Imaginative POLITICS on HOLY BANARAS/ AMRITSAR CITIES -& post 2014 election inbuilt CHALLENGES for INTERFAITH CONDUCT Managements !

Nazaria – 32. Article Posted on: 2014-03-20
The elections 2014 have brought out an interesting situation!

Imaginative POLITICS on HOLY CITIES; BANARAS & AMRITSAR while projecting them future religious Flagship opportunities after 2014, may carry on inbuilt CHALLENGES for INTERFAITH CONDUCT Managements ! 

HOLY CITIES: The MEDIA anchored discussions searching hidden motives on specific choice of important party leaderships, wishing to represent Holly cities in coming Parliament elections 2014.The choice for Mr Modi for Varanasi painted with so many underlined meanings & messages in between such decisions in context of likely religious logistics behind such selections. Punjab in Sri Amritsar, now after fresh elect roller delimitation resulted in 65% Sikh population but could not bring in suitable community leader for this august opportunity. Anyway, let us have bird’s eye view for the cities of the world falling in this category which are heard to have obtained special financial support for developments & maintenance. The leader representatives also had special social privileges. The city Jerusalem, the capital of Israel is considered a holy city to Jews, Muslims, and Christians. The Holy City – Bethlehem, Israel, city is very important to Christians because it is the place where Jesus was born. The Holy City – Lhasa, Tibet, is the capital of Tibet and that used to be home to the Dalai Lama – the leader of Tibetan Buddhism. Holy City – Mecca, Saudi Arabia, (Makkah) is a city in Saudi Arabia that is of major religious importance to Muslims. Mecca is the birthplace of the Prophet Muhammad, who converted Arabia to Islam. The Temple Mount, in Jewish tradition is regarded as the place where God chose the Divine Presence to rest. The Temple Mount is the holiest site in Judaism and is the place to which Jews turn during prayer.
Varanasi also known as Banaras, in India is in North Central India is a Holy City to Hindus. It is also believed to be one of the world’s oldest cities. The Buddhism: Gautama Buddha is said to have identified four sites most worthy of pilgrimage for Buddhists, saying that they would produce a feeling of spiritual urgency. These are: Bodh Gaya & Kushinagar inIndia, Lumbini, in Nepal & Sarnath in India. Sri Harmandir Sahib, being center of Sikh faith is also known as Sri Darbar Sahib or Golden Temple, is named after Hari (God) the temple of God. The Sikhs all over the world, daily make prayers to Almighty for GLOBAL WELFARE of every human without distinction for caste/creed or geographical placements.
MIRI-PIRI: Shri Guru Hargobind Singh Sahib, the sixth Sikh Guru (in line for one joyati) introduced the Building Complex, known as Shri Akal Takhat, He was the First Guru to engage in warfare and advising the Sikhs to take part in the military training and martial arts, establishing concept for Miri & Piri. The purpose of new concept was to allow religious values navigating truthfulness in Politics for HONEST CIVIL GOVERNANCE. The constitution of New India almost closed the option for practice on this MISSION. The AKALI DAL is reported to have missed the second opportunity around 1994, after 1947 when asked by election commission of India to segregate religion from Political outfit, desiring membership to other communities in the party or get delisted. The suspicion for internal competitions reaching first in reporting for willingness to do so is reported to have influenced speed the decision without PANTHIC deliberations for introduction of other communities in the party. The threatening second option for resistance on principles, seeking appropriate amendments in the Election rule book in the prospectus of historical background commitments made with Sikh Diaspora was done away.


The Guru’s fundamental concept may with times get diluted, leaving it to be only symbolic historical expressions without genuine practice. The SACRIFICES made over a period of few centuries by Sikh Diaspora initially under guidance of Guru Sahibans, then in follow up for dictates (orders) of Guru Gobind Singh Sahib, desiring to be in the spirit of,” GURU KHALSA JI MANIO – PARAGAT GURAN KE DEH “, the personalities like Baba Banda Singh Bahadur to Maharaja Ranjit Singh played significant role to the SIKH POSITION by 1850. The principal concept abandoned appears to have been under the influence of bigger past heritage family representing culture of other India, titled – THE HINDUTAVA. The Sikhs believe Nankana Sahib & Amritsar to be as important as that of Jerusalem; the capital city of Israel holy city to Jews, Muslims, and Christians. & Holly city Varanasi known as Banaras to Hindus. The most of the times in history, the Sikh leadership unfortunately could not perform to safeguard interest of the community in terms of healthy – progressive results, to the degree to sacrifice self for welfare Mission of others.


