AAP gives ray of hope for corruption-free Governance

Nazaria -27 Article Posted on: 2014-01-14
Common man is fed up with anti-people policies of Congress & BJP!


AAM:  Aadmi party is likely to be facing difficulties in identifying welfare action agendas while segregating different economic social segments .The name AAP itself invite an academic interest in finding out who in real sense could be real Aam Aadmi and what are his/her Aam basic needs allegedly not met with normal system operations. The Congress platform originally was founded by Indian and British members as “the Theosophical Society movement” in 1885 with objective of obtaining a greater share in government for educated Indians. It was for further seeking better civic and political dialogue of educated Indians with the British Raj. The congress platform played significant role pre 1947 periods .Sri M.D.K.C. Gandhi is reported to have aired views otherwise never pressed to be agreed upon that Congress platform post 1947 should be dismantled and new political out fits to be allowed to emerge for Indian Governance.


The congress platform having carried out principle task on facilitation for EXIT of British but continued taking advantage for the role played by old generation associated with this platform for 67 years. The congress platform as stated by old guard now is a kind of a commercial corporate dealing in the subject of politics. It now all is a part of old stories to be referred as a ritual in explaining new currents of politics on formation or birth of new political outfits .Jan Sangh had been like the present Aam Aadmi party at one point of time with just 4 – 5 members in Parliament representing them before innovation for aggressive religious call to capture Red Fort at New Delhi.
The identification of needs of Aam Aadmi will be a difficult agenda of AAP in a country where we all carry strong influence of religion, deities, Devis, Devtas, Sadhu, Sadhvies , Deras ,operators of Deras. Above that practice of caste divisions on the line of old 4 to 10 categories for untouchables and dealing with country where half of the citizens are struggling for two time basic meals .The Aam aadmi living in Delhi ,Chandigarh or in other metropolitan cities with so many compartmentalization’s of statehood or in rural locations got different language ,Food choice, lacks education ,short of employment opportunities’ with continued struggles for respective degrees of adversities created in last 67 -100 years for the real journey of life in India .The people by & large wish to come forward to get them identified with new party outfits but many of them joining after having retired from Government service who in real sense never stood up to their feet or failed to protest against their own system are being taken with open invitation .Most of them may not be asset but a liability of AAP.


We, the Indians are all together a different world than developed countries. We continue our struggle like neighbor countries targeting just basics livelihood for the citizens. Unfortunately we have developed unhealthy habit to air out dirt against developed countries comparing ourselves with them .Many of us who visited some of the developed countries realized the difference in India & them in respect of application for rule of Law ,general conduct of those nations, the way they all carry out respective social responsibilities in all walks of their respective lives :it may be while they are in office ,at home ,in streets ,on roads ,purchasing or selling Human necessities particularly Food items but they don’t dream to adulterate ,don’t ask extra from citizens to pay for making driving license, giving tube well connection or for so many listed regulatory activities of more than three dozen by state & central Governments .Therefore emergence of Aam Admi Party platform appears to be emotional response by mix kind of society, similar to one point of time as; Janta Party ,Samajwadi Party ,Socialist Party ,Janh Sangh modified to B.J.P. etc .


The Congress corporate earlier allowed small intermittent platforms allowing children (novae in politics) to enjoy the political play field till they come back from break/rest days .This is how India once again has given a chance for expressions of emotions for unequally placed majority population of the country .The front line slogan of Aam Aadmi party for being anti corruption may turn out to be just a ploy for hidden emotions of dissatisfied, unattended constituents of the country. The citizens were promised sky level dreams for common facilities when British -white skin officers were shown EXIT doors replaced with whitish, dark or little fair color bureaucracy post 1947.Politicians do exploit but most of them after ground struggles and for a limited period of up to 5 years but the Executive/Judicial bureaucracy with just one test (exam) use the might for 30 -35 years or whole life; guiding, developing, directing operations but without accountability with rare exceptions of individuals doing and displaying justice being done.


