Fractured Indian trust in Punjab & challenges for neighborhood countries!

The majority citizens of India, remain over occupied on their day to day living plans for survivals and not aware that Indian Borders surrounded by nine countries: Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Maldives, Sri Lanka but none to be real friend of India among them not even ‘Nepal’, historically known as only country carrying & practicing mythical traditions of HINDU ways of life. Misadventures in Sri Lanka, tactical support for division of Pakistan resulting in Bangla Desh, political role by deployment of Indian Army in Sri Lanka, atrocities, discrimination with major minorities : Muslim, Sikhs, Christians like that of earlier against schedule caste/tribes, hence may all these historical roles keep on hounding Indian systems for a long time and risk living life of every common Indian citizen. It gives a bad feeling that India dare not to speak for CHINA in a language similar to the one used for countries like PAKISTAN,’the Journey of India to be Nation’ slowed down by display of such weakness, happening in the absence faith in strength in its own natives or leaders themselves not being honest to its citizens for their deeds, knowing well that Punjab has never taken back foot or run away in past, in discharge of duties assigning during challenges by neighbor countries.
B) India silently allowed (legal/illegal) flow for foreign funds from communist countries such as Russia, China to communist party ruled Indian states & never acted to stop them neither alleged them to be connived with foreign powers .Top leader used to shout on top of their voice alleging a small size community known to be SIKHS being funded by foreign (U.S.A –Canada –U.K.). countries linking them for some common designs with neighbor country ,which again is small in size i.e. Pakistan,displaying them to be party with Sikhs creating problems in India.The records emerged in recent times written by former C.B.I./I.B. or other retiring officers confirmed beyond doubts how New Delhi prepared master plan to bring down PRIDE factors nursed by Sikhs claiming to have protected Hindu diaspora to add new chapters to the Indian history for lessons taught to them by Hindus living in other India ,basically in Hindi belt .A senior officer during his visit to Punjab after 1984 massacres confided in an emotionally charged sitting stating as per his information that ,” Russia finally pushed Madam for attack on Darbar Sahib creating fear psycho that Sikhs may declare Khalistan as per information for their sources .He further narrated that Russia had deployed one nominees shadow secretary for each Ministry in Government of India to influence decision making favoring /opposing major financial /technical international bids .But this is a part of oral history to be co related with other information by the reader understanding the closeness of those those ruling India at that time .
C)When question is brought out that who are responsible to bring New India -1947 make to this position: The answer will be the fundamental dishonesty among all of us ,the majority people of this country who allowed to be mislead for petty gains, turning easily purchasable. Therefore almost all major Indian political parties represent collective common psychy -life traits ,barring ‘AKALI DAL- PARTY,represented by comparatively honest people who try to carry on heritage SIKHS ETHOS ‘ taught by its founders in Punjab, they may not have to share the blame who having historically proved a number of times with above 75% humanly (Sikh) sacrifices, despite less then 2% population ,defended the CAUSE for natural justice to humanity, without caste, creed differentiation, now not considered equal partner in nation building .They are deprived for proportionate revenue share from its own contributions.
D) India changed system intentionally to recruit soldiers Army in proportionate to population basis targeting only Punjab. The policy for recruitment in all central services could have been on the population basis if it was not an open attempt to deprive recruitment opportunities to Punjabis. India forgot the sacrificing share of Punjab for present shape of the country. India may have to introspect to abandon policies for short term political arrangements made in benefit to A-B-C party and ideology to be replaced with long term ,sustainable solutions, supporting people-states without discrimination, to make India a strong nation, for their honorable survival despite frequent challenges by big super nations .The denial for proportionate funds will further weaken Punjab & will not be in befit of India .Take example for a family Unit story for Punjab when one of the sons is given extra diet to make him capable to defend every one of the family in the event of crises & such formals had been successful to great extent .Similar is the case for Mother India with mismanaged house hold systems who are trying to make other states better /rich at the cost of savior son –Punjab ,the move cultured will not only take down Punjab burnt will have serious affects on the strength for India ,our elders accepted the creation of land to fulfill humanly desires for Governance by particular family clan rule from Delhi.