PAST INDIAN DISTRUST: There were lessons to be learnt from the CONDUCT of hidden agenda for politics of leaders representing other India between 1900-2000. The Sikhs & Punjabis after losing precious land holdings – Pride –Respect after geographical partition of PUNJAB between two countries i.e. India & Pakistan, were made to face circumstances for War 1962 having sent maximum soldiers. Punjab was yet to recover but encountered another CHALLENGE FOR WAR in 1965 between India and Pakistan. New Delhi being in the block of Russia & Pakistan was being supported by U.S.A. It may be educative to the present generation that during 1965 war, the Army Chief Gen Chaudhry panicked and ordered Core Commander Lt. Gen. Harbaksh Singh in Punjab for withdrawal to Beas territories to Pakistan Army, leaving Majha population to face onslaught of adversities. Lt. Gen Harbaksh Singh confined to fellow Army Officers when echoed that they have earlier been deprived of Sikh Holly city, Nankana Sahib & now on withdrawal, will result in loss of Darbar Sahib too, and so they decided to defend till death, hence the area in between Majha borders & Beas were saved.


Punjab dominated by Sikh population, wish to assume higher responsibilities, safeguarding PRESENT & FUTURE COMMUNITY INTERESTS through development of appropriate leaderships but being failed by RED FORT politics & politics of internal mistrust. The Amritsar, the SIKH HOLLY CITY like other electoral constituencies will also elect Member for Parliament in April/May 2014. Punjab despite known to be SHIELD FOR INDIA facing international borders suffered in economics during 1947, 1962, 1965, 1972, 1978-1996 without corresponding adequate support from Red FORT. New Delhi makes frequent statements for publicity value without economic support in reality. During the time for the Exit of British, it was an acknowledged historical fact that the future for three major communities such as; The Hindus, Muslim & Sikhs , All believers in Guru Granth Sahib were to be taken in consideration for political land demarcations. The Sikhs were put on wrong track to find out majority populated, visible Turbaned Sikhs than to the desired identification for area for believers in Shri Guru Granth Sahib.


The Sikhs for good / bad or suicidal reasons opted to be with different culture Hindus in South, East, West, Central India .The treatment received is a matter of current history before all of us. The continuous Martyrdom of Sikhs between 1499 to 1949 -1999 brought India to present shape – design –size –economic health. The fast way of communications has thrown out new kind of Challenges to the minorities especially to the Sikhs. Muslim & Christianity has got substantial presence all over the world to provide moral support to them but the Sikhs numbering just about 3 Cr, except for IDEOLOGICAL stand may find in physical number count lost in population for 700 cr for the Globe.
SILENCE ON SIKH CAUSE? The elections 2014 have brought out an interesting situation for the HOLLY CITY AMRITSAR. The new electorate delimitation from previous less than 50% Sikhs has brought to 65% under Amritsar Parliamentary constituency but may be represented by a non Sikh; either of B.J.P./R.S.S or Congress party. The Challenge before new M.P. for Holly city if represented by B.J.P. who at personal level appears to be a fine personality but may have limitations in facilitation for the CAUSE OF SIKHISM. He being a member of inner core group for R.S.S. definitions on Hindutav philosophy may remain in dilemma for support to Sikh philosophy who always pray for Global welfare. The B.J.P. front of R.S.S. has displayed open agenda to bring all religions; like Rivers to be channelized to one Sea of Hindustan, including physical clubbing of all Indian Rivers. Thus, none Sikhs are genuinely jubilant for having such a tall leader to be representing despite them being in minority numbers in Amritsar constituency. The mathematical gain for one are generally at the cost of others, thus new challenges may be developing on Calendar for SIKH philosophy of life. A senior Akali stalwart & an eminent historian expressed serious concern on further tough times for Sikh Diaspora, stating that Sikhs despite being strong – vigilant may have to encounter threatening circumstances for attempts on dilution to self identity.


The Election Commission may not have technically succeeded enforcing dictates, prohibiting participation for religious (MIRI-PIRI) kind of SIKH EVENT at Damdama Sahib during April on existence for the spirit in original constitution for Shiromani Akali Dal, meant for welfare of Community. The historians referred present scenario of ARROGANT ATTITUDE FOR GUJARAT LEADERSHIP by non withdrawal of court case against non Gujarati farming segment, relating to agricultural land transfer case from Supreme Court, though being a petty issue at their level of projected P.M. candidate. The CAUSE of SIKH HOLY CITY AMRITSAR in near future may face saffron color experimentation doctrine feasibility by R.S.S. blend in SIKHISM through our own political INNOCENCE?
Nirmal Singh Keerka ,
Gen Secretary, Punjab Heritage & Education Foundation. Cell 9876122122
Updated: August 10, 2014 — 5:42 am