Month: December 2014

Explosive Challenges of “YOGIC BABA – DERA ASHRAM” Cultures

Dangerous clouding of Politics on Modern Commercialized Spiritualism? The public crowding in DERAS -ASHRAMS –COURTS-HOSPITALS speaks on the challenges being encountered by the Indian community. Politics of the last four decades functioned for the “ADVANTAGE TODAY” policies, than to formulating sustainable futuristic foundation for collective betterment of the community. In the meantime, Politics & Media […]

On the U.N.O. platform: Reality & Myth of Diplomatic relations of USA & India  

Modi’s visit to U.S. a successful venture indeed but with limited scope “Individualistic & Religious Terrorism” war cry “buried Globally” The “State sponsored massacre operations” MODI succeeded in the execution of his “Planned EVENTS” for the remarkable impact on the host OBAMA! The Initial American idea (1939) moved further to the name adoption of “United […]