PUNJAB through AMRITSAR- the Holy city election challenges 2014?

Nazaria – 33, Article Posted on : 2014-03-30
Electorates’ faced CROSS ROAD options VOTING to IDEOLOGY or favoring OPPOSITION BENCHES or for new GOVERNANCE team?
The emotions gathered from Punjab were earlier brought out on babushahi.com on 20/03/14, titled;”Imaginative POLITICS on HOLY CITIES” by the Foundation, are desirable to connect for complete understanding the subject. Leaving past history on side for a moment, the emergence of modern political leaderships on Indian territories, model post 1947, encountered a variety of technology supported virus conspiracies engineered by RED FORT ESTABLISHMENT desiring internal fights among Sikh leaderships. Resultant, they now accuse each other for Sikh leadership bona fide, but in reality, the aim to weaken community, like story in comparative strength for single stick & bunch of sticks being met with. Majority state leaderships adopted path, promoting self or family agenda realizations than to be finding solace through achievements for VISIONARY PANTHIC GOALS or seeking welfare for everyone. Political outfits historically pre 1947 were in the category of selfless community service and not a matter of profession now being justified to be similar to other Trade like running clinic of a doctor, advocate, construction business house etc and allowing inheritance only to family. Punjab in reality is just surviving with grace of Almighty. The Philanthropist Punjabis further shared burden of challenges for many other Indian states but never got reciprocal support or sympathy during crises forced upon them during 1947/1962/1965/1971/1980-90.The constitutional imbalances structured in 1950, allowed higher fundamental faith in favor of those states that provided largest number for M.P.’s. But, on comparison to the insignificant Punjab number for just 13 M.P.’s that too for mix class categories against 543 numbers. Most M.P.’s at personal levels failed to bring laurels & Pride to Punjab, citing one difficulty or the multiple reasons, resulting in ultimate loss of faith in Parliamentary system.
It is widely believed that the absence of strategic selfless Missions, post 1947, also contributed to the derailment of Economic –Education – Medical health system placements in the state. The basic principles for growth in Sikh faith practiced during Guru Period to pre 1947 were,” I (we) may die (perish) but Panth (Community) must survive, now unfortunately stood reversed for opposite conduct. The present form of India is a reality and the positions taken without full account for might of the country resources brought losses to SIKH community. The new face given to majority – minorities’ politics based on dishonest 1950 structures deserves to be re addressed on generic humanely welfare fundamentals. This is despite the fact that Sikhs may not be able to absolve unethical gift for June/Oct 1984 of Congress Corporate for centuries in view of the fact that past destructive Mughal history periods shaped three centuries ago, could not get erased from memories to date.
Therefore, the results for none seriousness in post 1947 leaderships brought present picture for drug menace, malnutrition’s in younger generations, pathetic conditions for education – health services, none employability for common people etc.to present stage. Srd Kapoor Singh, Sikh intellectual during his visit to Canada about 40 years ago is reported through SGPC hand out stating that; Red FORT has inner agenda to decimate Sikh aspirations on implementations for certain human development designs meant to weaken SIKH YOUTH by limiting their knowledge & state of health to be qualifying just for the job of a constable, Soldier, Security guard, Driver, clerk, Gate keeper -Darban etc from coming new century, beginning with 2001, so as to marginalize strength – natural self PRIDE in them. The results on forecast made four decades ago are showing signs and may turn to serious dimensions in coming times. The Missionary leaders (not doing business of politics) in Christianity plan future for 200 yrs times, New intellectual Hindus plan 100 + yrs, Muslim 50 yrs ahead for times but Sikhs start thinking way out for survivals only when community get in actual troubles. Punjab is not realizing that there are less than 10% Sikh employees in Government & private sectors and also not more than 5% Sikh children reaching for higher /professional education against Sikh population for 55%. But this is not on active agenda for S.G.P.C. or for Sikh bodies in business of politics. The Performance card is not addressed to one but to all state leaderships of political parties in this business for last 50 years.
