Punjab burden of problems in reality may continue ?

Nazaria -28 Article posted on : 2014-01-26
Irrespective to intellectual national academic debates on ‘communal ism  in politics for governance on elections – 2014’.
Genuineness may prove true for conformity to common man’s statement on Punjab affairs: “Bhandaa Bhandaria –Kinnaa Ku Bhar, Ikk Pand Chuk Lai – Duji Tiar”
Business houses owned modern media are putting in extra effort in utilizing natural opportunity for Election season while enacting debates. They are facilitating telecast with innovations, though largely with many a indigestible GOOGLIES, constructed by professionals in politics to influence the MIND & HEART of viewers. The voters in reality are divided on historical backgrounds for their own inheritance relating to; past statehood title, language, Food, dress, Festivals & other culturally locked divisions with barriers. The debate Events on ‘Indian happenings today’ anchored by an intelligent but hyper active Mr Arnab Goswami on TV Channel ‘NOW’ invariably invites an interesting thought process during each episode. It is generally worth sharing with other subjects, drawing own suitability for meaning or understanding in between the lines. Mr Randeep Surjewala (Congress – I) ,Ms Smriti Irani (B.J.P.) ,Akbaruddin Owaisi (Muslim Front) & a representative Mr Ram Madhav for R.S.S were positioned on programme titled above on 24th Jan 2014 for an academic political cockfight.
The balance for debate platform composition itself reflected biased position .The debate allowed with a member each for R.S.S & B.J.P & had just one member representing Muslim faith. The Congress nominee represents a state where Arya Samaj culture roped in many Jat families from Congress & Lok Dal. The formation tilted the balance for debate being one sided in promotion of R.S.S & B.J.P. It should have members from Christianity, Sikh minorities & Dalits on board for judiciousness in debate contents. The conditions displayed for EQUALITY & SECULARISM stood shrinked to lowest levels. The debate promoted with intermittent oil add on by the anchor was with his usual known exploitative conduct for insufficiency on time allocations required for response by invitees. Mr Arnab is otherwise known soft with favorable tilt in personality building of Mr Modi, facilitating him to reach to the doors for GOVERNANCE from Red Fort.
The B.J.P. representative spoke on concept for word ‘HINDU’, stating that it carries the meaning for the collective cultural integrity of India. Most of the Pandits in politics pre 1947 were much bolder than the new brand of ideologist in line with exception for Mr Advani or Modi face projections .The race of Pandits in the history for India woke up from the times post 1800 onward through innovative platform in Bengal for “Hare Krishna Mission” & “Arya Samaj” in Bombay province etc .Many of them originally pioneers on defensive offence & protections further on erosion for religious numbers through leaders such as ;Pandit Daya Nanda from Gujarat, who developed new social platform, namely “Arya Samaj” containing the basic way of life already available in SIKH faith founded by Guru Nanak Sahib. It is altogether a different point of view that Arya Samaj advised Hindus to disassociate them from IDOL WORSHIP but B.J.P. is silent on basics for the philosophy, rather allowing violations on fundamentals. The concept was later marketed by Pandit Vivekananda representing Bengal. The other personalities of this kind in Brahmin brotherhood promoted religious exclusiveness by such as; Pandit C. Rajagopalachari, the first Indian born Governor General for India from June 1948 – Jan 1950.He hailed from Madras now known as Tamil Nadu ,Pandit J.L. Nehru first P.M. family linage was to Kashmir but re settled in U.P. , Pandit Rajendra Prashad, the first President of India represented Bihar , Pandit J.B.Patel, the first Home Minister for India was from Gujarat ,a tall sized leader with title for a fatherly figure in politics ,Mr M.D. K.C. Gandhi (Banian) was also from Gujarat.
Now let us look back in to the CONGRESS scenario having sold platform for politics since 1947 to date 2013 by using sacrificing Diaspora originally for restoration to human values by PUNJABIS with majority martyrdom by SIKH fraternity to the principles taught by Sikh GURU Sahibs. The inner psychology for Congress is now slipping to its new uniform / address for R.S.S. with front face of B.J.P. They now are likely to be promoting inner ethos practiced by above Pandits & Banian brother hood through B.J.P. by abandoning CONGRESS platform for the time being.
