Need of institutionalizing remembrance of National Heroes!

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Balancing Journalistic POLITICS when BRITISH alleged to denigrate Indian national heroes by calling them ‘terrorists’ to their records?
The leaders representing non Governance cadre for a society, during a specific time period, invariably turn out to be natural heroes for commoners. The Mother Nature has inbuilt cycle of task assignments, reviews & awards for reconstructions of Ethical natural human way of life on the GLOBE!
The eminent Indian writer, Mr Kuldip Nayar attempted write up on comparative history stating that,” The British have never said or written a good word about India’s generosity in not raking up the past” through an article in a news paper of Chandigarh for 12th March 2014. The psychology of interior Punjab has not been taken in account which is reported to be holding a different view point, when they equate chronology of events for lessons learnt by them from who swore on respective religions to be their well-wisher and friends pre 1947. The Punjab otherwise consider whole of Global community to be their own, unless principles of natural justice are abrogated by non applications to them and to their co natives. Therefore, Punjab generally draw different message from the position echoed by eminent journalist who could not balance historical prospectus honesty for British India v/s Punjab for Maharaja Ranjit Singh times, British India v/s British Punjab, post 1947 India v/s Punjab in identification for respective heroes & illusions for enmities. The greatness and having no personal or community interests in Governance could be judged from when Baba Baghel Singh with other brother Sikh Generals; Srd Jassa Singh Ramgaria & Srd Jassa Singh Ahluwalia won Delhi Fort but abandoned after constructing Historical Gurudawaras. They took the controls on 11th March 1783 for Red Fort at Delhi. Mr Nayar left out destructive post 1947 histories for inbuilt suspicion of RED FORT POLITICS & skipped similar introspective questionings!
As a matter of fact, the definition of a foreigner or foreign rule itself technically remained unresolved during last period of about 70 years after the EXIT of BRITISH Christianity from Punjab & other geographical areas of present India. One of the visible differences between pre 1947 concept of a foreigner was that previous Governance system was controlled by Majority white English speaking society who came from off shore (England). All who lived across the Punjab borders of Sutlej River were known to be foreigner to the natives of Punjab till 1850. The learned, Master of Journalism profession has displayed genuine grouse that British have never said or written a good word about India’s generosity in not raking up the past. It makes a sense but the responsibility does not lie entirely on British. India for un explainable reasons never cautioned them on this front in the past. When we direct one finger towards them, four fingers automatically address inward questioner to India that why we did not do so. The partial answer may lie in the information disclosed on ‘u tube by late human rights activist, Mr Rajiv Dixit. He alleged with reasonable belief in the sequence of documentations quoted for the conduct of British at the time of EXIT in 1947. They acted in line of the design prepared by their Kingdom to fit in best Chief Executive for India after divisions, who could remain loyal in post departure times for British. Mr Rajiv explained the logic how British were behind the creation for neighbor country for advancement of future British commercial interests. Now, let us compare similarities brought forward by journalist for situations pre & post British for treatment to Punjab.


The urgency today for such an article has partially emerged from digging of a well in Ajnala Tehsil of Amritsar resulting in an evidence for burial of about 282 humans (soldiers) who are alleged to have deserted on 30th July 1857 the Mian Mir Cantonment. The British forces intercepted & earlier killed other part of them numbering about 218, while they were crossing Ravi. The records of the than D.C. Amritsar Fredrick Henry Cooper conveys that he supervised the MASSACRE & later got all buried in a well now unearthed. The history is generated continuity recording CONDUCT of GOVERNANCE for the times. The other news paper on 14th March also brought forward information that, “It was a part of revenge for the Bibighar Massacre of Kanpur (then Cawnpore) in which “some other mutineers had killed 120 British women & Children and thrown their bodies into well.” Ancient Indian had belief that “the human history keeps its own account to be equalized in future with wish or desire of nature “.There is another similar account referred in history that British during two Anglo Sikh Wars 1845-46 & 1848-49 made use of population of central India, Bengal & other area under their occupation for more than 100 years when they fought with Punjab. The Indian members of Army for British behaved in unethical ways with the women of Punjab & looted them in each respect. This has been one the reasons that Punjab population having been hurt below the belt could not stand fully with other India in 1857 .They though at their own with reference to Kuka moment in 1857, conducted their own independent struggles for freedom from British. Thus, the cycle of history keep on churning a variety of results in the process of mutual social adjustments & protection of prides. Let us VIEW TO BALANACE the contents of Mr Nayar with 1984/1919.