The opportunity 2014 should not be muddied by bringing in sensitive issues of past history adding confusion in the mind of state subjects, to be exploited emotionally for electoral politics. Punjab population sincerely desires to evaluate vote casting on realistic but on different parameters. The sensitive subject such as attack in June 1984 on Sri Darbar Sahib, indisputably was MASTER DESIGN of inner Hindu Chauvinism of other India, nursed from Maratha land in connivance of other hard core Hindu locations but implemented unfortunately through Mrs Indira Gandhi. The Oct 1984 was similarly a planed model of political party though with active contribution by foreign friendly powers in person to her. All leaders without distinction got culpability of various degrees for disasters 1984. Many Sikh politicians including Srd P.S. Badal, with their wisdom preferred to avoid direct confrontation for humanly designed religious storms for 1980 – 1990 periods which were designed & executed by might & resourceful of Red fort. The former Jathedar in response expressed that no one is more moderate than Sikhs but the community leadership having abandoned path in protection for ideological based institutions may cost us heavily in rebuilding them. The principles compromised for only self protection may not be overlooked by history. Now, the question to be pondered upon by Punjab civilization, particularly by the Sikhs is on having introspection for gain or loss analysis, while selecting representatives for Parliament 2014. They do not wish to be acting under false illusions for BALLE BALLE alone but desiring to confront realities, safeguarding the interest of the state subjects than to be acting only under emotional trap for community /religion politics of the state or other India. They may identify selection beneficiary party to Punjab than for continuity in sending members for opposition’s benches but to be part of Governance.
The Media by & large displayed that B.J.P. is likely to be the largest group of party to claim on forming the next Government. Punjab may have to look in to majority Dravidian (Eastern, Western, Sothern Indian) parties in politics who always been part of active Governance by intelligent POSITIONING of state politics with RED FORT. The Congress for that matter has already been tried – tested by Punjab, who always brought unforgettable losses to the state. The B.J.P., though is another POLITICAL POISON, but opt selecting them being new variety of poison. Punjab may have exception for AMRITSAR, favoring preferably a SIKH leader. Ludhiana is further heard to prefer Sikh personality who fought relentlessly for Justice on SIKH MASSACRES. Punjab in most of the other constituencies may vote in benefit of the party who are likely to be forming the Government in 2014.
Punjab do not wish to send members for opposition bench with only options for shouting – walking out in isolation from DUMB – DEAF Indian Parliament consciousness on subjects for minorities. They are likely to come forward for clarity in Verdict by selecting 9 – 10 M.P.’s for Akali & B.J.P. combine to convey maturity of Punjabiat. Hence, to be standing out for the welfare of their own, without bothering suspicion for dangers from Hindutav agendas at this stage. One fair chance is deserved by ideology of majority community members, who despite apprehension to be playing bigger Politics, endangering socialistic fabric bench marks in new India.
A large number of Sikh population in Majha therefore believe that despite genuineness in B.J.P. threats, they may still be a better option than re trusting alleged; insincere, corrupt, perpetual anti Sikh, anti Punjab, directionless Congress business Corporate than modern Akali- B.J.P. Corporate. The new generation for Gandhi clan is yet to be seen leaving old vindictive family politics against Punjab in coming times for respectable co existence. The Congress having marketed politics in 70 years on freedom struggles without evidence for a drop of blood shed for the occupants of power and neither has National Mission. Most of the political leaderships, particularly congress representing other India by & large proved treacherous, behaved like dangerous chronic ailment in last 60 years towards natural growth – health for Sikh Diaspora.
The Royal family representing Patiala Palace through Captain Amarinder, the 10th Maharaja in line having taken almost 170 years for decision after previous chance with 5th generation, Maharaja Narendra Singh, having not intervened to avoid Anglo Sikh Wars, but now Malwai Maharaja addressed ‘YUVI’ by his friends is willing to represent direct Punjab through Majha. He at personal level is holding higher Trust Bank in Majha than many his contemporary leaders of his age in this region. He is known to be a real ACTOR BELIEVING IN ACTIONS, linking this to personality in him that what is declared or promised, has generally been done unless if not caught in politics web of his over jealous courtiers on centralizing decision applications. Majha therefore, may prefer electing tall personality Sikh representative from Holy city in battle against a senior representative for B.J.P., irrespective to individual personal good traits in him including portrait as future senior Minister.
The assurances made on Amritsar during last one century for developments of the Holy city narrated by a historian continued to miss realities,” The Promises made but broken from Nehru era to Srd Manmohan Singh, including Mr. Vajpayee -pictured including best friend of Punjab, kept major Missions of Amritsar on facilitation for cross border land route trade & active optimum utilization for oldest International Air port of India, a distant dream. Now the baton of responsibilities will get passed on to another new set of M.P.’s ” Majha sincerely wish that only honest in devotion to Sri Darbar Sahib may be victorious in 2014 than to adhoc flyers using city pad being a SEASONAL POLITICAL BIRD but may miss charismatic vocal side Sidhu bani !
By Kulwant Kaur Sandhu
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