Mr Modi’s Married Life was to be taken in personal perspective!

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The Subject must be closed with forgivable SCAR on him in the society!
Emergence for heritage symptom complexities on MARRIED MODI LIFE PICTURES, when framed in line with non family orientations for Hindu reformist leaderships of 1800-1900, times of child marriage cultures & women identities remained grounded under male chauvinism!
A) The civilizations positioned today for ‘United states of India’ has journeyed through a variety challenges in context of ancient past & recent past cultures, especially relating to regions for Bengal & Punjab. So many human subjects emerged to rule, enjoying personal happiness and benefits confined to their family Clan. Only a few in Governance leadership modules tried to redress grievances of common people. The doctrine of religion utilized significantly satisfying natives, through temporary injections for ‘Karma theory’ belief that so & so are meant to be ruled by this & that family. The dictionary meanings for Socialistic, Secular & Democratic ideologies brought out drastic changes, laying new Path options for wishful honorable human existence. The principal key remained either with educated class of society or rich & ruling categories. The Governance now is not purely based on physical strength but refocused to MIND management complexities. Thus the historical privilege for Kshatriya labels also stood marginalized, though superiority for MIND & BRAIN, combined with Vote cultures may continue retaining leadership fundamentals.
B) The important states of present India, like Bombay Presidency known in past had geographical areas; comprised the present-day state of Gujarat, the western two-thirds of Maharashtra state, including the regions of Konkan, Desh, and Kandesh, and northwestern Karnataka state of India including Pakistan’s Sindh province. The socialistic reformist movement in the than ‘Punjab Nation’ was triggered under leadership of Guru Nanak Dev in 1499 and effectively shaped by 1699 as a MOST ADVANCED GLOBAL MISSION. The original natives for Bombay Bengal Presidencies under British having witnessed Muslim Governance before takeover by Christianities were in search for Hindu leadership relating to reforms. The experimentation initially emerged with preaching class through Rama Krishna Chattopadhyaya based in Calcutta, Bengal. The platform was further developed by Pandit Narendranath Datta , addressed as Narendra, who became Swamy Vivekananda & than TASK carried on by Pandit (Swamy) Dayanand Tiwari who was born in Gujarat. The Hindu reformist on sacrificing personal life comforts, family & married lives attempted for removal of internal & external outlived religious ills on the pattern of reforms shaped in Sikh ways of life in Punjab. The election environment 2014 has facilitated new information from Mr Narendra Modi by disclosures for Mrs Jashodaben, being married to him & she being his only living wife. Thus personal Life conduct accidentally brought in public domain reflects links to past behavioral history for important reformist leaderships, representing British time Bombay & Bengal Presidencies.
C ) The leaders representing Bengal & Bombay Presidency were influenced with Punjab social correction models for the time blocks of 1499-1699-1850-1940 relating natural human equalities without distinction for caste-creed-economics They innovated their own models between 1800-1950 -2000 with certain modifications and played significant role in Bengal – Gujarat /Maharashtra, uniting morally pulled down by invaders, the Hindu Diaspora & made them to stand up in self protection. Therefore, the creativeness was brought out through ‘Brahmo Samaj’, ‘Arya Samaj’ platforms and later a book named ‘Satyarth Prakash’. The efforts to awaken all in reality could not turn in a great Mission for inadequacies on ‘Shudras & Backward’ class. These left out segments had suffered physically, mentally, emotionally during past centuries under old classifications for VARNA, CHANYAKA & Brahmanical traditions. Therefore, limited respect for communities known under reserved even now may not easily be winnable in continuity for old mechanism of religious controls in areas other than Punjab.
