U.P. & Bombay British Presidency designs partitioned Punjab & Bengal 47′?

The Non Punjabi Society on guidance of their Political & religious leaders representing other India, behaved with judgmental approach while dealing with Sikh Diaspora. The people of other India, in the absence of sufficient knowledge on Sikh echoes, values practiced on natural rights of humanity made suicidal interventions dividing Punjabis but not made accountable when acted against the spirit of natural law or having worked against other statue Law of the land.

B) The British wrong or right wrote that the ‘Aryan’ was outsiders for the land presently occupied by them in India and members for ‘Arya Samaj’ platform remained inactive through out times when India was repetitively invaded by Foreign Muslim -Mughals. They woke up only when Sikhs with support of Punjabis, in the spirit of Guru Nanak Sahib to Guru Gobind Singh, already succeeded to halt the attacks on Punjab borders. The other India, unfortunately, divided Punjabi spirit on behest of non Punjabi culture, who was unaware on historical roles played, defending the right for religious freedom but acted on behest of their religious mind sets, for interventions, discouraging their further adoptions for Sikhism.

C) The people of other India despite being aware for the sacrifices made by PUNJAB, acted to divide the community for their personal benefits on the name of connectivity on religious unity on behest of Politics of British ruled Christianity. The actions anchored by them reflect that they were not careful for FUTURE of Punjabis & Sikhs in particular.

We may consider the instance relating to partition times when the Akali Legislature Party, lead by Master Tara Singh, reported emerged from the Punjab assembly building with 23 Sikh legislators, in Lahore, on March 4, 1947, the crowd shouted “Pakistan Zindabad”. Master Tara Singh and his followers were alleged to have retaliated by chanting though not true as “Pakistan Murdabad”. Rumor spread in the city that Tara Singh had torn the League flag hoisted by some people on the Assembly building and the fury of the Muslims against Tara Singh was so intense that his house in his ancestral village, Harial, in Rawalpindi district was burnt down and large number of his relations were hacked to death, the price paid for demanding partition of the Punjab on behest of Pt Nehru, Mr M.C.K.G. Gandhi, Mr Patel who were insensitive for the safety for Punjabis.

D) Pt. Nehru went to the Viceroy’s office to agree to partition & claimed that he was speaking also on behalf of the Sikhs. The Viceroy did try to display being neutral knowing well the background that every thing stood settled by his seniors with Pandit Nehru & Mr Jinaha for partition.He by following procedure did not accept him (Nehru) as a Sikh representative. Consequently Master Tara Singh, Giani Kartar Singh and Baldev Singh were called in by Mountbatten & asked them whether they agreed to the partition of the country, they consented in accordance with the assurances & brief by Mr Nehru to them.It is therefore altogether a different matter that British had settled to handover POWER to Pt J.L.Nehru for Indian part of territory believing him to be more inside English then original ones.The miscalculation for a belief that mix cultures of Idolaters living in EAST,SOUTH,WEST & neighbor in North will attend them on equality with better approach for the advancement of Sikh cause & aspirations than by British Christianity resulted in a Himalayan size blunder for the Sikh leadership.They got in another trap on identifications for only visible SIKH community but otherwise to be looked in for those all who believed in Guru Granth Sahib & Shri Darbar Sahib not exclusively to visible posture for the community to have separate state.

E) Four days after the Punjab Assembly incident, on March 8, 1947, the AICC passed a resolution demanding partition of the Punjab. History refers to failures by SIKH leaderships, though it was not so because GURUS HONEST DISCIPLES got cheated in the hands of those who alleged to be their closet, resulting in ‘betrayal for Trust in the than & following congress leaderships’ for all the times. They all have been acting in accordance with the values inherited for the principals of their (HINDU) religion allowing them to be compromise for rule to every type of dishonesty in achievement for their personal political GOALS. The Sikh community stood brought to such a present cross road stage. It is an accepted fact that people of other New India, religiously & emotionally be fooled not only the Sikhs but all Punjabis, who by and large are simpler, God fearing, in comparison to cleverness for others, hence continue to be exploited on every opportunity, over economics /political/religious subjects due to negligible 5 – 8 Sikh representative number in Indian Parliament for 543.

E) They (Sikhs) earlier heard a story for Muslim brotherhood , who were suggested not to be trusted easily due to certain historical events relating to Anandpur Sahib war with Guru Sahibs, when Muslim invaders despite having sworn over QUA RAN, agreed to provide passage for retreat, but failed to implement sworn agreement. But now Punjab was not aware that HINDUS community of other India, under Mr MCKC Gandhi, Mr Nehru, Mr Patel, Gulzari Lal Nanda etc could do similar act of unfaithfulness by betrayal on commitments, given by them not once but on a number of political platforms, thus did similar harm to Sikhs apprehended on joining with Muslim majority Punjab. Master Tara Singh & other Sikh leaders were honest but got mislead with verbal assurances from the dishonest leaders. British ruled respecting certain established conventions & had most part of constitution to be unwritten , were successful to managed U.K. in a best human way, but India, despite most lengthy constitution, do not allow written one to be implemented in its correct spirits and how they were expected to honors verbal assurances ,has been due to poor Sikh judgments.