The history narrated refers that Brg. Gen. R. Dyer was given controls of Amritsar by Lt. Governor of Punjab Michael O’ Dwyer, who chose April 13, the day of harvest festival, Baishakhi, for his revenge. Some 20,000 people had collected in garden, called Jallianwala Bagh, at a stone’s throw from the Golden Temple. Dyer set the police on the gathering like hunters unchaining their ferocious hounds to bring the pursued animals to bay. He purposefully blocked the Gardens only gate from escaping from the place. Targeted by machine guns, men, women and children had no escape or respite from the bullets till the police exhausted their ammunition for 1650 rounds. Some 400 people died on the spot and more than 1500 were injured. LONDON TOO WAS HORROFIED. It recalled the Dyer who, appearing before an inquiry before an Enquiry committee, said that he has done his duty, therefore he was not admonished.
The similar to above, but much larger in scale was enacted to happen in June & Oct 1984. India, in comparison to just 1650 rounds of British in 1919, used many a lac rounds, tons of other deadly ammunition in June 1984 along with Armored Tanks, anchoring barbaric killing for many thousand without distinction for woman, children or old one. The Sikhs, representing Old Punjab WAR histories, in follow up for principal guidelines, enshrined in Shri Guru Granth Sahib are known to have never hurt women, children or old one for the countries in conflict. The British establishment in India only sealed doors for one Jallianwala Bagh in few acres, but India sealed whole of Punjab in similar design. London was stated to be horrified but majority of Indians celebrated on the both occasions, June & Oct 1984. The conscious of India as a matter of fact was lost & originally slaughtered in 1947 with the loss of majority Punjabis, Bengalies & partially from central India numbering about 7 to 10 lac. The South, East, Western India remained almost safe from such a losses. Hence they do not fully understand and value in individual life. They inherited special art from English to divide civilizations for governance on them with might for having higher number M.P.’s in Parliament. We got a country of our own in 1947, but failed to start the JOURNEY TO MAKE IT A NATION in last 70 years.
Thus, the message for MIGHT & ARROGANCE OF INDIA, particularly for the times of 3rd June 1984 to 7thJune 1984 and later mass punishment to community Oct 1984 stood historically recorded dangerous than actions of British rule. The actions by the old foreigners for Punjab for the period prior to 1849, representing other India, were much serious, heinous with highest degree of criminality against ‘co citizens’ implemented to the designs of top Management for the Red Fort. New Delhi selected 3rd June 1984, the Martyrdom Day of Shri Guru Arjun Dev Sahib in comparison to Baisakhi day by British in 1919. The master planners, executors and many of them who mislead the than Governance mechanism were not made accountable in last 30 years, neither made to express regrets. Most of them were awarded for the great job done by them in” TEACHING LESSONS TO THE SIKHS” ,allegedly said so by late leader of Congress party, having been family relative to the great masters of un holistic Drama. The comparison for acts of White Christianity human beings when compared by Punjab for Black, brown, whitish who also speak a kind of foreign languages but other than English but also get equated to Indian Blunder of 1984 which turned out to be much bigger than actions of British in April 1919. The history continues creating new bench marks in progress as well for unfortunate destructive side of the society.
