Challenges encountered by Sikh Life?

The Sikh life now is not limited to present tiny land of Punjab for innovative, hardworking journey of respective lives. The SIKH race with blessings of ten GURU sahibs & continuous guidance from the light of knowledge enshrined in Shri Guru Granth Sahib positioned themselves uniquely. The fore fathers of SIKH community after meeting greatest challenges of life were in the process of settling down but  had to confront again & again with might of foreign invaders from Arab countries. They hardly imagined to settle down for normal life during times of Maharaja Ranjit Singh but again gone under test of British after internal distrust & Palace conspiracies. The Sikh diaspora failed to understand the expansionist goals of British, but later compelled to take up new agenda to remove British from India. The Punjabis otherwise were competent to settle independently their CAUSE for JUSTICE to Punjab natives but took up larger canvas for getting freedom to other Indian states &  territories.


B) Babu Labh Singh;

They, in the light of values in Sikh scriptures took up the cause honestly without having doubt for Political integrity in front runner leaders of other India from state of Bombay including Gujarat, Bengal, and U.P. and got on platform for agitations with maximum role with sincerity. The joint venture platform created by natural intelligence of BRAHMIN & BANIAN ( Nehru –Gandhi-Patel ) wagon used physical strength available with SIKH diaspora opposing Britishers in India. No one could suspect that the leadership of those times who carried great respect being President of Shrimoni Akali Dal bur was reportedly killed in a Bajari (Filmi) actions. Sardar Babu Labh Singh who was President for Akali Dal from 1945 till his stabbing to death on 9th March 1947 is said to have been handiwork of a fanatic Muslim while he with others were taking out peace march in Jallandhar. The possibility for political murder by those who feared that strong Sikh leader may not be purchasable, could have conspired to hire services of under ground state actor eliminator? The unfortunate part is that Sikhs are primarily faith believers and do not easily doubt intentions of others and keep on accepting more and more sufferings for the followers of the community on the name and wish of the almighty -Waheguru.


C) New Delhi Fort has such a great EGO that they by & large consider PUNJAB to be enemy for economic support comparing the Society living in other states to be poorer than Punjabis, what a comparison.The people of other India has different way of life .They do not wish to earn more for better food, wearing or living but prefer simpler life.When Punjabis prefer to live with hard labour, earn to live reasonable life, why they have to be clubbed with vision for natives of other states. They do not look to the size for GLOBE visible from sky as small as size for small dot but conduct life like that they will never be away from (mother) earth. Guru Nanak Sahib educated that there are so many other planets bigger than size of EARTH when science education was not in present context at that advanced stage but not many believed him. Now the convenience of reader,few images for the existence of Planets & moment have been provided to link knowledge update for better understanding that what Baba Nanak told has been proved to be absolutely TRUE .


Our Earth planet is one of hundreds-thousands –lacks of other planets in the sky. Our earth is addressed by dividing in SEVEN ZONES as continents of the Earth .Each continent (except Antarctica) has a number of countries,thousands of languages, so are the different varieties of cultures, religions, way of life ,national priorities,variety of political & religious leaderships, leaderships in half of the world to be non believes in religion etc etc .Indian chapter has uniqueness for not being ones for Language,skin colour, physical features, Food habits, life preferences but stood tied together by selling philosophy for commonness for being idolaters for similar DEVIS-DEVTAS for the past heritage. Has which happens to be just on of the EARTH


D) Sikh diaspora may not have been successful on foreign shores if they had separatist ideology. They could not get LEVEL PLAYING FIELD in India for realization of respective human aspirations while living in small state of Punjab after 1947 in new India.The country had so much unattended land after forced division of Punjab culture between two.The Punjabies in general & Sikhs in particular owned Lacks of hectares of agriculture land i.e. majority land holdings in undivided Punjab .The country could well afford to provide 2 – 4 times land against well irrigated agriculture land left out in Pakistan but they instead of imposed cuts against original ownership and further made allotments in scattered manner in Punjab suspecting them not to be on one place for likely protest for discrimination meted out by Delhi. The divided ,opportunist Sikh leadership again failed their community, the way they lost from British after exit of Maharaja Ranjit Singh .The than leadership of 4-5 for New India, intentionally kept Punjabis in this condition allowing others to develop better. The cry for Punjab to be a border state was used as political slogan to deprive it from establishment of major Industrialist Projects. The research centers, major industrial activities including development of International air port stood created in other locations of India despite traveling plans of a large Punjabi population to their home state.


