Introspective India – Pak Choreographed by USA on U.N.O. platform!

 “Individualistic & Religious Terrorism” war cry buried Globally State sponsored massacre operations but MODI succeeded in execution of Planned EVENTS for remarkable impact on host OBAMA?

The interactive UNO platform, facilitated diplomatic speeches for country Heads, followed by one to one between U.S.A. & India. The “dip lo mat” business desires hiding – telling half truth on behalf of their countries with denials on grey matters, considering them bench marks on success. The Meeting between USA & Indian leaderships is to be seen as an event of highest level diplomatic happening. The hype brought in the event may undergo rigorous diplomatic test for construction of picture, based on mutual trust in humanly sincerity, avoiding belief in “galli asi changiyan achari buriyaan”. Therefore, follow up meeting contents may help in shaping some product, based on grounds acceded to each other. The mutual promises on relationship bounds may meet a variety of challenges for respective Law & statues, apart from degree in honesty for commitments to be met with. The society by & large for developed countries has invariably displayed nationhood love, being honest in their deeds, but unfortunately most of the Asian Diaspora, comparatively displayed to be a different personality for re-liabilities. Let us connect to the available information before drawing resultant opinion on journey to USA by our Indian P.M.

 U.N.O. Structure.

The Initial American idea 1939 moved further to the name adoption for “United Nations”, coined by USA President Roosevelt in 1941, primarily to fight against the counties in group of “Axis Power comprising three major countries; Germany, Japan, and Italy” with many others.” This title was used on Jan. 1, 1942, when 26 states joined in the declaration of the U. N., pledging them to continue their joint war effort and not to make peace separately. The League of Nations was officially replaced with UN on Oct. 30, 1943, in the Moscow declaration; issued by China- Great Britain- the U.S.A. and the USSR.
The U.N.O., after World War II, was finally positioned in New York on 24th Oct, 1945 having 51 founder members, the number now reached to 193. The UN is provided with 19 chapters- divided into 111 articles. The principal purpose of the body is the maintenance of international peace, security, development of friendly relations among states, solving international economic, social, cultural, and humanitarian problems with strong hope for the equality and the expansion of basic freedom of people. The UN Security Council has five permanent members; “The Republic of China, France, the USSR (Russia), the U. K., and the U. S.A.” The sub blocs emerged are such as; “the NATO nations, G-7,the Arab nations, the Commonwealth nations, Afro-Asian” bloc etc.


The principal UN organs are; the General Assembly, the Security Council, the Economic and Social Council, the Trusteeship Council, the International Court of Justice, and the Secretariat. The other functions carried are through, the Food and Agriculture Organization, the Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the Civil Aviation Organization, the Labour Organization, the Maritime Organization, the Monetary Fund, the Telecommunication Union, the Children’s Fund, the Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, the Universal Postal Union, the World Health Organization, the World Intellectual Property Organization, and the World Meteorological Organization. Refugee Organization, and the Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees.
 The official languages for UN are; Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, and Spanish. The working languages of the General Assembly are English, French, and Spanish. The UN has seven main committees; 1) Political and Security, 2) Economic and Financial, 3) Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural, 4) Trusteeship, 5) Administrative and Budgetary, 6) legal, and 7) Special Political. The UN until 1991 played a relatively secondary role in most world crises, including the Arab-Israeli Wars of 1967 and 1973, the India-Pakistan War of 1971, the Vietnam War, and the Afghanistan War. However, the UN played a major role approving 1991 action in the Gulf to drive Iraq from Kuwait, actively supervised the subsequent cease-fire embargo and removal of alleged dangerous weapons from Iraq. The UN has turned in an Universal Global institution though G-5 enjoy power of VETO. Many disputes emerged between permanent Security Council members; the U.S.A. & Britain generally on one side and France- Russia- China on opposing side, especially on approval to military action against Iraq 2003 and many others.


U.S.A. declarations:

Mr Obama, the President admitted that; The War and conflict have been with society since the beginning of civilizations. The advancement of weaponry in the first part of the 20th century brought the mass killings which compelled the founders to build an institution that was focused not just on ending one war, but on averting others. The fact that “peace is hard and our people demand” it. The U.N. has helped to avert a third world war but we still live in a world scarred by conflict and plagued by poverty. Even as we proclaim our love for peace and our hatred of war, there are still convulsions in our world that endanger us.
Further spoke that today world stand at a crossroads of history with the chance to move decisively in the direction of peace. To do so, nations must return to the wisdom of those who created this institution. The U.N. Founding Charter calls upon, to unite strength to maintain international peace and security so that All human beings born free and equal in dignity enjoy natural rights. The U.N. is essentially an expression of the moral nature of man’s aspirations. As we live in a world that is changing at a breathtaking pace, that’s a lesson that we must never forget. Peace is hard, but we know that it is possible. So, together, let us be resolved to see that it is defined by our hopes and not by our fears. Together, let us make peace, but a peace, most importantly, that will last.
Moreover, the United States will continue to support those nations that transition to democracy with greater trade and investment, so that freedom is followed by opportunity. We will pursue a deeper engagement with governments, but also with civil society, students and entrepreneurs, political parties and the press. We have banned those who abuse human rights from traveling to our country. And we’ve sanctioned those who trample on human rights abroad. And we will always serve as a voice for those who’ve been silenced.