Prior to the recent JOURNEY OF INDIA for 67 years, the Governance mechanism by white skin rulers has been referred to be Unbiased, neither parochial upto 1947 or to best 1960 times. The Justice on most of the subjects was done by Joint Executive/Judicial bureaucracy. It is not that there were no best Indian officers, but unfortunately their numbers to the bench mark of officers like Sh. Nirmal Kumar Mukherjee, Sh. Tarlok Singh,Sh. PN Thapar, Dr M.S.Randhawa ,Sh.K.D.Vasudeva has become rarest of rare commodity. The statement of Sir James Glancy ( 1906 batch Punjab cadre ICS Officer ) in one of the meetings held in early 1946 in Lahore, , the then governor of Punjab is fast moving to be absolutely TRUE , “You want us to leave India. We would leave very soon but one thing you must remember that you would not be able to maintain those vaulting standards of fairness, honesty, officiousness and diligence in administration, which we maintained because of the conspicuous role of the ICS and other services despite difficulties of governing and numerous odds faced by us. Time would come when many of you would remember us with tears in your eyes.


The number for suspected corrupt in British times could count on fingers but now India is compelled to accept new reality searching who are not suspected as such .A few like above may not be able to built healthy nation though they can ensure justice done & seen within their job areas. The people like Mr Arvind Kejriwal coming on the central platform is result of continuity in partitioned ,biased ,discriminatory approach of our system operators patronized under political umbrella .Cash Corruption or no corruption is just one part of the game plans people are fed up after having experience with all the national or state level political parties and leaders . The vicious cycle for expensiveness of election protocol is referred to be one of the basic ills for continuity of illegal funding & investment recovery mechanism.
The sweeping allegation targeting government servants referring most of them to be corrupt of varying degrees appears true to certain extent but who corrupt them may have to be addressed by newly formed AAP party .We, the public must understand reality that the country has not been able to develop corresponding basic health ,education, roads, public health facilities infrastructure in the last 67 years matching with growth of population in most parts of the country .The available basic facilities are put under great optimum utilizations targets ,rather stretched beyond capacity on intervention of politics ,local administration or other influential subjects from time to time .It has been told that the number for staff engaged in state stood reduced but the speed delivery expectations by public has grown many fold .


The action process continued to be prioritized by administrative influence or by palm greasing to organize early or quick advantage sought after by us. The increase for number of consumers seeking Govt. facilities are reported gone very high and normal actions in queue remains subject of controversies. Aam Aadmi party is talking as of now about periphery subjects like zero corruptions for working procedures of the Government or to making corruption free. How to bring change in the approach of common man /woman who got time limitations or not in the habit of getting in queue may have to be addressed allowing rule of law to prevail, discouraging VIP preference culture .He /She has set mind to over jump queue for every kind of services to self or family and willing to pay extra for queue jumping for most of the procedures.


AAP therefore is novae to the Governance culture having worked as civil servant for different levels but not yet learn the art of POLITICS OF ASSURANCES not to be fulfilled .Late Giani Zail Singh when working as H.M. for India gave a piece of advice in reference to his experience to defeated candidate who lost elections to Sh Barnala ,” …… Sahib never say no to any or to your voters / supporters whenever they visit you for help ,despite knowing or understanding that it is not feasible, neither to be done but verbally assure ,”Will speak to so & so – again speak for the number of times he/she visits & they may stop coming at their own – understanding that you having made all efforts but the officer is not good and may not complain as much when you refuse at first instance that this is not legal or in correct. This kind of culture may not be bought by members of AAP who are more vigilant, educated and deliverance of Task may have to be ensured within or outside the frame work of systems with sincerity if AAP wish targeting Red fort in 2014.


AAP party may have to pass through rigorous test of politics avoiding political traps of opponents who are encouraging them to play childish games for adhoc appeasement to voters. The Corporate culture of national graded 2 – 3 political parties are eager for reoccupation of political chairs with wisdom of seasoned game changers .The plots laid by experienced hand politicians who wish to prove that only big corporate parties has the capacity for Governance appears to be great challenge for AAP. The Public is watching day to day developments eagerly to experience that will AAP be crossing time life journeyed by JANTA PARTY and emerge in another form of a movement competing both corporate cultures of Congress & B.J.P. The Jan Sangh was just a party of North India with 4 seats before innovative title & religious injections as B.J.P. It became an important player for Government formations in India. We, the commoners may Wish AAP a GOOD LUCK for turning out to be a better option but not third (party) grade option with majority outlived lot of society or political out fits?
Nirmal Singh Keerka ,
Gen Secretary, Punjab Heritage & Education Foundation.
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