Balle Balle… Punjab (over) displays – Article Posted on web page : 2013-03-12

Punjab, is criticized by New Delhi for compensatory electricity given to its farmers resulting in accumulated losses for state power companies as on date reported by H.T are for Rs. 10,402/- Cr, but no one has questioned that how Haryana without similar facility to its farmers got almost equal accumulative losses for Rs. 10,000/- Cr.
The people of Punjab State, after frequent encounters with invaders to INDIA, coming to plunder its natives, while being on entrance gate for journey of invaders to Delhi, developed method of living on believing ‘KHAHDA PEETA LAHE DA REHNDA AHMED SHAE DA’.

The habits inherited with historically compulsive reasons, continues to be practiced by them, but India misunderstands them projecting it that Punjab is a rich state? They otherwise are not that innocent and aware about inside crumbling economy of its people & Government mechanism .The media owned by Delhi rich business houses, further writes in their support but against interests of Punjab. Delhi without value to ground economical picture, samples mentioned there under continue to deny basic legitimate support to state, projecting all is well in Punjab.

I ) Punjab, is criticized by New Delhi for compensatory electricity given to its farmers resulting in accumulated losses for state power companies as on date, reported by H.T are for Rs. 10,402/- Cr, but no one has questioned that how Haryana without similar facility to its farmers got almost equal accumulative losses for Rs. 10,000/- Cr. This is despite the fact that about Rs. 1,600/- Cr having earlier in 2006,been compensated by New Delhi to them relating to the non recoveries from the Haryana farmers, otherwise the electricity debit would have been for Rs. 11,600 Crs ,higher than Punjab.

II) Punjab has been in debt trap during last three decades without significant financial help by New Delhi. Punjab, faced exceptional, hardest times in 1947, 1962, 1965, 1971, 1984-90 but correspondingly not valued by Delhi. Despite so many challenges thrust on it, the financial liability of Punjab reported by H.T. paper is for Rs. 77,158 Cr ,the per capita works to Rs. 27,854/- against Rs. 53,132/- Cr for Haryana ,a revenue rich state having per capita debit for Rs. 21,009/-.The data disclosed by G.O.P. refers to debit on Farmers in PIUNJAB to be Rs. 32,000 cr as on Dec 2012 but not considered by DELHI.

III) Punjab farmer do aggressive farming by higher inputs for better yield means more cost inputs .Most of the land in Haryana out of total 44,212 sq kmts, got irrigation facility for 84% cultivable land. Punjab state has 50,362 sq kmts, thus only 14% higher total land than Haryana. The Punjab contributed 128.08 wheat & 115.39 Rice lack MT in 2011-12 against 69.28 lack MT Wheat & 29.66 lack MT paddy by Haryana thus Punjab provided 85 % more wheat & 288% higher paddy than Haryana but Delhi still do not appear to be happy with people of Punjab and disagree on appropriate financial support for politics.

IV ) The Punjab per capita Income reported by H.T. is for Rs. 46,788/- per annum against Rs. 62,825/- in Haryana which is yet considered a poor & backward state for more central funds? Himachal Pradesh is not desired to be compared has Rs. 49,817/- per capita income, also higher than Punjab. The annual state budgets for income /expenditures for Haryana are also higher in Haryana than Punjab.

V) The Punjab has been victim & hurt for a long period of times on almost every front while dealing with New Delhi. The systems remain complacent on discrimination taking place in close range in Chandigarh Administration. The recruitment of staff in C.T.U. was found to be with above 90% recruitment from just one district of Haryana by an I.A.S. officer during his posting in U.T. as Home & Transport Secretary but was questioned quite late by Punjab. The discrimination reported to have taken place while recruitment in the Chandigarh Police & other departments in U.T. when Punjabi got ignored. A, P.S.U. of U.T. government in hospitality line got less than 6% Sikh employees, not even 1% JATT SIKH employees in strength for 1200 ? The picture emerged before Punjab is that its (so called) own cadre I.A.S. officers, while posting in U.T., do not work to protect for the basic fundamental interest for the people of their parent cadre state and conscious to prioritize fulfilling the wishes for the controlling cadre authorities in Delhi.