The majority leaders in new human breed are angling follow up on certain hidden agendas, including settling old account for damaged psychology & sufferings relating to the past period for a few centuries. The elders for most were hurt during Governance by foreign Mughal invaders, who preferred settling on present land and forced human conversions to their personal faith with stick & carrot policy. Indian population therefore by & large is otherwise related to each other by blood line. Most of us may have common family tree at some point of HISTORICAL TIMES. The largest size in Muslim, Christianity, Sikhs & many other similar to them at one point of time may trace common heritage links. There were a variety of social divisions based on basic FOUR caste classifications with further sub divisions on respective professional TRADES PRACTICED. The traditional Brahmincal ethos controlled by Mandir Managements enforced so many DO & DON ’T DO’S on non Brahamin population resulting in largest part of society going away from local cultures .They adopted other options for liberty & human growth .The Pandits designed exclusive privileges for being superior to all.
There is no doubt that they were & continue to be most educated and a brilliant mind group in Indian society with adds on for Banians. They keep on reconstructing IDEAS for retention on Governance controls through ‘X’ – ‘Y’ theories, now injected with modern MEDIA instruments, owned mostly by them. A variety of failures took place in the background for exploitation with dormant kind of arrogant conduct by Mandir / Church /Gurdawara (Mahant times) managements. All such un touchable philosophies contributed sending majority population away to other available options including conversions to other faith of life. Many such alternatives are also encouraged, supported by Governing establishments for times .Mughals promoted Muslim faith, British for Christianity with indirect support to all for divide – rule policy .The rule for Maharaja Ranjit Singh despite being a SIKH promoted personalities related to all three major religious groups. He though belonged to just less than 15 % Sikh population with majority Muslim faith under his territories but managed successfully mix population for half a century.
Mr Advani, B.J.P. stalwart at one point of time was reported to have been chided by his contemporary politicians for his short coming not being a Brahmin, hence may not be found eligible for the top slot of P.M. ship. The initial negative resistance by Mr Advani for non endorsement of Mr Modi during Goa Event to the mantle for responsibility on B.J.P. campaign committee & later ladle for P.M. ship may have been result for his inner mindset .He may have genuinely been perturbed that how Mr Modi not being a Brahmin is getting elevated by Brahaminical ideologist platform of R.S.S. The R.S.S – B.J.P. think tank appears to have realized & learnt lesson from indirect GOVERNANCE by Mrs Sonia on behalf of Congress for a period of ten years having a Sikh on the chair of Prime Minister ship .The POSITIONING for Mr MODI to present B.J.P. slot is not just by ignoring his caste weakness but a calculative chance opportunity to new Indian political environment. The past performance credentials of Mr Modi, having attended sincerely the AGNEDA for educated Brahmins/Banins of India, while Governing Gujarat is otherwise best triumph card with him.
Mr Modi incidentally has garnered natural support of MEDIA, otherwise mostly owned by Brahmins or Hindus of India & N.R.I.’s. Mr Modi as of today , may not be able to bring in majority MAGIC number 272 required for forming Government at their own but has successfully positioned as best horse to lead non congress parties in India other than regional players. He, most likely may not be a Prime Minister but at best a Home & Finance Minister for for the country. India incidentally is overlooking qualities of secularism /humanism in senior most politician of the country for next Prime Ministerial ship in Srd Parkash Singh Badal. He, in real sense is a living MODEL, qualifying to the vision of founders for the Indian constitution. He stood with B.J.P. & not with a SIKH P.M. when Sardar Manmohan Singh was in crises & sought support of PUNJAB politics. On the other side, the R.S.S., despite being mother body for B.J.P. openly supported candidature of Mrs PRATIBA PATIL of CONGRESS for President of India candidature for tenure 2007 – 12, referring her to be representing MARATHAPRIDE culture /state.
Anyway, the Leaders like Mr Sharad Pawar, Mr M.S. Yadav if get chance to be P.M., may avoid hurting Punjab. The Leaders like Mr Advani who missed not being Brahmin may also be seen acceptable for support by regional parties. India is aware that when Mr Advani & Mr Vajpaye were a team but Mr Advani was otherwise viewed promoter for hard core Hindutva in India. His leadership of politics successfully brought issue of Ram Mandir on central stage by awakening for majority who are otherwise poorly placed in economics of India. The political hoodwinking by present line of new generation of B.J.P. who prefers playing safe indirect political card stating that HINDU means India for common culture are a week knee leaders. Their line of political approach is quite slippery, unreliable thought process, neither saleable to the standards of past actions for Hindutva.
