Ptd Daya Nand Tiwari comments on other religions.

Ptd Daya Nand expressed on cooperativeness for religious concepts that’ If an Emperor were to make a list of all the different religions of the world, they may not be less than one thousand but the chief among them are only four in number. Viz., the Pauranic (Hindu), the Christian, the Jain or the Buddhistic and the Mohammedan. All other sects are included in these four. He purposefully overlooked innovation for Sikhism.They panicked in apprehension that it may not turn out to be best form of Hinduism in northern part of India. They preferred to address Sikhism as part of Hinduism but failed to allow position developed that it has turned out to be better form or best model for the land of India being Bharat or Hindustan.

Therefore, he despite having adopted major reformist parts of new religion developed by his times, as SIKHISM, purposefully avoided writing gratitude for measures, sacrifices made by followers of SIKH GURU, living in & around FIVE RIVERS, known as Punjabis. Ptd Dayanand was one of the most successful, intelligent Brahman produced by GUJARAT land but unfortunately ungrateful for political reasons conveying appreciation for Christianity, Muslim, Buddhism, Jainism but spoke little for the norms of new pro humanity faith developed in Punjab Land, rather wrote in arrogance that NANAK did not knew SANSKRIT but failed to appreciate the fact that he adopted Sikh principles & sold them in new package with title for VEDAS .

It is a fact of life that Natural principles of human life remain property of Global human race. The people understand history that who did what at what stage of crises helping humanity, such as the contributions by Guru Nanak Sahib to Guru Gobind Singh. Most of the religions big or small were invented by one individual in a short span of one generation or two. The development of SIKHISM witnessed developing life for about 200 years with Ten personalities coming in abode of different names but carried one spirit. No other religion saw such A LONG TEAT for reality to life to equalize Test period for Sikh faith. The torch for freedom on the individual right to practice own faith was lit by Guru Nanak Sahib Guru and carried till Gobind Singh Sahib ,later given to Baba Banda Singh Bahadur for protecting PRIDE OF LOCAL NATIVES. He with blessings sof Guru Sahibs, successfully defeated MUGHALS at Sirhind & laid down foundation for rule of original locals on the name of Guru Nanak to Guru Gobind Singh .The foundation for FREEDOM STRUGGLE laid by Guru Nanak on invasion of BABAR, was actualized in victory at CHAAPAR ZHIRI against tyranny of Mughals. It is unfortunate that Ptd Daya Nand representing Gujarat wrote in educative arrogance & disrespect to Guru Nanak Sahib that he did not learn Sanskrit but Ptd ji ignored to mention that how Punjab, Punjabi, Urdu language, Pharsi speaking were to consider Sanskrit to be their language or that important for them. Ptd Daynand also failed apply similar yardstick in condemnation to other Gujarati & all other people living in other states Like Madras,Tamil,Kerla in British times who were not knowing Sanskrit or Hindi but knew only Bengali, Gujarati, Tamil, Andarite languages but expected Punjabis to master in Sanskrit qualifying brilliance for spiritual leaderships !
Thus the  reference appears to be an intentional disrespect for the Sikh Gurus that Nanak was not having command over SANSKRIT. Ptd Daynand (Swami) as a matter of fact, may have been under psychological guilt pressure that he being religious leadership,having adopted (stolen) major parts of reformist way of living, taught by Sikh Gurus (1499 – 1699 – 1900) and wanted to side track this fact for marketing of thought under their own new TITLE by writing that these were mentioned in Veda & based on Aryan school of concepts. As a matter of fact one historian expressed that SIKH WAY of life emerged as best updated religion in North India and may have brought down number for believers in IDOL WORSHIP threatening the very relevance for their thought process.  His actions resulted in plantation of separatist’s seeds in Punjab, projecting SANSKRIT as link language & (reluctantly) common idol worshipers being one civilization of Gujarat, Maharashtra with U.P., Madhya Pradesh, Bihar & further intended to color Punjab in the then pre 1947 India. Ptd Daya Nand succeeded to some extent sowing seeds for separatist culture in Punjab who earlier had been living as one cultural society developed around LAHORE & AMRITSAR centre which had been different than other states of past & present India living in SOUTH ,EAST,WEST .It is important to share some of the the materials written in their book titled ‘ The Satyartha Prakasha’ or ‘THE LIGHT OF TRUTH’ relating to founders for the faith of Sikh way of life on self creation of a Question & answered chapters separately.