E) New India either under Congress or under combination of other regional parties or B.J.P. has all displayed for a common agenda towards Punjab. The leadership may be under Mr Morar Ji Desai, Mr Atal Bihari, Mr Chander Shekher, Mr V.P. Singh or Chaudhry Charan Singh but none displayed different fundamental approach from each other for ground actions.


The Quality in real prosperity for Sikhs can well be judged by number of their children reaching Good school ,College ,Universities and similarly job selections by Government ,PSU’s, Private business bodies, PPSC, U.P.S.C.’s relating to Sikh diaspora. They are parameters of the economic condition for real Punjab reaching dismal level.The gradation list for P.C.S. (Ex & Judicial ) may not find more than 20% in them belonging to Sikh diaspora against claim for their strength of 60 % in Punjab,thereby 80 % jobs being taken away by 40% population ! The Sikh politics representatives has changed their approach from earlier recommendations to rural background children to city based lads ,who majority happened to be non Sikhs .Sikh diaspora knows to fight for rights of others but could not master to protest and protect their own survival interests from the exit of Maharaja Ranjit Singh onward to date.


F)The historical events composed may appear to be quite disturbing and creating a number of QUESTIONS fro self address on how to ANGLE personal life or even what is the very purpose for every one going through life cycle .The answer to largest subject could not be brought out by any one who lived in immediate life of last 3,500 4,000 years including famous for respective titles for Gurus, Peers, Mahatams, Saints, intellectuals except to have guided to carry on respective life journeys in accordance with natural reflections for our timely calls where ever we live. Almost half of world population do not believe directly for relevance of GOD and nations has not provided them freedom to the extent for dreaming to fall in line for religious belief .The better half population for the world having enjoyed state freedom with culture of total freedom or doctored freedom under bigger umbrella for majority populations at least did not debar their people from dreaming to be another unseen world after exit from present life which is known as SAWARG – NARAK definitions .


G)The general conduct for life has come to the levels of a fast life when we are getting in culture for limiting our thought process to just immediate family & not bothered for our own heritage family or religiously connected Sikh diaspora & what to say for reference to general historical prospectus for our life. Historical events for our forgathers are either not referred by generations or are taken in totality navigating present conduct of life without realization for the currents for bookish (constitutional ) limitations created for natural growth for who already reached certain levels of achievements .


H)The Sikh diaspora on Global canvass is just 30 million (3 crs) in comparison to 70,000 million (700 crs) world population. Out of this, the number 1.67 crores are living in Punjab, 0.50 cr in other India & 0.83 + in other countries of the Globe.The symptoms for divisive ailment were planted by other India initially with slogan for Hindu-/Sikh / Musilman between 1900 – 1947, than Hindu / Sikh 1947 – 1999 .They utilized another chemical for advancement of their interests by using Punjabi language v/s Sanskrit –Hindi speaking –writing numbers so that dacoity made by taking away right over wasters, Punjabi speaking areas ,denial for controls over capital project of Chandigarh on flimsy reasons ,compensations for partitions like giving compensatory agriculture land is kept to bare minimum for survivals & not meant for growth unfortunately remained unchallenged .It was not an end to miseries for Punjabis but came up with other dramas played between 1978 – 1998 for about two decades.


