Indo-Pak relations need mutual trust for peace in the region

Tension at Indo-Pak Borders: Let us Bypass “Conflict Ideology”

“India – Pak conflict chemistry getting hyped” inviting dangers to the border states – visible inadequacies for public brief on future risk / challenges for those who “expected to shield the impact.”
One of the eminent and intellectual Media personalities expressed that Indian – Pakistan relationship may continue in almost same position for many more generations. Punjab understands fundamental intricacies behind the development of such a thought process, apart from the belief in the knowledge & experience undergone on the history of North India. Many other members in the Media may also endorse the views brought forward. 
The population settled in the border state of Punjab, particularly on the active border locations, got reservation on the approach taken in the last six decades on “deferring solutions” . The majority of those Indians living away in the safer parts of India, particularly those who never tasted crises of the border conflicts, commented without responsibility. The new generations, including the “P.M.” proudly claimed to have taken birth in the “independent India” and were not exposed to the freedom struggle. Thereby, most of those taken birth around or after 1960’s are displaying ignorance & have no knowledge of the “Indian war Scenes “Thus, the programmes anchored by the Media holding regular briefs are quite “provocative “on border firing. The telecast otherwise are source of enlightenment on arms –ammunition or artillery used for creating the “casualties”. It is sad to hear loss or injury to any human being, particularly to the fellow “innocent Indians” Most of them may have risked living close on the borders, due to the” economic compulsions “. The developing India & Pakistan are not been honest enough on sharing “sweet & sour historical past ” with their respective citizens for the sake of ” FRIENDLY FUTURE RELATIONSHIP “
It is necessary to spill out the “in between meanings” of the mind set of Indian Governance by expanding the above observation. The making of new India by partition in 1947 was product of “Gandhi – Nehru” leaderships. The war on single J&K identity got miscarried, resulting in partial solution. The humiliating Indian defeat on war with china in 1962 stood confirmed by the records emerged from archives to have been miscalculated for theory of PANCHHEEL angled tactically for the ” PERSONAL GLORIFICATION EXERCISE” which failed miserably. 
The standard phrase continues holding values that “only the bearer knows where & how shoe pinches”. The republic living in other India, new or old generation has no direct experience of the war time sufferings encountered by Punjab, J&K, Rajasthan or others living on the international borders. The majority leaders in Delhi representing other parts of the country are not sensitized on painful side of “conflict history” of two countries, hence may not correctly be able to guide leadership for appropriate position to be taken on provocative experimentation by neighbour country. India ordinarily expects Pak Army on field border duty to be acting under command of their Army leadership, who in turn guided by civil Governance. We wish to share an old episode shaped on border location for understanding of Ind-Pak conflict cultures. We may draw own message to understand the events happening now on border. Media bring hype in unfortunate laboratory war scenes & create “bad blood” against each other without having enough cultural –linguistic- religious stakes in them.

The incidence took place around 1965 when ……someone in the rank of a captain in the army was posted in J&K front lines. Both sides of Army use to draw drinking water from one source with mutual understanding. One day Indian army platoon did not return who went to fetch water. The second party dispatched with advice to take precautions in finding reasons of non return of their soldiers. The second troop, though alert, but got partially ambushed, understood conditions but half of them were able to retrieve reporting back the situation. Additional force sent to retrieve soldier casualties encountered heavy shelling. The Indian side has to bring in heavy artillery to counter the firing power to retrieve Indian casualties. The meetings under commanders followed could not identify reasons of fire, except for a scene of frustrations on border having been displayed by Pak Army. The Indian Army reportedly settled their account of casualties in other strategic location but the Media on both sides kept out of the episode.

Now a days, “hyper active” young media brigade in an urge to be innovative on information are bringing in live reports as that of happenings on border positions. The freedom for access got good -bad implications and dangers are higher than good uses. The real question lies in finding solutions eliminating scope for recurrence, ……….unfortunately increased many a fold. The basic lessons can be taken from the past conflict between divided German ideologies now not firing at each other on their border lines. There are many other countries that live peacefully with each other & “why India – Pakistan is forced to conduct differently” It should be “introspected” & “republics” should ….. Question respective leaderships. One of the reasons expressed behind this mind set is that the dividers of the country were other than those forced to share or live on the borders. The non implicated states or regions who never suffered the “pains of the partition” & war may not be able to connect media intellectualism bogies such as confessed by Mr Gupta (Eminent Reporter). The leadership psychologies, who divided us, continue to “script action plays” …… to keep the “pot of Politics” boiling for their own business. Only a few are among those who shout at highest pitch got real experience ,but majority living for away from the borders and never suffered in 1947,1962,1965,1971,hence not conscious or worried for the “risk of sufferings.”
India need to ” mature ” enough by inviting ideas & sharing authority in decision making with those state leaderships, who risk suffering or has direct experience, to be brought on board for negotiations & construction of the “feasible model ” of understanding between India & Pakistan. Most of other India, who never got injured or suffered either in partition or in war times, cannot value “essence of peace life” on the borders. The intelligent leadership in the society must speak beyond ritual static – observations expressing continuity of the “conflict based past misadventures “of “Arab-Mughal “massacre. Why the present generation should “Keep on Suffering “…….!

 Nirmal Singh Keerka,

Updated: October 9, 2014 — 6:01 am