Pakistan Position:

The P.M., Janab Sharif, many believe is marginalized on Governance authority who read out old ritual position without introduction freshness, neither brought out new evidence on life in circumstances. The views expressed had direct bearing on Muslim brotherhood for Indian part of J&K. Pakistan also could not succeed inviting serious Global attention for plebiscite kind of subject pushed for applicability, claimed to have been approved by the UN. The neighborhood in past tried to picture war cry, referring human rights violations by Indian Armed forces. They somehow missed chance drawing J&K parallels with British approach for referendum in Scotland or identical developments in Canada for reinforcement of their point of view. The majority Indian Muslim do not believe that there is discrimination in J&K with their community. India if ultimately offers options drummed out, than Pak Kashmir may have to be provided similar opportunity in settling the major irritant between the countries. Unfortunately the ground politics permit only partial truth to be brought forward, safeguarding own space for their continued employment in the profession of Politics for this side or other side of international borders.
The Pak leadership however succeed in sidelining the fact that political arrangement in J&K continue responding adequate faith being member of Indian family of nation states. Above that they also ignored other fact that the Kashmiri Muslim got enough sympathizers & well wisher Muslim diasporas on Indian soil & may not require extra support from Pakistan. Therefore, Janab Sharif for political compulsions skipped the reference on ground conditions that India, including Muslim world in the country having displayed concern and praying for peaceful life conduct in its immediate neighborhood. Pakistan unfortunately has turned in a dependent economy and positioned accidentally to be captive player, shuttling in the hands of few Superior powers, the producer, sellers & suppliers for Arms. India was also exploited for many decades by recently dismantled Super Power, who are lesson-ed to undergo reconstruction for democratic life to their natives.
Pakistan earlier played significant role, being smart, literate, intellectual platform of Muslim world but now losing out privilege due to direct connect of Super Power with Arab – Gulf South East Muslim world without power broking. Pak Muslim civilization is being deprived of the fact that although majority in U.S.A.& U.K. are believers in Christianity of Protestants or Catholics and thus share common fatherly spiritual authority through Lord Abraham/Ibrahim with them & Judaism but they hold first responsibility towards safety & development of their own citizens. The U.S.A. & U.K. though nursed many questionable activities resented by Asian home countries but now are distancing relationship with resultant tag of “terror producing states” protecting their direct family of Nations. The neighbor missed chance on hiding home ground criticalities, which blocked declaration of constructive welfare measures between Indian & Pak republic.



The P.M. Mr Modi conveyed to UN that he is conscious of the hopes and expectations of his 1.25 billion which is one-sixth of humanity of World and is experiencing economic and social transformation on a scale rarely seen in history. Every nation’s world view is shaped by its civilization and philosophical tradition. India’s ancient wisdom sees the world as one family. An extraordinary vision and a clear recognition of our shared destiny brought us together to build the institution of UN for advancing peace and security, the rights of every human being and economic development for all. Terrorism admittedly is taking new shape and new name. No country, big or small, in the North- South East or West, is free from its threat. Even as seas, space and cyber space have become new instruments of prosperity, they could also become a new theater of conflicts. We today still operate in various Gs with different numbers. India, too, is involved in several of them. But, how much are we able to work together as G1 or G-All? On the one side, we say that our destinies are inter-linked, on the other hand we still think in terms of zero sum game.


Further called upon UN to hold genuine dialogue and engagement between countries including the reforms in Security Council making it more democratic and participative, ensuring all countries observe international rules and norms. Also called upon universal global disarmament and non-proliferation. The reality in Globalization created new poles of growth; new industries- new source of employment, despite billions living on the edge of poverty and wanting to be economically shielded barely able to survive a global economic storms. We must believe that development and empowerment can spread with the same speed as that of advancement in the speed with Face book, Twitter or cell phones spread around the world. Further sought genuine international partnership, better coordination of policies – mutually supportive, not mutually damaging.
India wished more habitable and sustainable world during debates on animals, clean rivers, lakes and blue skies desiring members to be honest in shouldering responsibilities proportion to authorities enjoyed to encounter the challenges. India is prepared to share its technology and capabilities, just as we have announced a free satellite for the SAARC countries. We need to change our lifestyles. The energy consumed is not the cleanest energy. We in India, respect nature as an integral part of spiritualism. We treat nature’s bounties as sacred. Yoga to his personal belief is feasible for world and is an invaluable gift of our ancient tradition. Let us fulfill our pledge on a Development Agenda so that there is new hope and belief in us around the world. Let us make also a new watershed for a sustainable world to start new journey together.


