Relevance for Knowledge Mission NOW ?

The Ethics may have to be seen through developments for the known History of India during last hundreds & thousands years on the Mother Earth. Punjab civilization incidentally played historical role in distinctive prospectus. Most significant known profile is addressed to have been being a strong defender for identity in continuity of existence .It has not let down the PRIDE OF SELF & ITS PEOPLE till new mixing for cultures in 1947 with other states. The principal introspection may invite interest on religious philosophy which has been bone of contentions for Governance rights during past history. Natural Progressive Ideas of the State are getting overshadowed by Virus nature cultural explanations of other INDIA. The undercover IDEAS are visible to be understood through results on comparative tilt in central resources utilization for developments of communities living in different states. Thus the periods of 1850 -1950 for JOURNEY OF HUMANITY on restructuring for human value approach must be looked in to better future Path for coming generations. Religion may continue playing important role in regulating human conduct for self & with co citizens. The information compiled is based on formal written information along with mix for oral history known to Punjab today.

B)   The purpose of life must be looked in to schedule of limited time frame available with each of us, before taking flight for another rebirth or going in the abode of Almighty. The God is agreed to be formless, invisible, non destroyable but is a single entity for complete GLOBAL civilization. Punjab heritage ethos suggests us for repositioning thought process with intermittent life reviews. The Super ALMIGHTY is addressed with different names, imagination for a variety of features projected with help of our religious guides. The difference between genuine or in genuine Babas, Saints, preachers has narrowed down removing distinctions for real or a reel. Punjab during above time saw many a personalities coming from other INDIA adopting Sikh robes to deceive innocent locals for personal financial or other gains. Many of them displayed flowing beard with uncut head hair including few donning Turban similar to SIKH designs. They assumed authority interpreting Sikh scriptures with their own new exploitative Ideas but all found to be detrimental to original faith guidelines of SIKHISM. Punjab without distinction to a Turbaned SIKH with flowing beard or trimmed one or may just be believer in Darbar Sahib must look in usefulness in past & current historical attempts made by other India for reasons of politics on the name of religion with reference to knowledge and desirability for Veda culture?