MERIT in statement of Azam Khan ?

Nazaria – 34 Article Posted on : 2014-04-09
Recalling Heroic role of Indian Muslims in victory for Kargil operation-getting in designed burial under unbalanced MEDIA WAR CRY?
The country having so many names, like India – Bharat –Hindustan has also allowed opportunity for confusion in almost every Management Operations for the country. The election season further provide automatic FODDER to MEDIA to play game of their choice for presentations to entertain viewers. One of the many relating to FACE of our country is on role in Army by different communities, regions, caste titles for soldiery under principal title for Indian Army. Eminent Politician Mr Azam Khan representing U.P. reportedly expressed the bench mark of national patriotism, sincerity of Indian Muslim community while defending Indian borders. Most of the Media though fiery, displayed being vocal but unfortunately with mindset to promote ideology only for majority community, who mislead the Indian Republic.
There was a song in a Film for times around 80’s that,” Yeh jo Public hai – Sabh Janti Hai , Andar Keya Hai –Bahar keya Hai ,Yeh sabh Pehchanti Hai “ has only proved partially true in real life stories. Public remains divided in different compartments of cultures, languages, regions, and economics and is fed information suitable to Media operators. The elections 2014 is being portrayed with FRAUDS –FAILURES of CONGRESS and NEW BOTTLE OF WINE being got filled with OLD stock of IDEOLOGIES practiced originally by Pandit Nehru to Mrs Indira Gandhi in fullest sincerity for advancement of Hindu interests at the cost of risking FUTURE for secular Republic fabric of the constitution. There is common saying that ‘what we sow – so shall we reap’. The statement of Mr Azam Khan or increased frequencies for slapping or throwing sleepers on leaders by commoners is sign of increasing intolerance & coming Trendzs. Let us see the picture for the degree of genuineness connecting the statement of Muslim leadership to hidden realities by Media;
The Media along with paid unpaid Military experts tried to brow beat claim of Mr Azam Khan alleging that specific caste – community performance relating to Indian War affairs should not be connected such as the above title. Media tried to BE FOOL REPUBLIC that role of soldiers based on religion may destroy Army ETHOS. What a bullshit kind of debate ANCHORED by most of the Indian T.V. Channels during last few days’. Republic has the right to know other side of Indian CONDUCT now referred to have been inherited from policies of British.
The rule of Mrs Indira Gandhi having felt uncomfortable with large number of Sikh soldiers in Indian Army brought out an un ethical – unheard in the world for future Army recruitment based not on natural MERIT but recruitment in proportionate to the population of specific state. The opportunities instead of being seen as to get the fittest & best physical – moral contents changed to employment fundamentals. None in other India made protest because the disadvantage was to a small state PUNJAB, providing just 13 numbers of M.P.’s of mix cast against total number for 543. India failed to seek similar JOB OPPORTUNISTS provision in all central services based on population bases but allowed this norm to be applied only in Army! India intentionally wanted to browbeat inbuilt ETHICS & PRIDE OF PUNJAB. Therefore, the cries foul on Mr Azam desired to be settled referring the following records available with India in support of emotional outburst of Muslim leader. The Sikhs having shed so much blood for PRIDE of natives were given lesson in 1984 & Muslim may not be able to reach within TRUST BANK OF NEWLY AWAKENED HINDU chauvinism for many decades. Thus, where SIKHS FAILED, MUSLIM may not be easily successful, despite claims for MUSLIM role in Kargil or for their honesty in building for other areas of national interests.
It is an established fact that our Army in pre & post British times stood divided on community, caste, religion, and regions for recruitment with logistics for operational advantage & continues as such. British may have their own background reasons to be doing so. There was an opportunity with the writer to be in Army attachment camp representing N.C.C. around 1975 at Ferozpore cantonment. We heard stories from the city that a specific unit of Madras in 1965 war ran way from borders & the alertness of the than civil administration through D.C. got dismantled canal bridges along with flooding of Indian area under controls of Pak Army. They created hurdles in the invasion of Pak Army till substitute Punjabi dominant Army Unit arrives in defense of the city. No one is displaying concern that politics of job employments in proportionate to state numbers may further diminish inner strength of Indian Army like sample case history. The Army recruitment could bring serious impact on traditional strength, earlier available in the units raised for absolute Sikhs, Rajputs, Marathas, Dogras majority numbers on identity dilutions.
The Supreme Court recently listed afresh for hearing a plea seeking abolition of recruitment in the Army on the basis of caste, region and religion claiming it was violation of the Constitutional right to equal opportunity in public employment. A petitioner is reported to have challenged the recruitment policy and told the Supreme Court that the Defense armed Forces grouping of people from a particular region in an Army regiment to be unconstitutional and amounts to discrimination on caste, region and religion basis. In an affidavit filed in the apex court countering the assertion of the Army justified the policy for administrative convenience and operational requirements, the petitioner pleaded that such policy should be dismantled as it is also not followed by Indian Navy and Air Force. Earlier, the Army appears to have misled the Supreme Court that it does not recruit on the basis of caste, region and religion but justified grouping of people coming from a region in a regiment for administrative convenience and operational requirements.
There is further reference that “At one instance they say that recruitment is open to all classes in Indian Army, but that the recruitment is open only to these classified groups and certainly not for every Indian. In an affidavit filed before the apex court, the Army had earlier refuted the allegation that unlike Air Force and Navy, there is “discriminatory classification” for recruitment on caste/religion/region basis to various regiments like Maratha Regiment, Rajasthan Rifles, Dogra Regiment and Jat Regiment. The affidavit further had said “Subject to the ineligibility imposed by the statute itself, the Act recognizes that all citizens are eligible for enrollment in regular army, and no discrimination has been made on the grounds of religion, race, caste, sex, descent, and place of birth, residence or any of them”. The state response given through technicalities is to exhaust efforts made by individual activist who wish to see recruitment in ARMY on MERIT alone, suggesting discarding of religion/region or population based QUOTA for states. Hence there is enough evidence that most of the functioning for Indian Governance chapters, now including Army is guided religiously of written & unwritten guidelines of caste based statues.
The plaintiff has also reported that,” at recruitment stage there cannot be caste-cum- religion-cum-region based classification” but MEDIA denies for existence of such real scenarios.It is different matter that the recruitment to the specific formations based on caste, region and religion to various regiments like Maratha Regiment, Rajasthan Rifles, Dogra Regiment, Jat Regiment, etc is also being contested in the court of Law. This classification of the army has been refereed to be a British legacy and is not sanctioned by any law made by Parliament”. The Media unfortunately create divisive emotional atmosphere than to be performing in absolute spirit of the constitution. Most of them fail to bring in complete PICTURE and protect JOB first being their livelihood. They most sincerely cater to the plot designed collectively through the brief of unseen actors of the state. The largest part of Indian Republic is yet to get basics for day to day lively hood, hence may not be able to respond the way middle class leadership desire them to act, not being feasible till they are fed with security for human necessities. Most may remain vulnerable to be purchased or mislead as of present case of unbalanced, misleading anchoring by our own Media, projecting to be friend of commoners. Minorities ultimately may have to strength common platform, targeting SAFEGUARD mechanisms in defense over POLITICS of CLEVERNESS of new dramatized UNITY displays of IDOLATERS, primarily nursed from the land of Gujarat & Maharashtra?
By Kulwant Kaur Sandhu
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