The period stood managed by painting saintly Sikh individuals in farming ,soldier ,students ,professional to be brought out as militants –Terrorists with horror stories enacted – played with the might of the state .Punjab except for two races Brahamins – Banaians has got interrelationship between Visible Sikhs & other Sikhs believers in Guru Granth Sahib but many are not following laid down maryada developed by Guru Gobind Singh Sahib. Indian Media referred incidences taking place as Hindu /Sikhs although most including Punjabis or non Punjabi Brahamins or Banaians lving in Punjab had no personal conflict or enmity despite enormous provocations by systems working from New Delhi .Credit goes to the teachings obtained by natives for the state that they did not fell in trap made by other India to discredit Sikh diaspora with lame excuses so that they do not seek legitimate right over natural resources taken from them.


I)The results for actions of other India 1900-1947 are visible now in Punjab when Jatt Sikh brotherhood having reached certain levels of self sustainability for economics by having substantial land holdings in undivided Punjab in India /Pakistan lost economics. They were either serving substantial in Army ,enjoying farming life & commanding respect from society .India has succeeded in bringing down PRIDE of Sikhs to the compelling circumstances to accept the jobs for security guards ,drivers ,darbans, chokidars ,constabulary in police etc .The profession for singers was kept out for Maracies ,a specialist Muslim race meant to sing but now Jatt Boys adopting this profession for entertainer using lyrics to laugh at funny actions for their own community.


The product in the shape of SIKHS has not been constructed – developed for fun actions – entertainments of the kind happening without being guided by Sikh diaspora .There is non to guide – help them to shape up withing frame work of Sikh ambit after unfortunate exit of Bhai Sahib Bhai Ranjit Singh being Akal Takath Jathedar .Sikhs got managers to regulate day to date functioning for Gurudwararas ,Shiromoni Akali Dal for Political Governance to safeguard legitimate Sikh interests and Shri Akal Takath has been to balance & guide of human way of Sikh life in the light of conventions – Rahit Maryada constructed over a period of time .The heritage for Shri Akal Takhat intentionally or unintentionally stood hurt and which may take time for resumption of its desired functioning when liberated from managers working on platform for S.G.P.C.


J)The Sikh community has been blamed by historians that it has the POWER-STRENGTH equivalent to the force in a cluster of lions but lead by weakest,similar to (asses ) .The poetic statement of Shah Muhammad is one of the references reflecting weakness in SIKH leaderships from the times of the exit fo Maharaja Ranjit Singh 1847 to 1947 & than holistic followup by others till 1998 bringing Community to present state of affairs .There has been earlier a standard saying ,” Tu neh mujeh Dhakka Keon Dia “ Now the frace post 1947 has been “Why u accepted – tolerated Dhakkah” .The Punjab Community carry on saying : “Delhi did this that with Punjab – Sikhs ,but forget to disclose that how they did – why they did ! Most of benefits for the state are achieved or denied by checking strength /pulse of leaders by New Delhi .There is one incidence referred to the times of Srd Partap Singh Kairon when he was chief Minister for Punjab & when he went  to meet Pandit J.L.Nehru ,the P.M. who kept him waiting for quite some time. Having exhausted patience asked his secretary to convey to P.M. that I am Chief Minister for important border state & not free to be kept waiting ,if P.M. free to meet me fine otherwise I am going back to look after affairs for my state. That was the only opportunity when Kairon sahib had to be kept in wait and got future direct access to walk in to the office of P.M. Thus the strength within self clarity & sincerity make one good, better or best strong leader to a look after welfare for his state .Such heritage culture can not be dreamed by heads for tiny made insignificant state by virtue of a few Parliament numbers despite so many other strong points of strength in PUNJAB .