D ) Recent Maratha LOVE displayed in Mr Modi,, being presented as Prime Ministerial candidate, representing Gujarat trading but backward class, may at best result in reaching half way journey, in the background for continued suspicion on truthfulness credentials & hidden colors for actual Hindu MIND & HEART. The number one, TOP slot for a country otherwise now desires to be with absolute ethically honest. The disclosures on Mr Modi being married, kept away from his spouse neither divorced may not convey healthy contents on him. Punjab during informal academic discussions, earlier graded Mr Modi even on higher pedestal than personal life styles of Mr Atal Bhai. The fresh disclosures convey degree of escapism for family responsibilities, hence pictured not being fittest in each respect, linking his life CONDUCT to be in line with the above outlived 18th century cultures for his state.
E ) Therefore, the ‘Hindu Reformist Movement’ in past history, managed & controlled by traditional fundamentals of male dominant society. They Arya Samaj platform tactically supported by British Christianity primarily targeted Rajput, Jats & Kshatriya living in North India & who were otherwise influenced with the basic ideologies propagated by Guru Nanak to Guru Gobind Singh. The presence of highest number for reserved sections in Punjab is an evidence for the degree of respect for them since many centuries. Some local Hindu intellectuals reportedly engaged services of the than foreign Brahmins from areas of Bombay & Bengal Presidencies to slow down faith adoption for Sikhism. A few historians believe that some of these MIND & BRAINS of BENGAL & BOMBAY inadvertently hurt simplicity of united Punjabi cultures. Brahmins for Punjab & other India, in reality life, despite forbidden principles for IDOL WORSHIP by Arya Samaj, could not stop practice on this belief. The new CHALLENGE bestowed on Mr Modi from Bombay Presidency may encounter difficulties leading to limited success for the fact that personal information cannot be hidden from public like past times. India is on communication WORLD page & Media has graduated to QUESTION leaders by probing eye to unearth hidden motives disturbing ethics of Justice.
F ) Therefore, the past individual life models of Bengal –Bombay Presidencies for 18th- 19th century reflect presence for conditions of exploitation for natural women rights against the new spirit of ‘Satyamev Jayate’. The continuity of few above traditions by default is suspected to have been cultured by Mr Modi. Therefore, the picture developed as of now will not be valued in ‘Indian court of Law’ but Mrs Jashodaben (Modi) may get credit sympathy in the Heart & Mind for courts of humanity. The feasibility for absolute FAITH BY INDIA in B.J.P. – Prime Ministerial candidate may encounter pockets of distrust, especially by family oriented women voting sections living in North India. The institution of marriage in India provides practical experience to life. The top reformist leaders are seen as role models. Guru Nanak Sahib & many other religious, spiritual leaderships lived normal life while giving discourse on spirituality, advising humanity for natural life unless being unmarried opting altogether for research in isolate locations.
G ) The informal charge on Mr Modi for not being adequately responsive to family duties may turn out to be default of mild nature in comparison to past pictures of above three heritage personalities. The B.J.P. also succeeded to silence Congress leadership, forcing them to change the TRAC or face critical disclosures relating to the families for their leaderships. It simply confirms that most of traditional leaders in Politics for Governance have certain exploitative history sheets. Punjab otherwise abandoned the path for exploitation of weaker in each kind of society long back in follow up for “STANDING MANIFESTO GUIDELINES ENSHRINED IN SHRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB” , expressed by late Babu Kashi Ram to an eminent religious personality. A Chandigarh based astrologist in light mood expressed that most names starting with ‘N’ are otherwise bound to invite perpetual criticism but generally emerge for important social positions. The Indian Republic, resultant 2014, being unhappy from UNETHICAL & CORRUPT SYSTEMS, may finally risk their faith in hidden complexities for B.J.P. platform, despite disclosures on non consistency on his personal life. He may be positioned to historical conditions performing role similar to that of Mr Patel. Thus, despite questionable contents in his married life getting linked to past traditions, further being seen to present value lenses of life for women spouse on reference to our constitution, the subject may get closed with forgivable SCAR on him in the society, controlled by male chauvinism!
By Kulwant Kaur Sandhu
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Updated: August 8, 2014 — 10:04 am