F) British after world war 1938-41, impact on their economy & society at large, on death of large English soldiers, decided to quite from many colonial countries, including India .The plan was to withdraw by middle of 1948 but, the congress leadership hastened the move for early exit, without giving enough time for alternative administrative set up, contributing loss of 7-10 million innocents on partition. All this happened in the background that Pdt Nehru having lost during internal Congress democratic methodology elections when Mr Patel was elected to be leader who got 13 votes out of 14 for future leadership but Pandit Nehru did not wanted to risk opportunity in taking over Prime Ministership. The history has emerged that Sh.Gandhi was approached by personal physician of Mr Jinaha that he is suffering from serious ailment & may not live beyond few months .Sh Gandhi failed to convince the larger interests for being together as one country but Pandit Nehru ji point blank refused stating that he had already settled for P.M.ship with British .If he will not be allowed than there may be more divisions for the country & Sh Gandhi & Patel buckled down before arrogance of Pandit Nehru. Why he did so for his own weakness in the eyes of his immediate followers or for other internal conscious calculations for results of conflict with British may not surface .

G) It is not that people from other part to India are that bad or natural enemy to Punjab but the past treatment given to Punjabis appears to be contributing for their self guilt, compelling them to distrust Punjab ,thus damaging state & its people .The conditions are similar with old story ‘ when a non Sikh in a wrestling bout pulled down a Jatt & despite on being on top, kept on crying ,when questioned for his abnormality in behavior ,he expressed that ,’his suspicion is that when he will get pulled down by him, the fear for that beating make him cry. So is the story for Delhi being on top of Punjab has been continuously crying foul” for the last 67 years. The people of state, despite having economically been leveled to the ground since 1947, are being suspected not to be happy for their merger to India, alleging to be conniving with neighbor country ignoring contrary past historical facts. Thus the political leaders from every party from other states of India inadvertently continue doing injustice with defensive – offensive strategies, having 98% strength in Parliament. The Parliamentarians representing two other minorities also remained in silent mode having earlier suffered at the hands of majority community.

H) Now recent ,fresh history (1947) conveys for the major ERRORS in judgment, non trusting co citizens ,having shaped the present second grade kind of a citizen status for the Sikhs in India .It is an established fact that challenges get emerged within first family members when number gets increased ,then how Sikh leadership trusted blindly ,the people representing different regions, cultural values, language, religions etc, it turns out to be an act of irresponsibility/insincerity towards its community. The selfishness – advancement of personal agendas for wealth/family growth alone has been on driving seat for majority SIKH LEADERSHIP .The Sikh community failed in selection for right kind of selfless leadership .Most were good as spiritual teachers having no VISION like Baba Banda Singh Bahadur who was defeated not for his inefficiencies but planted distrust by enemy forces dividing Sikh strength. Maharaja Ranjit Singh lost continuity by not handing over charge well on time to his inheritors who could be either among his competent Generals or Generals supporting his selected pedigree generation.

I) Therefore, political approach of Sikh leadership trusting blindly, ensuring their personal safety/growth alone turned out to be disastrous for the community. The creation of Pakistan took away the landed & other properties from Sikhs & New India took away the Pride for ‘TURBAN’ from Sikhs during recent history for last 67 years. The total surrender by Punjab- Sikh community in 1940-50 is also referred with its equation to a tale mentioned for pupils in school ,’The Sikhs Ate onion along with getting beaten, at the hands of (trusted) co Citizens’ .The Sikh leadership sacrificed (got killed) thousands & thousands during civilized/uncivilized war against Mughals invaders & then against British with end result before them for current plight in a country when India is not willing to honor any of its historical commitments, stated to have been announced under political compulsions ,how honest was past & present can be viewed in between by Punjab & its people for challenges in FUTURE!

J) The Punjabi Suba concept with primarily targets appeared to bring in all on one platform, who may share common cultural heritage, language, food habits etc but Delhi failed them. Punjab, perhaps assumed having got alternative option fulfilled, to end up as Sikh majority population state but forgot to make corresponding efforts to protect its profile; failed to monitor, who all are shifting to Punjab, non insertion clause, preferring Punjabis in the functioning, during its Governance etc. The recent idea on entry to non Sikhs under Akali Dal banner, may it be necessary for a registered political parties in present form of constitution, may also provide adhoc technical benefits, but some historians also fear that the Sikh identity may get diluted in the sea of majority population of the country, loosing its basic character for party, representing Sikh Ethos!

K) The Akali Dal may not have buckled down to the new requirements of election commission of India when the Akali party came in formation prior to present form of Election Commission of present shape of India. The AKALI DAL PARTY was desired to non religious body hence inserted clause for dilution to the original fundamentals for the SIKH aspirations for temporary gains. It has been broad based inviting or allowing Hindu & others eligible for joining SIKH platform. The very existence is being chopped up in peace meals by other India. The election commission was expected to carry amendments accordingly instead of SIKH politics diluting self further. The coming few years time, the population balance Sikh/non Sikhs may get back not only to old Punjab ratio but may result in a majority non Sikh population in Punjab. It has been echoed by a retired bureaucrat that a conscious of people for a particular race in Delhi prepares plans, ahead of times, considering FUTURE VISION for at least next 50-100 -200 years, but Sikh leadership generally stuck up on short term plans/gains , resulting in continuity for the sufferings of the community. The coming young Sikh leadership, when assigned 100% responsibility for the state by elders, may also be inheriting, Himalayan Task – Challenges developing solutions to address the historical frauds, imbalances engineered by Delhi in the past but post 1947.

L) India has uniqueness by virtue of imagining some thing else and practicing in a very different way .It has developed hundreds of songs and printed literature advocating value in Mother Land ,special value in the place for birth. The place of birth for the Founder of Sikhism ,Guru Nanak Sahib left out of India by conspiracy of top political leaders for 1940-1950 times. The history for Israel & Palestine is known to the world & India did calculated mischief creating similar future scenario for Sikhs to fight with neighbor country with enmity though it has not been their fault to have kept Nankana Sahib with Pakistan .It has been Delhi who did unforgivable act for loss of above historical birth place to Pakistan, displaying another act for dishonesty towards Sikh community.