Sikh Ethos during British period 1850-1947.

The spirit for neither doing injustice nor acceptance was practiced by community with sincerity .It is reported that when a Gursikh was expected to appear in court during British times for witness, they were not asked to swear upon, but taken/believed to be stating, true picture on facts .Army recruitment from Punjab for world war defending British imperialism were unparalleled in the world history. The initial periods 50 years after taking over the reins for rule over Punjab from Sikh Generals who got ditched by insiders ,were respected greatly for their honest conduct .The rule of law genuinely prevailed except for the actions against freedom fighters.


The beginning periods between 1850 were spent by British officers was to ground the aspirations of SIKHS for their own governance .They did every possible act to weaken Sikh psychology by direct –indirect interference in religious matters, provoking –supporting Mahant culture to their advantage but after world war II, they gradually brought shift to their approach for SIKHS having understood them to be living natural, honest way of life .Like the case for emergency imposed during 1971 and stood their guard for the sake of India, they were advised not to get on Indian politically burning train named for freedom but they kept up their word standing with rest of India who don’t recognize or educate their natives how brave-honest had been Sikhs for the present shape of India.