“Delayed justice is a denied justice” Amply speaks cripple Governance of Indian Union

Mystery shrouds over the death of alleged killers of Indira Gandhi in 1984

 “HINDU-STAN” succeeded to “cripple” Governance for 30 years, anchoring INJUSTICE TO the SIKH COMMUNITY … who lost their dear ONES & ALSO SUFFERED economically.

Mrs Indira Gandhi, the then P.M. of India was assassinated on 31st Oct.1984 at about 1.45 pm at her residence by her security staff who reportedly reacted emotionally for the damage brought out to Sri Darbar Sahib in June 1984 under her stewardship. Both the guards dropped their guns and raised hands in surrender, as other security rushed to the scene of the incident and took them in custody and taken to a guardhouse. Srd Beant Singh alleged to have said, “I’ve done what I had to do, you do what you want to do.” Suddenly, in the guardhouse, they broke loose and attempted to snatch the Sten gun of one of the other guards, while Satwant Singh pulled out a dagger from within his turban. Srd Beant Singh was shot dead on the spot & Satwant Singh was critically wounded …… It is believed that “The Guard room got orders on phone for killing Beant Singh and injuring other Sardar security guard ….. to justify the “theory” that they attacked the other guards. Both Sikh guards were logically not prepared to hurt their colleagues; hence the plot prima facie appears to be “drafted” for reportedly “conventional” method of FIR appearing to be real one.

No one denied the … fact … that the firing on the than P.M. lead to her death. Both guards.. surrendered after having carried their “Mission,” but why the other guards killed one, believed to have played key role in this act? The subsequent pleadings taken up by senior advocate Mr Ram Jethmalani ….brought out “significant angles”. …. conveying ” hidden sides” of the “unfortunate killing.” The programme anchored to kill Sikh diaspora enmass was to ……”hurt natural martial pride” OF THE SIKHS. ….The immediate aftermath of the assassination brought out provocative slogan shouting against….THE … Sikh community, such as; “Bharat Mata ki jai, bolo Bharat Mata ki jai, Indira Gandhi amar rahe.” No one among The crowd could not “sense” that those slogans were meant for Hindu Devis …. Whereas … Mrs Gandhi having married a MUSLIM of Parsi origin “became Muslim”. Her son having married to a lady of Christian faith …Nourished grand children to be …more on …..Muslim/Christian faith lines!

The provoked angry mobs raided Sikh-owned shops, factories, property and homes, where they were plundered and their occupants dragged out to be …butchered. The Sikh women and daughters were disrespected, right before the eyes of their husbands, fathers, sons and elders before the whole families being killed with knives, iron rods or fire. Sikh Gurdwaras were burnt along with disrespect to Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. An eminent Sikh writer in Delhi wrote in ‘My Bleeding Punjab’ describing his experiences vividly: “I awaited my turn. I felt like a partridge in a partridge shoot waiting to be flushed out of the cover and shot on the wing. For the first time I realized what Jews must have felt like in Nazi Germany…. “Get out of your place,” was the repetitive advice (to the writer by his well-wishers.) But to go …where and how? They were killing Sikhs in trains, buses, taxis, scooters. The killings assumed the proportion of genocide of the Sikh community.”It is known fact that even President of India, Giani Zail Singh, was not spared from the overwhelming anger that consumed the whole country.

Reports and eyewitness accounts later stated that the assaults against the Sikh communities were largely perpetrated by the…..leading members of the Indian National Congress. Weapons, kerosene and financial rewards were supplied in large amounts by those leading members, some of whom were Members of Parliament and Cabinet Ministers. Additionally, the police force did little to stop the violence against Sikhs, but instead many of them rather supported mob by taking away the …arms kept for defense by the Sikhs. Many Congress party officials reportedly released voter lists and school registration forms to help rioters tracking down the Sikhs. The Delhi High Court, in 2009 imply expressed anguish by stating in a verdict on a case related to the riots;” Though we boast of being the world’s largest democracy and the Delhi being its national capital, the sheer mention of the incidents of the 1984 anti-Sikh riots in general and the role played by the Delhi Police and state machinery in particular …..makes our heads hang in shame in the eyes of world polity.” The Hon’ble Supreme / High Courts many a times directly intervened suo motu in singular cases anchoring day to day hearing on rape/dociety/ accidents for Justice to individuals but collective thought process of Majesty too technically remained silent in last 30 years!