The old guard despite not being member for R.S.S. promoted jealously personal religion at the cost of others between 1900 – 1960. The political purpose of B.J.P for an IDEA ON CONSTRUCTION FOR MANDIR in U.P., many in PUNJAB believe is a matter of not an abnormal /out of Box aspirations for majority population, especially after carving out for an independent country Pakistan with absolute Muslim community number for good or bad reasons. The CHRISTIANITY of the world while watching developments may not oppose beyond a point to stop ideologies seeded by founder for R.S.S. Chief for emergence of Hindu Rashtra .Mr Advani repeated reference to old statement of the RSS founder during 77th political convention a New DELHI that “ right steps to be taken on right times”. He informed that the founder of R.S.S. expressed during pre 1947 that “there is hardly a scope or no scope of good politics, until living as a colonial subject in a country”. The hidden agendas are gradually to be brought on stage for experimentation, guided by the R.S.S. ideologist who swore to the oath in carrying out efforts for fulfillment of their VISION POST independence.
India now days are ruled through a different set of Managements. The post 1947 having been replaced from British one race of White Christian bureaucracy to local made human resources for mix cultural & racial values. Punjab is unable to grade most Indian operators to be better than British bureaucracy subjects. Punjab unfortunately has no say or value for shaping Indian decision except TASK to labour on agriculture fields and managing life on tricky borders used as field of politics by RED FORT. The political opportunity is likely to fall in the lap of R.S.S with front FACE of B.J.P. for GOVERNANCE 2014. It may be a great experiment for India for either shortest or a very long span for GOVERNANCE ,subject to non revisit to the times for misadventure like June /Oct 1984 massacres /Graham Stains 23rd Jan 1999 / 2002 Gujarat GODRA train burning – or recent APP childish Anarchist displays in New Delhi. Punjab to the views for the experience of a retired Senior non Sikh I.A.S. Officer, who was once astonished to hear direct comments of Mr Atal Bihari Vajpayee being Minister for External Affairs, during visit to I.A.S. Academy at Missouri,” PUNJAB TO MANAGE AT ITS OWN & DO NOT REQUIRE TO BE GIVEN FINANCIAL OR OTHER SUPPORT BY DELHI” .He is addressed to be moderate personality!
The mind set for B.J.P. top Brass in coming times could be understood from the kind of selections made with representation to Mrs CHAWLA from Punjab state. She is alleged to have cultivated open hate for Punjabi language, Sikh ethos on the lines earlier practiced by many like Mr Gulzari Lal Nanda /Mr Morarji Desai/Atal ji etc. The politicians of all parties in Punjab must read literature ,ideologies practiced for Mission of Brahmnical MARATHA Governance inculcated by the past Presidents for R.S.S. during their journey for 89 years including R.S.S. founder Mr K. B. Hedgewar (1925–1940) and other important Heads like Mr M. S. Golwalkar (1940–1973), Mr Rajendra Singh (1993–2000),Mr K. S. Sudarshan (2000–2009).Punjab may not read its own history but must peep inside what plans others like RSS has designed for them unless caught sleeping like in past history. It may throw light on continuity for FUTURE CLOUDS OVER PUNJAB for struggles. The literature by present head Mr Mohan Bhagwat must be read and understood by Punjab leadership representing all parties for future feasible safe guards for their natives after elections in 2014.They need to avoid being fiery to their old traits against immediate neighbor country, unless R.S.S. cadre is invited to defend borders for the country .
Punjab may not burn their own self like past history for accomplishment & MISSION aspirations of other India at their own cost .Mr Vajpayee or for that matter Mr Modi did not relent accommodating Punjab needs, particularly for the farming community in Gujarat for reasons of biased approach. What is in store to be understood for coming difficult days for farming & other class of state? PUNJAB (Original joint) for the birth land of Saints has also been let down by its own certain insincere sons/daughters of the soil .Punjab is tired of conspiracies, seeking intervention of Godly spirits for safeguards from its own projected as friends when in DELHI but do not appear honest. Only God may save the innocent subjects in FUTURE if state ACTORS are allowed repeat replay in different design after retirement of present SIKH P.M. The human Scoundrels in the past are alleged to have played dangerous GAMES on the name of POLITICS for realizing personal richness greed.
Nirmal Singh Keerka ,
Gen Secretary, Punjab Heritage & Education Foundation.
gnanaktimes2aajtak@gmail.co. Cell 9876122122
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