K)The Sikh community understand what type of leader is required but do not participate ensuring personality of such stature is brought forward. The Punjab politics now is not different than activities of other India .Most of them got in similar rituals for false promises not to be fulfilled, spending to safeguard themselves and majority population remain under sky level hype on every election times for state of central government elections or Government formations. Let us just peep in to the past for Sikh leaderships in the state since 1947. Master Tara Singh happened to be first to be adopting SIKH faith in his family therefore his natural environment had been partially among non SIKHS .He at individual level was financially honest which is one of the qualification for to be good leader. The competence for to be good – honest preacher or follower for a faith is one good trait but to succeed in diplomatic methodology obtaining best rights for your own Governance is different turf & most of the leaders from preaching like him could not be successful, it may be Mater Tara Singh, Fateh Singh ,Channan Singh, Jathedar Talwandi, Sant Longowal, Sant Jarnail Singh etc.The domain for most of these should have been kept to religious affairs & briefed from time to time on difficulties encountered by SIKH Politics to advantage of Punjab natives .


The SIKH community tolerated fault line actions of Fateh Singh when he declared for FAST TO DEATH over Punjab rights ,declared to die on Akal Takhat ,a place meant for all together different purpose but not in line with history of declarations made by its founder Guru Hargobind Singh Sahib. He played havoc with the SIKH ethos by acting in contrast to the established Akal Takhat practices, violating sanctity of the place making HAWAN KUND .One wonders why & how SIKH community remained silent over such dramas. Bhai Jathedar Pheurman did try to correct damage made by Fateh Singh by holding fast to death in actual & got martyrdom. Politics failed to come around him for advantage Punjab fearing that leadership may slip out of them .Thus community could not display collective vision to benefit for the futures in promotion of their leaderships. Most of them who grew in politics were only with undercover support from systems developed by DELHI or were failed by true – untrue disclosures for defamation projecting their past or some confused leaders got eliminated from the scene by alleged state actors.


L)The Gurudawara management operations remained under Jathedar G.S.Tohra for about 25 years .He was devote SIKH , remained financially honest but allowed almost all the acts of humanly cleverness to seep in the S.G.P.C. systems ignoring corruption for advancement of his tenures on the seat occupied contributing illness of S.G.P.C. body .Sardar S.S. Barnala, Jathedar Talwandi, Sukhjinder Singh Khaira ,Ravi Inder Singh nephew of Srd Baldev Singh also failed SIKHS between 1947 – 1997 and acted a number of times under the influence of New DELHI harming Sikh politics at the cost for advancement of personal /family interests.

O)Punjab Congress political culture post 1962 on further division for Punjab in four units: Punjab, Haryana, Himachal, and Chandigarh produced new variety of leadership’s .Giani Zail Singh understood psychology of Akali Politics and kept them defensive for long time. He himself took up activities related to Sikh diaspora keeping Akalis searching for cause during state chief Minister ship. Incidentally, the peace in Punjab stood lost from the times Giani ji moved to Delhi from Home Minister to President for the country .Chaudhry Darbara Singh being C.M. remained in conflict with Giani ji for his own Jatt egoistic reasons at the cost of loss to Punjab. Both failed to come above personal rift to avoid hurt to their own state. Srd Lachaman Singh Gill is known to have introduced Punjabi language as stae language & laid rural road net work during his short tenures. Srd .P.S.Kairon was also a visionary leader but he grew his internal ego to the extent that he weakened his own founder party Akali Dal when he brought in all Akali stalwarts from Akali Dal to congress. He was reported to have been once cautioned by Master Gurbanta Singh; Sardar Sahib do not hurt to finish levels, the Akali leaders, your relevance to center is till that time having controls over them, the moment you ground them, you will also not be relevant to Center. By the time Kairon Sahib realized and confessed to Master Gurbanta Singh being out of power while strolling around M.L.A. hostel, Kairon sahib confessed his error of judgement for protection by New Delhi only as long as there was threat from Akali politics.The other Chief Ministers like Srd Brar, Mrs Bhathal made no impact in general or particular who were a stop gap arrangements for next Political Dramas in store for innocent population of Punjab .


