Role search for better Future of India through PUNJAB!

Identification for DUTIES on Punjab for Future safety of Sikh diaspora.

  • Role of 98% non Sikh Indian Parliament towards Punjab & Sikhs in  next 20 years.
  • Scope & options before Sikhs in Punjab – India.
  • The Values enforceability relating to Original concept for Freedom 1947.
  • Strength in Sikhs seeking Justice through Indian Parliament.
  • Economic dependency for state Government over New Delhi.
  • Economics position / jobs for Sikhs v/s other non Sikhs in Punjab & other Indian states including Chandigarh Administration.
  • Health & Education of Sikhs v/s other non Sikhs in Punjab.
  • Sikh boy student ratio for higher education including medical touched to just 20% of total strength.
  • Individual /Family/Institutional Missions of Life.
  • Sharing present knowledge view point with future generations of Punjab, India & in the world particularly with SIKH youth Diaspora.
  • Review on role for S.G.P.C. protecting Religion tenets.
  • Restoration independent identity of Akal Takhat Sahib.

May have to find solutions “On Absolute faith & teachings in Sri Guru Granth Sahib “ The degree on expectations even for legitimate support from New Delhi system operators, may remain to minimum levels. Many of them are reported to be nursing a biased opinion from 1980 on wards stating that Punjab is still rich state without knowing seeing data .It is the way all ,representing majority in every political Indian party, continue discriminating Punjab for one excuse or the other. They are alleged to be uncomfortable or some times jealous on the RELIGIOUS philosophy for ‘SIKH BEARD HAIR & TURBAN’ separating them from Hindu way of life. Many of them disrespect Sikh ethos in absence on misguidance by fellow religious fanatics. It may be viewed as the Indian relationship of daughter in law (Punjab) having given birth (lost so much in process by leaving assets in old Punjab –shifting as home less to New Punjab, including damages by New India) but the mother in law (New Delhi) is not happy & search for opportunities to hurt SIKHS in Punjab.

The tolerance for a Sikh Prime Minister is definitely appreciative and an exception, but he too may remain vulnerable during re emergence for repetitive circumstances like in Oct 1984, when even the President of India, being a SIKH has to run for a shelter to save life. Thus, the character/behavior for New Delhi may remain suspected. The international game of politics, indirectly has been intervening , controlling India systems to a great extent may engineer sacrificing new leader/ personality in facilitation for the installation of their own on the chair of GOVERNANCE. All Minorities on Indian soil, may have to be more careful for such eventuality, if happened May, engulf now largest part of society on the pretext for a protest, but in the garb for a fight on grabbing from HAVES BY HAVE NOT on total Indian soil, unless strong but honest political system operators are put in place?