Punjab needs to forcefully plead for devolution of powers to States

Scottish Referendum – A “lesson for India” to review Centre-State relations
An eminent Sikh historian of international fame expressed futuristic Sikh concerns with members of Punjab Heritage Foundation. Personal view point is that Punjab is gradually slipping back to position emerged for resolution 1971, seeking devolution of centralized powers to the states. The fact is that the journey of human life throws variable challenges in the process of evolution for civilizations. The emergence of actual picture usually takes its “gestation periods”. Punjab’s civilisation encountered “unique journey” of life, quite different than most populations of other Indian states, who mostly fell before invaders without substantive resistance in protection of their pride. But the inhabitants of the Punjab state encountered regular crises during adventurous history for last five centuries. The Sikh wars with British were not lost because of strength in them but for the reasons of laxities in later part of 1845 onwards when Sikh Governance allowed positioning for many treacherous “power centres” by ignoring strong & sideling of loyal. Ranjit Singh during active life time utilised strength in “Sikh warrior culture” but failed to see clouds of conspiracies woven around Palace, which took away life of Royalty one by one, immediately after his death. The British proclaimed Punjab annexation on 29th March 1849.
The British personality emerged through Scottish referendum of 18 Sept 2014, displays many silent unknown features. The generic view, despite major populations for Ireland or Scottish having common faith in Church for either Catholic & Protestants is similar to England or Wales. Both segments take opposite positions and many houses in Scotland proudly display being house of Protestants or catholic. Incidentally, they reconfirmed faith in platform of democracy known as U.K. The population for cluster of islands with collective intelligence & power, developed art to rule largest parts of the world, despite internal conflicts which are visible now.

The comparative journey of present India saw major part of population having been ruled by foreign invaders in the shape of Arab born titles as Muslims now addressed being partly Sunni & Shia and then ruled by Christianity for Protestants & Catholics. The world civilisations continue to value influence for Scientific research which is now claiming to be closet of evidence of existence for Godly particles. Therefore, despite world population number crossing 700 cr. is divided in continents and viewed as PRO & ANTI Supper power, “developed” – “non developed”, “religious or communist”, poor or rich but all encountering “natural evolution crises” on Godly single platform fearing arms conflict.

The origin of the “CONCEPT OF RELIGION” with definition for the understanding of eminent historians & intellectuals is stated to be the “action facilitation” on “LIBERTY TO HUMANITY” for peaceful individualistic living. The largest part of South Asian race by 1499, inherited life traits of elders who were threatened to adopt the cultures of invaders or get executed. The development of Sikh ways of life shaped in last five centuries is based on fundamental principles protecting individual human pride with larger Mission for,”Sarbat da Bhala -objectivity for Welfare of each soul on the Globe”. Most of other religions in the world are expansionist by design & consider other religion to be inferior, seek blessings of Almighty for the welfare of their faith believers. Therefore most of religious streams are critical to others faiths , except teachings of Sikh Gurus as enshrined in Guru Granth Sahib, advocating practice for honest conduct, irrespective of religions.

The Missionary democratic Sikh path has travelled through difficult terrenes between 1499 – 1699 – 1708- 1849- 1947 by reaching upto 2014. The picture developed by event of United Kingdom, displays healthy way for management of their “FAMILY OF NATIONS”. They, during their regime controls over Punjab applied politically destructive, calculative models of colonial rules against Sikh community between 1849 till World War II in 1940. The faith & language for cluster of islands of U.K. is common and system operators value them all. The U.K. unlike many Asian identities did not panic over the challenge for referendum and Queen facilitated freedom of expressions to Scottish.

As a matter of fact, the hidden aspirations of Indian state civilizations are not different and majority value strength in staying together but do not want to be mastered on enforcement for many a undesirables dictates down the line in remembrance for revisit to past colonial cultures. The referendum of Scottish displayed that they do not want to be bossed over by Englanders and vice a versa. The history conveys delivery of many a historical INJUSTICE by British Crown to the Sikh community including dramatised conversion for child Prince Maharaja Duleep Singh. The British introduced law for child welfare (labour regulations) in India but they acted contrary to those natural principles of life forcing Christianity on “The child Prince” in custody! The Sikh Diaspora migrated to developed countries, dominated by Christianity faith believers are mostly under illusions of closeness with them without knowing crucial historical realities in them, being rulers had been having difficult relationships with them in Punjab.

