressing the Constituent Assembly yesterday.


On cooperation, the spokesman said, India had yesterday announced $1 billion line of credit (LoC) to Nepal. He mentioned that the prime minister himself has said the USD 1 billion is in addition to any other existing LoC.  The Pancheswar Development Authority will be set up and a detailed project report (DPR) will be finalized within a year. The two sides also agreed to conclude a Power Trade Agreement (PTA) — a framework pact for the commerce and power sector within 45 days.

The two Prime Ministers directed the concerned authorities to conclude negotiations within 45 days on the Project Development Agreement (PDA) between the Investment Board of Nepal and GMR Group of India for the development of Upper Karnali hydro power project, he said. China in the meantime may also be watching diplomatic steps taken. India may have to be vigilant in the process for restoration of mutual faith with Nepal establishment  which   has allowed communists way of life to take its roots!  
Updated: August 9, 2014 — 11:27 am