The present Land occupation by India, journeyed through numerous fazes of life.

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Historical prospectus on Land controls / regulations Gujarat & other INDIA by non agriculturist?
The present Land occupation by India, journeyed through numerous fazes of life during last 20 – 30 centuries. It has been controlled and regulated by a variety of independent subjects like ; single ownership ,duel ownership with Zamindar ,Tripple ownership along with Government as a third party entity etc .The community in agriculture or Farming line has been encountering unending challenges of the establishment from time to time . Farmers recently reached to minimum economical recoveries for breakeven levels after continued experimentations on farming – productivity facing many natural hip – hops for settling crop suitability on the basis of water, weather and other resource inputs for best output. Punjab psychology continue to practice:”Daab Ke Wah –Te Raaj Keh Khah “with other cultural factor carried on:” Khada Peeta Lahe Daa – Rehndaa Ahmad Shaeh Daa” .


The concept has been great contributor to the highest productivity in Punjab.One of the major changes in the management of agricultural land is reported to have been introduced by Baba Banda Singh Bahadur when he gave ownership Titles to Tillers after victory in war fought at Chhapar Zhiri – Sirhind May ,1710. British, during their Governance planning to maximize revenue from the land in India brought ‘Bombay Tenancy and Agricultural Lands Act, 1948’ by introducing three major forms of land settlements namely Zamindari, Raiyatwari and Mahalwari. Under the influence of these systems, actual cultivators turned into tenants.


These land system created intermediary between the State and the actual tillers of the soil who had no interest in improvement of the land. The intermediary interests were abolished by the Government by framing policy “Land to the tillers”. Maharashtra under section 32 of the Bombay Tenancy and Agricultural Lands Act, 1948 provided compulsory transfer of ownership rights of tenanted lands to the tenants from 1st April 1957 which is known as the “Tillers’ Day”. Gujarat has been part of Bombay Presidency (state) during British Governance .There had been so many acts, sub acts framed after 1947 by many Indian states, in view of their local politics to keep certain people away from likely land purchases with one excuse of the other.
Anyway, the settlers around land of FIVE RIVERS got identity as Punjabis, irrespective to cast – creed or religious infinity .Who so ever came to the area known as PUNJAB got in blend Punjbiat due to special features in the AIR, WATER, CLIMATE, FOOD, CULTURE of this place .It is believed that most of temporary migrates when went back to native states, could not forget Punjab, neither got adjusted easily to their original mother culture. This is the uniqueness in PUNJAB although by default inviting jealousness from natives of other states, who miss the taste – flavors of PUNJABIAT life. Sikhs Diaspora is referred to have enjoyed the privilege for ownership of about 64% of the agriculture land in undivided Punjab even though their population was between 8 to 10% of the total population in non partitioned Punjab. The top leaders for Congress party area suspected to have developed grudge against them and contributed for getting majority Punjabis displaced by forced migration to present land with substantial cruel cuts & pack of other economical challenges .
The current topic on GUJARAT – PUNJAB has been in news referring strong apprehensions for displacement of a large number of Sikh – Punjabi families who are cultivating specific land for a number of decades. One of the members for Minorities Commission of India, a SIKH member presented part of the picture to the MEDIA that GUJARAT Government is pursuing legal battle primarily targeting SIKHS to be moved away from Gujarat state. Most in Punjab believed in the image developed for Gujarat which has other side of story disclosed by visiting farmers to Punjab when on 24th September called on Chief Minister Punjab.
The information emerged is that there are about 5000 Punjabi families (mostly Sikhs) settled doing agriculture on respective fields .About 500 families migrated on the initiative of the than Prime Minster ,Mr Lal Bahadur Shastri by settling them on the international border between India – Pakistan, similar to Amritsar border land . The reference under CLOUDS relates to 784 families i.e. another set of agriculture land owners who made bona fide purchase of land from A-B-C owner a few decades ago. The average ownership for them is for about 20 acres each .Out of this 784 ,a total of only 153 belong to Punjab & majority are Sikh families .Gujarat Government is contesting in court of law that the rules framed by their Government restricting land ownership to a specific conditions to be valid although they lost case till High Court levels .
The point of view being contested is not by choosing a particular community or race but perhaps for political exigencies, displaying extra loyalty to state subjects than to India .The APPROACH of Mr Modi at best may be believed that he continue to care only for one state, despite his DREAM for Governance from RED FORT .
Some of the issues developed before Hon’ble Supreme court of India may involve inviting multiple complexities and likely impact on many other Indian states after final decision. The definition interpretation for limiting purchase of farming land by only an agriculturist were at some point of time cleverly used by British in dividing people, addressing them to be good or bad on those family inputs in the past for respective family professions. The fear psychosis in the mind of top congress leadership for the period of 1940 – 1960 reflected biased mind set against SIKHS and encouraged Rajasthan ,Haryana ,Himachal Pradesh ,J&K in formulation of rules pro original natives and anti others, therefore sown the seeds of divisiveness ,now to be reaped by judicial settlements, evoking intervention of the Supreme court .
Gujarat –India like many other States created provision vide which Non agriculturist are not entitled to purchase agriculture land in their state .The fundamentals of Indian constitution do not debar or limit scope of profession to any individual on the basis of their caste – creed ,family line inheritance ,thus may prefer to shift or change to another line keeping in view his /her wish to do on or after having fed up with one professional line of business to another one in view of respective capacities .
The actions of Mr Modi by contesting in Supreme Court speak for continuity of his approach developed by Congress. He ,unfortunately he appears to have missed chance soliciting support from co leaders uniting India though FREEDOM TO PURCHASE anywhere, any thing ,in a normal legitimate manner ,including Gujarat .He has thus missed a great opportunity for his natural projection to be a great future leader. The decision of the Gujarat High court should have been adopted as future political approach for B.J.P. uniting everyone on the name of India. This of course may not have been to the liking of many but may have laid future foundation forcing J&K to open up for similar relaxations in the rules on purchase – sale –ownership for land. Punjab may not to be that much worried after the clarifications rendered by a group of Gujarat based Sikh farmers on their visit to Chandigarh along with one of the young spokes person, namely Sardar Jugraj Singh.
Punjab otherwise need to be care full, avoiding loss in CROSS FIRE trap of national parties during their half truth declarations in their competitive political exploitations. Wish Mr Modi or other national leader may have to abandon divisive nature policies introduced by British replacing with positive courage displayed with absolute TRUST in every citizen of India before asking follow up for personal agendas. Time has come for BOLD decisions with minimum scope of dishonesty in APPROACH for GOVERNANCE!
Nirmal Singh Keerka ,
Gen Secretary, Punjab Heritage & Education Foundation. Cell 9876122122
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