Four Banned organisations of Sikh Diaspora: Hurting & defaming SIKH community..!

TIME…for limiting role of POLICING & removal of mystical spots of POLITICS

British India encountered few internal/external insurgency problems but had limited set of challenges during colonial rule of first two centuries. They in later part of their rule (mis) used full might to neutralize many a democratic public platforms, such as Kamagatamaru, Kuka Movement, Akali Dal, Congress etc. British relinquished charge of the country in favor of a team headed by Pandit Nehru, an advocate in compliance to the desires of Mr MDKC Gandhi, the tallest Political leader emerged in other Indian territory. Pt. Nehru succeeded in side lining democratically elected leader of Congress Mr J.B. PATEL, a prospective candidate for Prime Minister Ship. The POLITICS brought forward another Advocate-Pandit C. Rajagopalachari, a native of Tamil Nadu for the position of a first none British GOVERNOR GENERAL of India. He enjoyed privilege during period of 1948 -1950 & later served as Home Minister of India till 1952.

Dr Rajindera Prashad, was another legal luminary, Kayastha Hindu born in Bihar became President of Constituent Assembly and later first President of India. The natives of pre 1947 PUNJAB played most significant role in freedom movement. But none SIKH or eminent Punjabi was found worthwhile to be positioned for chairmanship of any one of the 13 sub committees. Thus Indian Punjab got sidelined from most relevant opportunities of Governance from the very beginning but representative of Punjab failed to see the real picture in making. Punjab remained an independent Nation till 1839. Punjab enjoyed Governance model of their own, when British colonial platform expanded taking charge of Principalities of Bengal, Bombay, Madras and other princely states under their controls.

Punjab Nation was the last to fell in the British Indian kitty on planted treacherous conduct of the insiders, leading to the formal annexation in 1849. The CHALLENGE to (British) Empire in a period of first two centuries were negligible in comparison to the experience undergone by India between 1947 -2015.The functioning for the last 68 years gave birth to hundreds of insurgent activity platforms, reflecting message of (IN) JUSTICE & failure of DELIVERY SYSTEMS FOR the BASIC PUBLIC AMENITIES -SERVICES in post British times. Punjabis practice life in continuity of past history -“Khaddha peeta Lahe Da – Rehnda Ahemad shahe da” and do not worry to see future economic challenges or comparative growth in other states. They of late could not come up with practical-sustainable visionary plans in comparison to the vision of other states, though others got positioned to compete, with direct/indirect support by politics of N.D.

The British made best use of POLICING arm for the successful controls on Indian subjects but kept them subordinate to civil administration. New India has tactically accepted reversed roles, Police being armed force & the GUN has been allowed to resume superior position to the PEN of civil authorities. A number of Indian Police agencies have to be created and assigned TASK to chase or neutralize alleged suspicious OUTFIT members, believed harmful to new INDIAN unity platform of 1947. The number of such an organizations has increased many folds in the post British period. The readers of Punjab may be perplexed to know the FACT sheet that the states found with unrest symptoms in reality are limited to J&K with slight add on impact on Punjab but all major uncontrolled disturbance are in the seven Eastern sector states.

The SURVEILLANCE now on suspected OUTFITS in addition to one hundred listed by U.N.O. is around +150. The list contain less than one dozen outfits having concern with the Politics of Punjab and FOUR are reportedly notified to be in the category of TERRORIST organizations. The 7 N.E.I Indian states are bringing in highest number of challenges to Home Ministry, inviting regular interventions. India is otherwise housing so many different ethical- cultural civilizations, languages and also encountering unique kind of troubles since its birth in 1947. The growing discontent is alleged to be on belief of discriminatory approach for subjects of affected states. Our esteemed country has been compelled to create many security agencies to be armed for the TASK of safety & security of its citizens. Most of the organizations displayed on net, allegedly brought under Government scanner belongs to J&K or N. E. States except a few of Punjab;

The internet information displays on J&K. state indicate that there are about 32+4 organizations, of suspicions-unfriendly nature to India, possibly under scanner, North Eastern India consists of seven states has about 125 organisations under scanner. Most of these states share border with China and contributing continued troubles for INDIA. Assam has about 36, Meghalaya (3) Nagaland- (3) Tripura (30) Arunachal Pradesh (6) Mizoram (2), Manipur (39) Other E. Groups (9) Punjab (12). The official notification made by the office of D.G.-Investigation Agency of India, available on internet site, has list of only 36 Banned Terrorist Organizations in the chronologies as follows, made under Schedule I – First Schedule (of the UA (P) Act, 1967);

1. Babbar Khalsa International, 2. Khalistan Commando Force 3.Khalistan Zindabad Force, 4.International Sikh Youth Federation, 5.Lashkar-E-T./P.-E-Ahle H., J.-e-M./T.-e-F.,H.-ul-M./H.-ul-A/H.-ul-J.-e-I.,Hizb-ul-M./H.-ul-M.Pir.P.R.,.Al-Umar-M., J.K.I.,ULFA,NDFB in A.,PLA, UNLF, PREPAK,KCP, KYKL, MPLF, A.T.T.F.,N. L. F. of T.,LTTE, S.I.M.I., D.A.,C.P.I. (M-L)- P. War, MCC,Al Badr, J.-ul- M.,Al-Qaida, DEM, TNLA, TNRT, ABNES, Organ in the Sch of the U.N., C.P.I.(M).35.I. M., 36. GNLA.