IMPACT on “family of Indian nation states”:

The UNO platform by birth is creation of resourceful, rich member countries and they anchored 69/2014 ritual annual meetings. The above three may never match other; Pakistan has 36 billion $ ,India 290 Billion $ & U.S.A. has around 5000 billion $ economy. The World body continues struggling on journey for seven decades by not finding solution to cater basic human hunger encountered by very large part of Global population. One historian stated that UNO definition now has meaning for; “Unproductive Neutral Operator for non & under developing countries.” The leaders read out Mission statements for their countries. India got represented by a (reasonably) honest & sparkling leadership in Mr Modi. The overall speech contents of world leaders got focused on individualistic “human or religious terrorism subjects but ignored collateral damage brought out by the Might of State terrorism.”
The silence of august body was unfortunate who consciously ignored topic for “collective will, reducing future theatrical state anchored eliminations of humanity”, generally justified by one sided religious majority view point. Similarly, the Indian message delivery in “Hindi language” may not be seen as bad option but meant to pamper Hindi belt in election season. Regrettably, the sensitivity compromised supported alleged charge on Modi being parochial now confirmed on Global platform and happening is not healthy message. Our claim on positioning honest to deeds leadership got aborted and INDIA “failed projecting largest democracy being reality in practice is not a myth”.
Hindustan, in Sept 2014 arrogantly put an Indian C. M. in jail for financial bungling reported in 1996 but the same judicial system felt no pain to jail culprits for thousands of Sikh massacres 1984. Bombay found cash loads for 2500 crores in four trucks allegedly going to Gujarat & another occassion found more than 1000 crores hard cash but failed to connect others. Again India could not find sufficient evidence for abnormalities in asset  ownership for Smt Maya Devi in U.P. Therefore, Indian event organised at Madison Square Garden, New York  though well attended with majority Gujarat diaspora may not be able to display Indian image to be that clean. We, marketed Bharat being an ancient- Vedic civilization without honest confession for rotten side of Indian society which continue dividing us under different exploitative classifications influenced for gender-caste-economic-religious – region & languages preferences in post British era.  
The use of Hindi language, although spoken by quite a larger group, but happens to be one of the 22 Indian languages recognized, connecting 1947 make country platform for mutual appreciation of our cultural heritage. The spoken English immersed ahead of other International languages for GLOBAL CONNECTS. The P.M. in follow up for his personal or BJP agenda tried marketing Hinduttava by gifting sacred copy of “Bhagawat Geeta” to the President of USA. But he may not have  provided  tip on model life of Lord Rama -being an obedient son or philosophy in Lord Krishna sermons for war with relatives are to be believed to be practiced today on self or on countries ! The visit opportunity also used to promote his faith Guru, Swamy Viveka Nanda, apart from the glorification of Gujarat icon, Sh M.D.K.C. Gandhi, who unfortunately also oversaw destruction of Punjab civilization by consenting partitions, though safeguarded people of his direct state region. Modi proved distinctive art in establishing instant connect with his audience, irrespective to the forum or theatrical location of platform. Therefore, Modi spoke on terrorism chapters faced by India by underlining last four decades, without disclosing them being bi- products of state sponsored designs and a dirty side of Governance politics.
Mr President USA called fellow leaders to come together for collective fight against perpetrators for terrorist activities. Mr P.M. for Pakistan “echoed old fault lines” referring pending injustice to their Muslim Kashmiri brotherhood. Public is fully aware that political leaderships played major roles in creation for non state armed groups resulting in present picture of crises. Most of the countries facing militancy crises originally cultivated dangerous & hazardous seeds in conformity of value in ancient statement “What we sow – so shall we (society) reap”. India regrettably consciously sideline message of the brilliant spirituality lived on Punjab land between 15th April 1469 to 7th Oct 1708 who called for social restructuring on natural ways of life than for hiding in Forest with Yogic conduct, abandoning natural life.
Modi brand leadership also resuming the charge for lessons on spirituality and attempting push back civil life to Yogic heritage itself is contradictory. His spiritual guides like him had no family orientations such as; Sh.Gadadhar Chattopadhyay allies Rama Krishna-Bengal/ Daya Nanda Tiwari allies Swamy Daya Nanda – Gujarat & Narendra Datta allies Swamy Viveka Nada – Bengal. The experimented values for five century old home ground ethics on Punjab Land being not used fully though, One of many a Missionary ideologies emerged from 1499 on wards disclosed by Guru Nanak Sahib, were adopted by UNO in their preamble “Global human welfare – Sarbhat da Bhala”. The complexities of Politics for Gujarat -Bengal & middle India continue ignoring & undermining Punjab aspirations. God ultimately may take a call to bring honesty in facilitation for natural leadership to state for taking forward the “Mission of Global welfare”.

Kulwant Kaur Sandhu.

Updated: October 8, 2014 — 11:34 am