Ancient Kingdom authorities on religion?

Iraq, earlier known as South Mesopotamia, during the rule of King Nimrod, when most people worshiped the stars and the sun, thinking they were their Gods. Many also prayed to idols numbering around ‘360’ placed in a religious complex in Arab country, made out of wood & stones that took various shape for cosmic features. In addition to worshiping the carved stones, the people made offerings and sacrifices for them, besides the priests were extremely powerful and dominant, and they enjoyed numerous privileges, living affluently, and with high respect. The ordinary people were very poor and they toiled diligently to support the priests. The people had to listen to the priests’ demands and obey their rules. Most people were impoverished and ignorant, although they worked very hard. The people of Abraham fatherly founder for three religions: Judaism, Muslim & Christianity were initially idolaters. He on instructions from God actively did best to educate discontinuity on this concept. He confronted fire of persecution, arguments with ruling King, Nimrod who called upon Abraham (Ibrahim) with the intention to discredit the Prophet. King failed in his attempt to prove him wrong. Prophet Abraham (Ibrahim) forbade them to firmly renounce the idol worship.

Ancient Origin for Concept on God worship through Idol worship  !

The history has many interesting unread chapters, relevant today for us to arrive at appropriate approach for our interfaith conduct for social re positioning. Prophet Abraham (1813 BC- 1638 BC) was the founding father of the Israelite, with a prominent role in Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Prophet Abraham (Ibrahim) son of Azar (Amathlaah, Terah) gave birth to Ishmail (Ishmael), later genealogy traced for Abdul Muttalib coming down to Prophet Muhammad ( 570 – 8th June 632 ) from second wife Hazar (Hagar) . Ishaq (Ishaac) was from his first wife Sarah, later genealogy traced for in line, after some time to respected Mother ‘Marry’ in pedigree. Mother Mary was the wife of Joseph and the mother of Jesus Christ, who was conceived within her by the Holy Spirit, when she was a virgin. She is often called the “Virgin Mary,” Her genealogy given is that She was of the tribe of Judah and the lineage of ‘David’. She was connected by marriage with Elisabeth, who was of the lineage of ‘Aaron’. The Lord Christ ‘Jesus’ was also circumcised according to Jewish law with common similarity to the prevailing practice by Muslims in follow up to the practice introduced by Prophet Abraham.