Introspective approach by SIKHS

A) The Introspection on past journey for Punjab conveys that when the Muslim numbering more then its numbers in Pakistan could get adjusted in India ,Punjab may have also maintained its own identity, allowing all Punjabis: 53% Muslim ,30% Punjabi Hindu ,14 Sikh on one platform as a state different than India . The Punjabis failed to see the psychology working behind partition, pushing for exchange of population between New India/Pakistan at their direct cost but appeared in benefit to Hindi speaking belt & other parts of India. They sacrificed human lives between 7 – 10 lacks & migration for over 10 millions, rendering them homeless. The advisory comments of Muslim scholar who cautioned Sikhs during times for partition over their decisions for division of Punjab between HINDUS- MUSLIMS proved true, He said “’You have seen Hindus as co slave – co citizen community but not imagined how they will rule, hence may repent, on experience under their rule, getting hurt on every front, has unfortunately appears relevant, considering happening for the last 66 years for New India under them.

B) One segment of Muslims in Pakistan has nursed grievance for SIKH Diaspora when they express in private that,” it is because of the Sikhs, the rule for Mughals (Muslims) for over 1000 years got smashed & dismantled after regular conflicts of Sikh Misles & Muslims, followed with rule of Maharaja Ranjit Singh.They complain that It is because of the role of Sikhs that Muslim lost Red fort to Hindus. Muslim by & large respect visitors going to Pakistan but in heart of heart are not naturally comfortable with them for the reasons stated therein. They also have love –hate feeling for Sikhs for the reasons of failure of Pakistan military in past conflicts on international borders having been acted as shield for Hindu India. The new generations of Hindu India in Central, Western, Eastern, and Southern India has not been taught history on the role for Sikhs played which was not against Muslim faith but the fight was on the tyrannic of individuals Governance methods who ruled from Red Fort. The conduct of Red Fort towards SIKHS in particular and Punjab state in general has history of injustice in every field during 1945 – 2013.

C) Above 90% present Indian population, having ZERO contribution for FREEDOM STRUGGLES for present geographical formation of country, enjoying post 1947 benefits but are not willing to acknowledge through actions to be considerate with families of those who were uprooted , forced to leave land ,houses inhabited by their forefathers for centuries in locations now under Pakistan. Titled earlier as ‘refugees’ deserved to have been given land & compensations with multiplying effect but dealt with negative cuts, despite INDIA having so much uncultivated, surplus land with them, but PUNJAB- SIKHS failed to understand collective fundamental approach of political set up, on designed formation of new country at Delhi.

D) Punjab inherited old VIRSA –legacy on liberal eating -drinking ,wearing best possible robes which are misunderstood by natives of other Indian states that Punjabis are very rich !The habits developed with historically compulsive reasons ,such as ‘KHAHDA PEETA LAHE DA – REHNDA AHMED SHAE DA’ continues to be practiced by them but India is mis understands & suspects also get CONFUSED searching secrets of Punjab psychology that how despite so many planned –unplanned challenges relating to the damages ,injuries, strong hammering by politics with economical & physical losses by state actors in last immediate 60-70 years, Punjabis not only survived, as in the past from out side invasions but kept up the magnanimity to display ‘ALL IS WELL’, further continue to have digestive capacity to enjoy being laughed at by the co Indians from other states.

E) Therefore, non Sikhs of Punjab, believing other India more then its immediate neighbor, a Punjabi, deserve to be taught lessons by Delhi for their unforgettable emotional decisions taken in 1947 under influence of non Punjabi politicians. Punjab got carried away on catchy, just political nature assurances, resulting in their uprooting & shifting to present land locked state, inadequate support by over centralized systems who now function on population size state funding method, ignoring appropriate share for state Tax contributions. Thus, the state partially is facing economic heat affects for its past unmindful decisions, although done under good faith –Trust, which unfortunately stood broken. The non Punjabis initially partitioned Punjab in two : East / West Punjab, then Indian Punjab further in four Units : Punjab ,Haryana, Himachal Pradesh & Chandigarh. A seasoned politician from South confided that Chandigarh unit kept by DELHI under direct charge by referring this it to be need for strategic reasons, internally otherwise due to distrust planted by rest of India for Punjab. It appears that India also intentionally address present ‘Punjab to be a rich state’ ignoring their own government data.