The Event shaped for Jallianwala Bagh has direct similarity with Red FORT OPERATION, titled BLUE STAR & than SIKH MASSACRES – Oct 1984. The British perhaps were not that senseless, brutal than the Indian ACTORS of 1984. So therefore, while remembering & writing on appropriate position for the HEROES who fought or got martyrdom for human rights freedom pre 1947, we must bring out our own immediate past relating to post 1947 ensuring reasonable HONESTY IN JOURNALISM. The constitutional Mission; ’Satym Jaytav ‘has virtually been failed by Executive system handlers by none procedural Event recordings, especially for the Massacres for minority i.e. The Sikhs, Christianities & Muslims in last 70 years. The contents for EVIDENCE allegedly eliminated, hidden, misrepresented for present so called picture for childish claims by Governing Lords that CLEAN CHITS from humanely managed court management been obtained. The leaders in spirituality expressed that the Court of Waheguru, Allah; Jesus Christ did try to CAUTION ARROGANCE of India through havoc Floods in Uttra Khand -June 2013, cyclones in Odisha /Andhra -Oct 2013, Datia tragedy in M.P., Floods in Assam/Bihar in June /July 2013, but leaders in politics fail to take underlined message to be HONEST IN DEEDS FOR GOVERNANCE.
The British though were foreigners from across the sea but other India too were not part of Punjab culture, ethos for many a centuries till 1850. Mr C. Rajagopalachari, Tamilian Brahamin, advocate by profession was positioned to anchor future affairs of Punjab under India during June 1948 – 26 Jan 1950, for the construction for our Constitution. He was Governors General for Unions of India but had least affinity to the language, culture of Punjab but was head of those deciding fate for them. He was 45th in the line, originally titled ‘Governors of Presidency (Bengal)’ wef 1773 in favor of first occupant Mr Warren Hastings. Brutal acts by any leaders of a country on the Globe cannot be hidden for a long time though they now get instant electronic exposes in the world. Thus, the conduct unfortunately gets grouped for the conditions for British 1919 & India 1984 for the academic purpose in identifications for friends or the foe. Both had been foreigners for Punjab chapter at one point of time.
The past psychology may in verdantly be hounding for settlements of mindset conditions for new relations between Punjab civilizations with that of others living in India. They became direct /indirect party to the miseries taken place for the public of Punjab. Most of the Indian historians /Journalist function for being pro establishment with exceptions for personalities like Dr Srd Gurdarsharn Singh Dhillon, Srd Patwant Singh, Srd Kanwar Sandhu, and Prof G.S. Shergill and to some extent Dr Kirpal Singh and a few others. They do not report only one time period but bring in comparatives of the past human history for layout of best interpersonal relationship between different races /communities for present frame work of the country. India, unfortunately in heart of heart, is yet to respond appropriately for permanent psychological peace settlements, in border state known as shield of India. Incidentally, the major part of the list of Martyrs belonged to Punjab, West Bengal & partially to central India. The historical actions by revolutionaries in the category of Srd Udham Singh, Srd Bhagat Singh displayed ideological Missions. Their approach model was not barbaric like incidence of Kanpur addressed to Indian mutineers & than similarly performed by British India in Ajnala Amritsar.
The staff cadre, officers or leaders occupying seats of responsibilities in Administrative Bhawans in New Delhi are not sensitive to differentiate such values, neither acting to the CAUSE for removing their (national martyrs) names from list of terrorists to Indian Heroes or e all may be waiting for the times when another revolution shapes up in India. Wish all conscious civil society, including journalists act not only for writing ritual articles to fill the space of news papers like the one referred above but also genuinely agitate for holy Cause before blaming others including British, living across sea shores. Punjab generally carries belief that Indian Media (print & visual) by & large owned by Hindu India plays games for happiness & financial richness of majority India. Most of them, unfortunately got positioned to be party in the continuity of INJUSTICE initially perpetuated in JAN 1947 than masterminded in JUNE & OCT 1984.The journalist historians need to muster strength, expressing genuinely spade for spade correcting our records & avoiding path for selective judiciousness in expressions.
Nirmal Singh Keerka ,
Gen Secretary, Punjab Heritage & Education Foundation. Cell 9876122122
Updated: August 8, 2014 — 10:09 am