Manmohan’s presence in the Centre stage by & large provided safety to Punjabis !

Nazaria -11 Article Posted on : 2013-09-14

Emergence of Media’s Modi: Advantage or continued Loss to 1947 makes Punjab?

The POWER OF MEDIA to BUILT or BREAK the human personalities stood proved with new episode anchored on 13th September 2013 when Mr Modi got (dramatized ) B.J.P. clearance to be projected as next Indian Prime Ministerial candidate for forthcoming Parliamentary elections 2014, despite the date 13th having proved dangerous in past for B.J.P. There were not many if & buts for his proposal but the process enacted & displayed during for the last 3-4 months has been professionally ANCHORED to improve the personality size for the proposed leader for such a declaration. Public is generally not aware how Media make presentations to public and ultimate methodologies finalized at the level of business owners for the channels. The willing or unwilling conduct or partial fear psychosis for Mr Modi brought him to the present position. Many recent intellectual T.V. debates anchored by them displaying negative pictures for collective Governance failures for recent times also morally helped B.J.P. to great extent.

The public otherwise knows well that Mrs Sonia Gandhi being Chairperson for Congress (I) appointed Sardar Manmohan Singh as P.M. (Chief Executive) under her overall controls, considering him to be safest bet but kept options for YES/NO to programmes with her party advisers . It has been talked out that he was not being partner representative of Sikh Community but due to best possible honest – human commodity, who happened to be representing Sikh brotherhood, with zero personal – family interests, neither suspected to be holding Sikh agendas for advancement with political ambitions and also not suspected to be working contrary to the interests of Nehru family tree, hence selected.

Punjab except for hypothetical Global display for a SIKH IDENTITY through him with positive SIKH projections as that of Sikhs to be different than Muslim brotherhood could not go beyond this factor. The P.M. could not gain sufficient strength to support in economics terms for his tiny & suffering home state. Punjab otherwise also stood saved in terms of non happenings of suspected political dramas which were not allowed to be shaped or played during his tenure. His times may be remembered by Punjabis to have been without pro active political conspiracies, generally believed to have been enacted since 1947 by underground state actors, positioned from time to time by New Delhi with the boggy of militancy etc or other reasons of Politics developed for consumption of public.

Therefore the active news today on Mr Modi, a production of ‘B.J.P. HOUSE’ conveys that he has taken another big step forward for fulfillment of the basic (Mughal-British period ) VISION of Gujarat- Maharashtra politics, designed by RSS (based on Maratha theory) on Governance from New Delhi by declaring the leadership face of Mr Modi for 2014 elections. He undoubtedly has proved to be an efficient Manager for his state and also succeeded to market himself successfully for the present position.

Mr Modi has good qualities in him on individual level; politically a good role model, not (that) dishonest in a political sense, decisive, an efficient operator for Government machinery. Unfortunately, despite so many positive factors displayed & projected, it is strongly apprehended that B.J.P. platform with better GOVERNANCE MODEL, may also misuse (exploit) the opportunity to engineer ACTIONS to decimate the opponent political leaders or parties and may challenge independence of other religious practices prevailing in India with hidden MISSION to bring back who left the Hindu fold and having adopted different way of life under certain historical circumstances.

Punjab believing in statement of Guru Nanak Sahib “ Na Koi Vairi –Nah Begana” has uniqueness rather weakness for not realizing what is GOOD – BAD medicine for them especially when non Sikhs continue to enjoy every privilege for economics or job placements in Punjab but continue to dream closeness to Delhi than to sincerity towards fellow Punjabis, resulting in weakening strength of Punabiat. Punjab leadership recently avoided questioning the visiting top BJP hierarchy by not asking for their honest declarations during public function at Madhopur in Punjab that leaders from Gujarat like Mr M.C.K.C. GANDHI, Mr PATEL or leaders from other states like Mr Nehru etc were otherwise directly responsible for (human as well as property) losses to the Punjabis, especially to the SIKH community.

The unmindful decisions of these non Punjabi leaders got them uprooted from their (mother land ) Pakistan Punjab area under the cover for politics ,but in reality acted for advancement and prosperity of HINDUS living in other (unknown) INDIA at the economic cost of natives of joint pre partition PUNJAB. A few smart Hindus of PUNJAB like HEROS, OSWALS, MODIS, CHOPRAS & HANDPICKED business minded Sikhs were given economic, political support by Delhi Darbar for their personal growth at the cost of the welfare for overall PUNJAB. They all became silent party (actors) to mislead majority Punjabi Diaspora on the name of religious belief -common platform for IDOL Worshipers in whole of India (Hindutava) with further poison for use of Punjabi – Sanskrit language distrust! Mr Modi smartly tried misusing one part of history by referring historical Sikh-Hindu relationship for their personal adhoc political benefits when he stated that one of the five among PANJ PIARAS (adopted) blessed by Guru Gobind Singh, Sahib Bhai Muhkam Singh was from GUJARAT, hence they has strong relationship with Punjab but he failed to confess damage brought out to Punjab.