The shocking information, emerges from the chronology of the list is that terrorist listing is neither on alphabet nor on hierarchy of danger to India but planned or in verdantly bringing highest focus on the …… titles of Sikh organizations. It is known fact to INDIA that congress leadership originally sown the seeds of insurgency for the designed.. CROP OF POLITICS. The planned actions through state actors who succeeded in marginalizing state leaderships between 1975-1995, played to benefit schemes of other India. The Governance by new generations in post independence has not been adequately educated for the role played by Sikhs –Punjabi representing Punjab. This is perhaps one of the main reasons that they all became silent party….. to display Sikh organizations on top of the list. This is despite the fact that community has almost overcome the physical & religious shocks brought on them between 1980-1995. The four banned organizations in the last about TWO DECADES has probably not shown semblance of questionable activities, reported in troubled times. The major CHALLENGE of LAW & ORDER being encountered now is either in J&K or SEVEN Eastern states, who all share borders with Pakistan-China-Bhutan-Bangla Desh-Myanmar. …. How & why the Sikh titled organizations have been shown on top of the list…. has never been sensed, neither correction sought after by the Punjab state !

As a matter of fact, the affairs of the Punjab state has been managed in almost peaceful manner in context of the deferred civilized demand & aspirations of banned organizations. Punjab has been under the charge of Akali Dal since last about 8 years but no one thought to draw their attention for an agenda to bring back, members of so called notified being terrorist organizations to normal life fold after legitimate deliberations. The states under reference encountering Law & Order challenges are rather going out of normal constitutional preview to bring peace in 1+7 troubled states. Punjab could take bold steps by suggesting an identical reconciliation APPROACH to bring back (emotionally charged -misguided) Sikh youth connected to banned outfits…. Into normal life. The natives of Punjab state have been conducting life in normal ways by sidelining many a legitimate contentious subjects. Dozens of Police organizations and many thousands of personnel are deployed to chase & neutralize Sikh suspects considered unfriendly to India….. but corrective introspection is not getting chance.

MINIMUM COMMON AGENDA FOR EMOTIONAL RELIEF TO PUNJAB; Punjab politicians without context of caste-creed/rich-poor or Party–Political identity, being member of SAD/Congress/BJP/Communist etc. must reach on common platform for Minimum Programme for the welfare & Pride restoration of their co natives. The YOUNG leadership is desired to apply their MIND & HEART honestly….now…. though elders forgot many aspects of community welfare in last few decades. They otherwise must have understood mechanism in between POLITICS of Red Fort, dominated by majority –minority number of M.P.’s who manage welfare schemes for respective states but TINY….fractured number of 13 ….representing Punjab remain in war within themselves, partially on central instigation for DIVIDE & RULE, who add (leaked) information contents, fuelling distrust for the continuity of fight of Punjabi leaders in & out of Parliament. Many a planted information result in leadership to be occupied on personal agenda items and community welfare plans of natives gets ignored. Punjabi leaders are not expected to forget history of past 47′-84′ betrayals when none of the leaders of other states came forward despite millions of Sikh philanthropic welfare actions, including support during emergency times. Regrettably most other India played mischievous political games with Punjabis since birth of the country and never supported aspirations of FEDERALISM in the country. But they all in the meantime never compromised interests of their own states in 68 year of life.

Thus the FOUR banned organizations with the titles relating to Sikh Diaspora- first of all are not required to be displayed on top but in the hierarchy of dangers to India or in alphabetical order. .. The next idea action is to attempt bringing those individual actors connected with the EVENTS on the table of deliberations, differentiating alleged referred criminality being a bona fide/ political/ personal enmity/ accidental & feasibility within frame work of Indian constitution for relinquishment of the charge, allowing fresh restart of life. Therefore, the list of banned organizations concerning Punjab deserves re evaluation to be brought to zero levels absolving its actors with application of due course of Law, similar to under experimentation in other states. The initiative must be taken by the state Government leadership being partner in the Governance of India to bring back hurt & angry sons of the soil to their mother land of Punjab-India. These FOUR banned Sikh outfits even if now are felt not that active or now system friendly for political advancements or happens to be direct/indirect creations of our own for politics or to justify the TOP HEAVY police establishment, but advantage to state in such a mechanism appears to be just marginal in comparison to the quantum of loss being suffered by Sikh Diasporas on GLOBAL level. The PRINCIPLED HONESTY OF THE SIKH FACE is under challenge. The display of SIKH titled organizations, on top of the official list, seen by more than 7 Million has brought negative publicity. PUNJAB has to wake up to the resultant impact of the immaturity shown by few state/central actors…TIMES NOW to take bold corrective medicated steps to bring back angry children of the soil to their mother land of Punjab-India!


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