M)New Delhi has prepared dossiers (economical & personal life conduct) for all past-present-future political leaders of India. They may be in Akali politics of other parties .They generally exploit information against non Congress leaders through different channels at their disposal ;may be Home department,Income Tax or other records creating difficulties or asking them to to be on their roll for undercover or normal actions to be carried on as and when required. No one is realizing that actions of martyrdom took place between 1499 -1947 ,now proudly being remembered was not for exclusive economic growth for a specific group of people but was based on central theme for universal brotherhood. Guru Sahib took up flag seeking justice of every kind from the Governance system who may be in any form .The collective lives sacrificed were to uphold principles of humanity & most of them had opportunities from the Mughal timers to British period to accept individual benefits by leaving larger agenda for welfare of the community & they preferred community welfare to individual growth – prosperity.


N)The medium of communications in past times were difficult & most of the messages exchanged were believed to be true & complied with by community members .Now the medium of communication are fastest but Sikh society is caught up with influenza of distrust from New India culture .The times have come to old requirement with full circle for adoption of original fundamentals laid by Guru Nanak Sahib believing ,” Naa Koi Vare – Naa beganah “ Awal Allha Noor Upayia –Kudrat Ke Sabh Bande –Ek Noor te Sah Jagh upjia Kaun Bhale Kaun Mande “


O)The Sikh leadership may have to re-polish its platform in accordance to original – unique identity & ideology on above guiding universal statement with education maintaining distance from the believers in idol ism .The worry of leaders in SIKH faith believers is that they my gradually slip in old traditions by believing in Guru Granth Sahib & offering ritual respect in similarity to worship for Idols forbidden by Guru Sahib.The MISSION of Guru Gobind SINGH Sahib for elevation to Shri Granth sahib to the position for a GURU was to practice SHABAD Guru & not limited to bowing before it or expecting magical automation for fulfillment of individual humanly desires .The essence for SHABAD guru was to to seek guidance to live life following natural fundamentals of life .

S)The logically scene behind introduction for IDOLS in different shapes all over the GLOBE during ancient period may have been to have appropriate image to CONNECT almighty but slid down for exploitation s when Prophet Abraham opposed continuity sensing this to be an instrument for exploitation of commoners by preachers .It is another fact in development of human history that not only IDOLS were brought on social scene for human prayers but sound affect too introduced by most of the religion for establishing connection with ALMIGHTY. Christianity had big BELL on top of (GIRJA ) Church to be used for religious purpose ,Muslim brotherhood got practice to connect with loud call to a almighty from roof top of religious community place ; Masjid ,Hindu way of life has big Bell in Mandirs to be touched making sound connecting with GOD – GODDESS image framed in respective minds for fulfillment of desires ,SIKH diaspora in the past kept big size drum in few Gurudwaras which was drummed occasionally with certain special days of Sikh history .


P)Therefore, the rejection for IDOL worship during the times of Prophet Abraham followed or implemented by Prophet Muhammad Sahib in Arab locations were incidentally appealed to be believed in similar philosophy in northern India was by Shri Guru Nanak Dev ji who was first – founder guide to Sikh diaspora .Humanity by & large had cultured belief as if IDOL worship alone got authority delivering beneficial results with their MAGIC which had been deviation from the basic fundamentals to FOCUS for prayers. There were attempts to corrupt Sikh ethos during Mughal & than British periods through fence sitters for the religious believers in Sikh – Hindu way of life but failed to stop growth pre 1947 .The obstacle were brought on in the very beginning in 1499 when Guru Nanak Sahib appealed both Hindu & Muslims to discard their few out lived religious practices to readjust in accordance with natural rules for balanced development of humanity.


Q) The Sikh way of life may have become latest – best face of India – Hinduism on Global level if Brahaman-Banaian of other India had not conspired against them with novel creations of platforms between 1850 -1947 known as Arya Samaj & other similar to them. It may be an interesting view for the readers that the leadership for Arya Samaj was by members of Brahamin families, but he followers made from rural JAT – Rajput families and projected to be GUIDE representative for Hindu culture.