VI ) That average land holding for over 85% is for between 3 acres to 10acres with their annual income for Rs. One Lack to Rs. 3 Lacks per family Unit in Punjab without adding personal labor cost element for the family. Mr Devinder Sharma on 23rd Feb 2013 in H.T. wrote an article on FARMERS INCOME that the average monthly income for Punjab per member is Rs. 3,200/- against Indian average of Rs. 2,115/- comparing minimum salary for a peon to be Rs. 15,000/- a month .Only a few number living in periphery of Chandigarh & around Punjab cities got improved the financial conditions but the interior populations continue facing difficulties on all fronts: education, Drug menace, health, non nutritious food, poor housing etc.

VII ) Discrimination with Punjab has been done on all the possible economic fronts :it may be non sanction to electrification of rail project for Ludhiana Chandigarh railway track, non facilitation for International flights from Amritsar Chandigarh air ports, continue with changed Army recruitment pattern for population bases for the state may see 16,000 came for Army soldiers, interview for 16 posts on 13/3/13 at Ludhiana, non compensations for agriculture produce being provided at the cost of causing scarcity of good ground water in Punjab state. Mohali was planned to be I.T. hub but New Delhi reported refused to provide BAND WIDTH required for I.T. connectivity referring Punjab to be a border state and later installed it in Punjab University facilitating development in I.T. Park at Chandigarh at the cost of development plans for Mohali, Punjab.

VIII ) India is not aware that the drop out percentage at rural School by male YOUTH of Punjab is highest in the country , the number is not more than 4% reaching for higher education, out of which majority i.e. above 70% happen to be girl students .How Punjab will manage future on such a scenario having largest number of highly educated girls not getting settled in life for non availability of educated compatible life partners of their race in the state. One of the recent surveys made by top functionary for a news paper shared alarming data in this regard, on his sample study for a district in Punjab. The particular district for example got highly qualified, about 300 professional Sikh women, out of this above 60% for age above 35 years, could not settle, having not found suitably educated Sikh for marriage. They questioned that before whom they can protest and blame for such a scenario in Punjab. They further said that though, NANHI CHHAN’ is Good Missionary work but this alone may not help to save PUNJAB. The admission by Sikh students in Punjab Medical colleges on looking to the top 500 ,only 60-70 were reported to be Sikh boys, numbering less then15%.The efforts & sincerity for preservation and development of SIKH Heritage sites ,the Sikh historians fear ,may turn out to be non utility Projects, if we end up not having, correspondingly educated ,HEALTHY YOUTH as WARIS for them in Punjab.

IX ) The Youth of the Punjab state, especially JATT SIKHS are going through most difficult test by getting lured to a variety of drugs, intoxicants. The Punjab excise policy allowed its people to guzzle down upto 31 Cr bottles during 2012-13 & in next financial year 2013-14 for about 36 Cr bottles. The average annual consumptions liquor per person in Punjab work out to be highest in comparison to people of all other states of India, the consumptions for all the liquor is not a sign of its prosperity but an opportunity availed for taking out their frustration for another night. The scope of employment is also poorer than most other states .The neighbor country continue to play active role for weakening Punjab especially targeting Sikh Youth by active supplies of drugs through porous borders. Punjab unfortunately is also not yet specific to recruit its own people although neighbor states ensure their natives are employed on priority in state & central services. The conscious Indian states , also appears to be encouraging & preferring non turbaned Sikh Youth, but the Sikh bodies ,like S.G.P.C. are not sensitive neither state Government systems conscious for corrective steps.

India, should not misunderstand visible Balle-Balle of Punjab, who, as a matter of fact are trying best to move forward along with its subjects, from shocks of recent history, getting back all on the’ original journey -Path’ laid by Sh Guru Arjun Dev ,Guru Teg Bahdur Sahib, unless chance missed by DELHI allowing, rebirth for new innovative political challenge for political stage of Punjab ?

Nirmal Singh Keerka ,
Gen Secretary, Punjab Heritage & Education Foundation. Cell 9876122122


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