Indian politics over food subsidy Bill: Identical to the Mission for Historic ‘SACHA SAUDA’

Nazaria – -10 Article Posted on : 2013-08-20

India has not been able to do or perform what may have been possible in 67 years of its JOURNEY with guidance of BRITISH if compared for the immediate developments taken place in a period of 67 years prior to 1947.

The Indian leadership is in habit of making tall promises without under standing ground realities or capacities. The inheritance of RULES & REGULATIONS from BRITISH continued to be practiced almost in same spirit by & large but controlled by new breed addressed by many as Indian Avtar Services or working in concept ‘I Am Ideology. The huge gap between Babu- bureaucracy combine v/s new Political leaderships is getting unmanageable when they go in for temporary, purely adhoc SOLUTIONS to the challenges emerging in different conditions for states .The philosophy behind FOOD SECURITY Bill is well known to all political leaders but most crying foul with a variety of non choreographed music, unpalatable to many ears of Indian democracy but reflecting our inside that how hollow we have become on GODS own Indian soil.

Most of the political parties opposed family planning programme introduced by late Mr Sanjay Gandhi, although many were in agreement on its basic principles & wished that to be implemented in its genuine spirit .None of political parties came forward for re adoption of FAMILY reproductive regulatory norms by limiting its number in view of economic conditions for respective family units .Leaders like Mr Lalu Prashad Yadav came forward referring his family with the number of springs with that of Sriman Mohan Das Karam Chand Gandhi & many more finding suitable in justification to about one dozen children /brother/sisters .One of the principles for all religions is to feed the have nots from personal /family/company account to seek hidden blessings from them & Indian traditions had been to share wealth to some proportionate with deprived lot living around us.

Punjab when introduced scheme for ATTA –DAL scheme for population at disadvantage position was not understood many, including the writer for the contents and invariably disagreed for the decision taken by the present Chief Minister for the state but later fell in line understanding the indirect satisfaction extended to economically weaker part of our society .Now the present Indian leadership under the charge of Prime Minister of India who happened to be a SIKH with active support of Mrs Sonia Gandhi, nursing similar philanthropic ( Christian-Sikh) concept ,have come up to improve the existing subsidized Food scheme to weaker members of our society& is a welcome step. It is not great thing that we allow higher birth rate referring it to be GIFT OF GOD with natural happenings & allow them to die in hunger. The GOD may be ANCHORING for us with own methodology and taking test of INDIA, how the living leaderships manage co citizens with their abilities .Let us stand either believing in GOD who is allowing birth for unmanageable numbers & cater them or organize scheme to limit –controls for its numbers .

Let us come forward to have (limited) interference to the schemes prepared by the OMNI present one GOD by educating UNDER PRIVILEGED INDIA to limit reproduction upto 2 or 3 to avail for basic support & decide for denial equal other opportunities for birth after 3 children & ensure feeding for basics, including assured food for living .The times have come for India to sit together for common agendas important for future health of our country, developing it as a good & livable NATION. All the political parties may stop criticizing the FOOD bill that are bringing disrespect to the basics behind this pro human welfare decision .The Chief Minister for Punjab along with others who took lead for introduction of this concept must get a appreciation from Delhi.

The VISUAL TV channels must stop their line of criticism that the FOOD BILL subsidy elements will doom the economics of a particular category thus inciting them that injustice shaping up, cautioning particularity the middle class segment referring direct loss to them. The TV Channels particularly NOW of TIMES OF India fail to mention who is responsible allowing so many our country men/women/children on Indian soil sleeping hungry .The service of basic food is a minimum to be attended by any Government on the Earth .Removal of hunger pangs may bless the country to stand up better to defend for CHALLENGES EMERGING daily on our international borders.
Sardar Manmohan Singh ,The Hon’ble Prime Minister deserves applaud –appreciation having availed opportunity for a decision taken in line with the favouring human friendly concept identical to Mission in historical ‘SACHA SAUDA’ philosophy elucidated by the founding father Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji for a unique humanity, identified as SIKHS.

Nirmal Singh Keerka ,
Gen Secretary, Punjab Heritage & Education Foundation. Cell 9876122122

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