Journey of India to be a Nation!

Journey of India to be a Nation! -1 Article Posted originally on web site : 2013-01-06.
The face of Indian society still remain a blurred one for selective responses for social crises, thus not honest. Most of us, Indians got allusion that the FIRE of frustration, social disorders are in a different state/city/village and for away from threat of their likely losses, perhaps all we may be living in a fool’s paradise.

The New Delhi, 16th December 2012, unparalleled incident of cruelty leading to most unfortunate death of Ms Damini (replaced name) appears to have shaken the frozen conscious of majority who are better placed & educated part of the Indian society. The Media ,particularly the visual one has further provided ready platform for airing-sharing their views on how to tackle such challenges with amendments in Law ,different investigation methods ,time bound results from the respective judicial chairs in the country etc .

The media show has presented a picture of unity among the largest part to the Indian society reflecting urgency, seeking safety measures for the women of India .It is a good sign and a country which got a record of annual many thousand F.I.R.’s on rape cases although equal number or more may be getting adjudicated by local level leaders of the society or got killed by the system of its own valid & invalid methods .The print media as well as visual media now a days is fully occupied with the current topic for the last about two weeks and they are not to worry for the filling of their important T.V. slots.

All of us, the Indians got a wishful desire on media to succeed in its endeavor to clean the Governance systems so as to make Indian states a bit better and safe livable places .There may altogether be a different thought process in the minds of other segments of the society under the category of ‘HAVE NOT’, who are physically , morally or intellectually exploited ,deprived of basic needs , who are not able to make up for two meals a day ,do not have basic place of shelter etc. They although constitute quite a major part of the population of the country-India .Their conscious may also starts understanding after necessities being catered on better Governance of the country .

So many intellectuals are being brought out by the visual media for sharing their VISION on how not to allow such acts happens again on Indian soil or if happens ,stringiest law in a time frame to settle their fate showing justice is done. Despite all this, the face of Indian society still remain a blurred one for selective responses for social crises, thus not honest. Most of us, the Indians got allusion that the FIRE of frustration, social disorders are in a different state/city/village and for away from threat of their likely losses, perhaps all we may be living in a fool’s paradise.

The charge of country, the INDIA was taken away from British for different reasons and struggles made by previous generations were not to inherit such what has been given to all of us by the Governance between 1947 to date making society to stand up against each other on the name of religion, caste, creed, region, language, economic disparities by the political leaderships. There is a tradition that when one plan to lay down foundation for construction of a New House and if someone ‘sneeze’ even by default, the religious personality on the scene suggest the owner to defer the laying of foundation for a while to reduce the affect of bad omen of sneeze .Look in the history of our great country-the India ,the people at helm of its affairs were all in hurry to occupy seat of power at the earliest by freezing their conscious, going away from the basic principal under standings and allowed divisions of population ,unparallelled in the world history .All this lead to killing of over one million (Above Ten lacks ) innocents during partition. Who were responsible has not been looked in but celebrations were on for the so called independence of country from the day one as if nothing has been lost by them, this is original conscious of our country named India & frozen conscious of we the Indians.

The country, India has already got precedent ,the way most of the Governments or of the courts function on such basis, having got killed over one million in 1947 ,then the 1984 brutality, atrocities ,live burning of the community ,disrespect to the women of the community etc. Thus incident of December 2012 is not a new act for new Indian society because they were never made to feel ashamed or apologetic by their country elders for the humanity loses in 1947 & 1984.Therefore the conscious of the majority residents of Indian states was proved not to be an honest unfortunately between 1947-1984.

The media although is displaying very differently on Hindi medium channels trying educating on what the culture is to be ,how one should not behave or how punishment must be within a time frame etc etc. The damage done to Christianity, the Muslim community by Indians was all in line of the behaviors inherited from Indian political community leadership during the period of 1947-1984.

The initial period of local Governance upto 1960 was pitiable for Punjabi’s & Bengalis in particular who were RENDERED HOMELESS ON THE NAME OF FREEDOM .The majority residents of all other states such as East, West, South Indian states were not to do much for so called freedom & got back to normal life within a couple of months during 1947 in view of the fact that most of them historically surrendered to almost every invader in the past .The rule by the Mughals or British never been seriously objected by the natives of such states except Marathas or some parts of Rajasthan ,U.P. regions.