The British were in other parts of India since 1700 AD but went in for war with Punjab state. They from 1849 onwards pulled down most of the Forts build during Sikh rule, disarmed Sikh army & sent them home, took charge of historic Sikh Gurdwaras and appointed non Sikhs being faithful for their own politics. Shri Guru Granth Sahib was translated by their man with intent to plant different “message meanings”, but failed in their mission. The history conveys that they did not take charge of Mandirs, Masjids & neither demolished Forts in Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Gujarat and other Indian state territories like demolitions for Sikh Forts in Punjab.

The Indian Media reluctantly printed news on referendum of Scotland none of them drew parallel positions with Indian state civilisations who had desired to maintain their own heritage identity or language, culture while having absolute faith in the basics of Indian defense, communication allowing Bharat to navigate in commercial relations with outside territories. Bharat is equipped to meet crises eventualities on wake up calls for “adhoc- directionless theoretically defensive results”. They in the process mastered the art in marginalizing demands of states through terror. Bharat has been deferring sustainable solutions on the advice of a certain foreign powers, who are not wishing India being family of nations to be strongest. Many Indian states who do not wish cultural, geographical connectivity with certain other subjects have been taking liberty displaying right over them without sharing responsibilities during state managed internal or external conflict crises. Punjab stood with India during Emergency but Hindustan disclosed reality in 1984 on lines with 1947.

The Shiv Sena in Mumbai, R.S.S in Nagpur or M.P. on family platform of B.J.P. are projected to be more loyal to present Indian soil than all major minorities like; Sikhs, Muslim & Christianity. The historical fact that the Arab Muslim or British Christianity violated human rights & toped in crime records made on local India is not hidden. The Hindus mastered communal brutalities against Sikhs in 1984 for rewriting new interrelationship chemistry with them. The circumstantial compulsions may one day bring major Indian minorities on common platform for certain solutions. The Congress of Nehru or B.J.P. for “Gandhi-Patel” is one coin with two faces. The recent history has valuable lessons that there is no permanent friend & foe on Indian political stage.

The majority Sikh diasporas in the heart of heart desire that leadership need to revisit past glorious structured Akali Dal heritage Mission statements practices, “I may perish but the Panth must live on” the modern materialistic life values, ” I – my family clan must survive to grow – Panth may continue slipping in darker shades”. “The Congress governance” refused a minor facility on provision for Radio broadcast license facility for direct relay of Gurbani from Darbar Sahib but they had no trust in Sikhs. Therefore, devolution wish may continue to be an imaginative dream for Punjab till seriousness is not displayed by other states. Punjab, despite BOLD HONEST PUBLIC PROMISES by Shri M.D.K.C. Gandhi/ Nehru-Patel assurance for creation of an area in North of India where Sikh Diasporas may enjoy Glow of freedom has turned into a new model of New Delhi colonial rule.

The Sikhs fail to see another sample of cruelty in politics, allowing Indian systems to meddle in their religious affairs during reconstruction of their own S.G.P.C. rules in legitimacy for voting rights. The 2% Sikhs are compelled to seek permission of 98% non Sikh Parliament/ Court to lesson them how to manage their places of worship. None of leaders of Bharat or Hindustan were sensitized on values of Sikh martyrdom of 200 during liberation “Nankana Sahib” from British supported “Mahant”. Sh M.D.K.C.Gandhi on visit at site of massacres in 1921 said: “I have come to share your anguish and grief. The history recreated by Sikhs on massacre when they were armless -remained peaceful and non-violent from the start to the end despite being fired upon. The same Indian leadership later consented in 1947 for handing over of important Sikh Gurdawara territories to the Muslim Pakistan, including Nankana Sahib. God may have to reappear for the guidance on how the community to select whom, for future Sikh leadership, competent to “navigate stationery ship of Sikh ethos” parked in shallow waters for onward safe journey by protecting fundamentals of the community today!

Article Posted on : 2014-09-23
Mrs Kulwant Kaur Sandhu , Ex Member – Punjab Heritage & Education Foundation,Chandigarh Email: gnanaktimes2aajtak@gmail.com
Updated: October 1, 2014 — 8:50 am