A senior Congress leader ……stated that Mrs Gandhi was annoyed with Sikhs during her imposition of emergency. She virtually succeeded to bring online every state and political party including RSS. But Akalis provided leadership to other India and Mrs Gandhi wanted to show that no other state will stand with Sikhs, when she will come to the terms teaching lesson to them. Her conspiracy plotting conditions & then invading Shri Darbar Sahib was partially in line of her hurt got during the times of Emergency. She proved true that just a very few, including areas dominated by Muslim populations provided protections to SIKHS, during the Genocide- Massacres Nov 1984. Punjab had their own reasons for grouse against Mrs Indira Gandhi and her corporate team titled, CONGRESS of Gandhi-Nehru era & then Indira times.

The Sikhs by & large believed that Hinduism of other India disguised on the platform of Congress was culprit in an identical shape to that of history made by MUSLIM invasions. But they are unaware that “business mind rulers” hold only one religion to find techniques on how the Governance to be retained. The Arab Muslim invaded Punjab to hurt the ideologies practiced initially by Punjabis & later in the form of SIKH ways of life. The Muslim platform hurt civilization of Punjabis & Sikhs in particular by physical, political & ideological terms for three & half century between 1500 – 1850. The Sikhs in particular failed to read many other modern day unethical politics for hold on rule.

The Sikh, other Punjabi intellectuals and seasoned politicians of the state forgot to pick up left out unfinished track threads to identify “INDIAN & INTERNATIONAL PERSONALITIES-FACTORS” behind killing of the than Indian P.M., followed by “designed SIKH Massacres” apart from emotionally suicidal role of Srd Beant Singh & Sardar Satwant Singh. The media in recent years connected by highlighting two Indian names, such as Late Mr Arun Nehru & Mr Arun Singh under the leadership of late Mr Rajiv Gandhi being trio in principal directing ground operators, such as Mr Sajjan Kumar, Mr Jagdidh Tytler, Bhaghat to teach lesson to the Sikh diasporas. But why they did so has not been unearthed. The surviving suspect out of two Mr Arun Singh and other active visible members such as; Mr Kamal Nath, Mr Digvijay Singh, Mr Mani Shankar Ayer, Mr Dhawan and P.M.O. team of the than Mrs Gandhi & Mr Rajiv Gandhi could be appealed by the Punjab community to disclose honestly and consciously on the name of their faith GOD, the undisclosed reasons for the anger and conspiracy of CONGRESS PLATFORM, which lead to genocide of their fellow citizens, the Sikhs originally being saviors for their Pride.

Therefore, Punjab state now claiming being partner in the “Delhi Governance” has an opportunity to get out hidden knowledge on conspirator people & countries to safeguard FUTURE SIKH LIVES. State in addition to perusing JUSTICE DISPENSATIONS for those who lost their dear ones, must press new Government seeking list of …… the conspirators. The Sikh Gurus gave up everything for the protection of the PRIDE of Indians, initially fulfilled by Banda Singh Bahadur by challenging might of the Mughals & than carried on till Maharaja Ranjit Singh. They all acted in follow up of the guideline spirit …. Of Shri Guru Nanak Sahib to Guru Gobind Singh Sahibs. The amalgamation of constitution implemented in 1950 platform allowed opportunity to larger population numbers and financial resourcability to anchor political games to their advantage for day to day materialistic comforts. The ethical platform slipping away from Sikh community with competitive ….rat race with natives of other India is feared drowning principles built in the last five centuries must be protected. Thankless, ungrateful Indian Parliament consciously failed to bring out formal condolence on SIKH TRAGEDY. The Indian, Punjab Media including Punjab state do not have sagacity by referring 1984 being Sikh genocide or Massacre and continue writing riots. History may not value ritual procedural reminders of state Politics to RED FORT but logical results will write down roles for all in white/blue/Kesari turbans or political caps! Let Honorable Parliament & Supreme court of India/ Bharat or Hindustan wake up to the CAUSE OF MITIGATION 1984, to anchor JUSTICE though already delayed?

Article Posted on : 2014-11-03

By Kulwant Kaur Sandhu

Email : gnanaktimes2aajtak@gmail.com

Updated: December 3, 2014 — 2:32 pm