The period of next decade after 1960 kept the country confused during Chinese aggression, shortage of Food & above that politics of North tried to enforce & teach HINDI to non Hindi states but failed in them. They although succeeded in sowing the seeds of short lived hatred, distrust, among Punjabi’s by creating social divisions among them who were living together for centuries.

The politicians mislead innocent Punjabi’s to declare Hindi to be their mother tongue in place of original Punjabi. Then the politics of north for its just political benefits took up agenda for common GOD & GODESS of north with that of other states but never perused the required national agenda to make country folk behave humanly avoiding further divisions in the society. The political statements such as Gareebi Hatao have not resulted in removal of poverty from Indian soil. The country, India for strategic political reasons supported the creation of Bangla Desh so as to hurt & weaken Pakistan the neighboring country. This has created opportunity for Pakistan politics to treat India who cannot be easily considered for to be a good friend. India knows well that the new country Bangla Desh has taken birth but both Pakistan & Bangla Desh continue to be one nation although title of two countries.

The New Delhi residents witnessed hundreds of DAMINIS in 1984 but the public at large remained silent as if it may never happen with them. The Godra incident ,murders of Christianity such as Mr Grahm Staines missionary were all in line with the acts of not only frozen conscious but dishonest one inherited by new India. Had we averted massacre in 1947 or leaders of that time forced to apologize, the subsequent massacres may not have happened .Look in the Indian consciousness, the happenings of 1984 are being still addressed by the media as that of 1984 RIOTS, what justice has been done in last 28 years is before us.

The media is working on conscious of Indians not willing to accede even for a small act by addressing – 1984 massacre a massacre as Mr Vir Sanghvi wrote in an article in Hindustan Times. The media continue to consciously disrespect who were lost in 1984 by writing happenings of 1984 as RIOTS & NOT MASSACRE The law of the nature is that who so ever think bad for others ,the turn of them is never for away for encounter of the similar kind for the heat of the times .Despite all such damages & persistent dishonesty of majority Indian numbers towards minorities especially the Sikhs, the majority community of Punjab continue appeal Almighty ‘WELFARE OF EVERY ONE DURING ITS DAILY PRYERS’ taught by their founder Gurus.

The generation of Punjab Freedom fighters such as Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev & Raj Guru was for independence of the society from every kind of exploitation: may it be economic, political, religious or of any other kind. The freedom sought after struggle & sacrifices was not from just change in Governance from British English to Desi English but was for human valued freedom with basic safety and delivery of honorable living necessities .The Gandhi-Nehru ERA reported to have got all kind of financial support from rich industrialist including Birlas-Tatas who got blocked the doors of the country for innovations & developments. Therefore we all were delivered a country which we further failed to make it to be a Nation despite sacrifice of over ten lacks innocents in 1947 & thousands & thousands after that in different national wars or internal killings on the name of caste /creed/religion/regions including 1984.

The new Indian generation got a choice to take up the left out & unfinished CAUSE of Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev & Raj Guru before all of us are caught sleeping over internal war between HAVE OR HAVE NOT . We may be found to be very late talking just only at intellectual levels and on selective bad social actions of co citizens of the country .The loss of young lady, DAMINI could be taken as an opportunity for changes to be brought in to march towards making country- India a NATION .Actions must reflect that the conscious of the country although frozen but is not dead yet despite so many differences due to languages, colors, cultures, Food habits, historical likes & dislikes of its people.

North Indian part of the country of New Delhi capital already hurt, humiliated, demoralized Punjab between 1947 to 1990.Punjab may not yet be willing to stand up and voice against bad acts of New Indian civilization with similar zeal as of before 1947. All other states of India failed Sikhs-Punjab again recently in 1984 after 1947. The challenge for this responsibility to make the country safe, livable which respects women, elderly persons, function lawfully lies with the new generation of other Indian states. The YOUTH of sleeping Indian States need to avail the opportunity to start constructive struggle for reconstruction of country-INDIA to a NATION INDIA. Punjab need to avoid taking everybody’s problem on the Earth to be theirs, concentrate for welfare for its direct responsibilities, the people of its own state. Sincerely wish residents of New India Good Luck for amendments in its Governance & Punjab to share 2% of its responsibility!

Nirmal Singh Keerka ,
Gen Secretary, Punjab Heritage & Education Foundation. Cell 9876122122

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