The relationship claimed by Mr Modi conveys different message when Punjab look in the Mrs CHAWLA kind of selections from Punjab – B.J.P. representative as national Vice President for the party, the decision speaks louder & declare REAL MESSAGE to the state for coming days of politics. She is known to have functioned whole heatedly ANTI SIKH culture & Ethos in each respect as an MLA or a MINISTER throughout her political career. She has been openly displaying ANTI SIKH conduct, which may be for non use of Punjabi language or any other matter. It is unfortunate that the Sikh politics has to bear all such political conditions which are as painful as that of the times for tenth Guru Gobind Singh Sahib at the hands of Hill state ruling kingdoms who preferred Governance under Muslim ruling class then to good – friendly relationship with Guru Sahibs.

Mr Modi if gets opportunity to be in Delhi, may display similar role as that of Mr M.C.K.C.Gandhi, Mr Patel ,Mr Nehru ,M. Desai & rulers for Pahari (Hilly) kingdoms including Dogras of J&K as of his firmness in his stand for uprooting Sikh farmers from GUJARAT. If congress C.M. Mr Ohjha did wrong with farmers but nothing prevents Mr Modi not to reverse or obey High court decisions but he is prepared to carry on legal battle in a befitting manner in SUPREME COURT by hiring top – most expensive lawyer against marginal Punjab farmers settled there since last more than four decades! Punjab through Congress or B.J.P. failed to QUESTION how India is settling thousands in CHANDIGARH Punjab who migrated recently but allowing damage to farmers by declaring them (Sikhs) to be OUTSIDERS in the state of Gujarat !

The Sikh politics has again come to such a cross road and may face more aggressive Challenges for likely attempts, causing dilution to SIKH IDENTITY under new ways of GOVERNANCE under Hindutava philosophy. The political developments shaping up appears to be in line by generating as serious consequences as that that of happenings during pre partition 1947. Indian public is silent spectator as of now and most of the people for other states has not undergone experience for partition taken place in 1947.The new Young generation in Punjab may have to come on central stage safeguarding basics for natives living in & out side Punjab territories.

Therefore ,the information displayed on conditions related to current history proves beyond doubts that Hindu cadre for both Congress & B.J.P. has otherwise one common Vote Bank in Punjab. The present generation of BJP & CONGRESS cadres by & large are united and like one coin with two faces. The Sikh (Akali) generally vote in accordance with directions of their leaderships but vote by Punjabi Hindus is cast in accordance with business assessments for current political benefit opportunities. Similar VOTING PATTERN may be experimented on country platform under leadership of Mr MODI. The B.J.P. (Hindu Diaspora) has succeeded in developing common platform for believers in IDOL worshipers and also share their inner thought process for future plans on confronting Indian religious minorities, therefore it may be a matter of TURN, who is dealt first or last for their further Economical & Political groundings and strangulation. Punjab most sincerely look forward to the emergence for a Sikh leader having spiritual values of Guru Nanak sahib with certain soldier traits of Guru Gobind Singh Sahib & capacity to deal with cleverness of New Delhi politics without direct conflict but to manage welfare measures for state in diplomatic manner. It happens now or we all have to wait to birth of such a personality who help in saving natural PRIDE for living & Growth for every human on respective Indian land.

Punjab also prey for peace & prosperity with zero conflict on communal levels and also wish not to be put on difficulties choosing sides on religious lines if at any point, communal conflict shape up in other parts of India, triggered and fueled by unfriendly countries. Punjab leaders may have to look in for possible POSITIONING for such an unfortunate eventualities if shaped up in coming times. Natures may have its own role to be played for Human rewards or discredits at her/his own pace settling pending account for damage – hurt brought to the society. Let us prey India to start functioning honestly & independently without undue economic or religious influence of others. Best wishes through to Mr Modi who on face value appears to be in great hurry to implement so many personal agendas on Indian land!

Nirmal Singh Keerka ,
Gen Secretary, Punjab Heritage & Education Foundation. Cell 9876122122

Updated: August 10, 2014 — 4:49 am