Month: September 2014

Positioning CJI as Kerala Governor becomes a debatable issue !

Precedents are always created, seems justification of Modi Government QUESTION for Ethical Morality on positioning now or future retired constitutional eminent, like C.J.I. for the state or Country to Raj Bhawans & on other statuary responsibilities may be answered connecting Vedic knowledge & philosophy reinvented on Lord Rama & Lord Krishna! Kerala state swore in […]

Economics in addition to Punjab Greening Mission

 Planting utility trees must be focus of our Forestry Development plans BRITISH TIMES: Governance by British officers on Indian territories is customarily condemned on 26th Jan & 15th August under title for AJADI of New India wef 1947. We do not complement pre 1947 times for introduction of many good IDEAS or systems but just […]

Making India Healthier -TEA with natural Tulsi

Modifying common TEA herbal with natural Tulsi Tea was first introduced into India by the British, in an attempt to break the Chinese monopoly on tea. The British launched a tea industry in Assam. Maniram Dewan (1806-1858) was the first Indian tea planter. Tea was originally only consumed by Anglicized Indians, and it was not […]