Unintentional -Intentional violations are different than for a THEFT & are not qualified as just violation under categories for SIKH MARYADAA?

Ethically Sensitive controversy appeared in public domain for the operative process of the management for Historic Gurudwara Patna Sahib. Memorial was originally serviced during rule of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. The former appointee Jathedar for the Takht was desired playing a special role as one of the five co advisory member Sikh Institution for the welfare of the community. Religiously special political role for Patna Sahib got developed in India post-47. Jathedar Ranjit Singh Gauhar, allegedly believer in the ideologies of the ruling BJP has been found guilty for misappropriations of valuable donations/ gifts received from the faith followers. Another person under clouds is Sh. Samra, a native of Pakhoke, Amritsar, who has also been held co guilty for the alleged un holistic cheating & theft. The content appeared in the media are that certain valuable gift items including a SWORD, made of GOLD donated but later stolen or replaced. The Media report conveys that an internal inquiry has established that the Sword at the very first place was not of gold but just gold plated, but fraud & cheating with living Guru & august community desires legal actions & punishments?
The Sikh Journey has undergone through difficult phases from times to time between 1500-1600 to 1700-1800-1900 -2000 & post these periods has encountered a unique & complex challenges on emergence for a large variety of materialistic objects associated with day to day life. The mode of traveling, communications post 1900 also brought big change in business and social lives for all of us living on different countries of the globe. The scientific life has created & provided numerous life conveniences with creations & flooding for glamorous materialistic in the market. The Sikh Diasporas too got influenced and unable to reposition respective mind sets!
It may not be out of place for reference to the historical prospectus when Darbar Sahib in Amritsar when founded was based on many ideological concepts and one of that was for building on lowest levels of the normal ground levels for a message of humbleness for its founders. Punjab had been dealt with regular violence from centuries especially last five ones and the other state civilizations has developed their approach having always doubts on integrity of its natives and especially for those identified being safe guard shield as Sikh members of the civilization.
Punjab has been dreaming for a long time for a peaceful geographical land mark where people of all religions could live as co brother civilization without pin pricks for respective other religious faith practitioners but the dream gets to a different long time agenda for multiple reasons. Most reasons of troubles are basically for the none clarity of new “ism” developed from humanist ideas of Guru Nanak times to date and Sikh leadership do not earnestly take consistent ground position on practice TRUTHFULLY RIGHT –WRONG as of the path taken during the journey of them from Guru Nanak to Guru Gobind Singh to Baba Banda Singh Bahadur to times Sarker e Khalsa & earlier LOST track in 1850’s, opposing British for alleged hidden economical religious intents of certain cleverest none Punjabi civilization.
Anyway, the ideologies propagated by the founder Guru Nanak Sahib advocating & facilitating “LIBERTY OF MANKIND”, especially the natural right to practice its own faith, got hurt & rather distorted in absolute terms from the day of merger Punjab territories and its civilization in 1850’s and failed in journey on principled path resultant facing internal external ideological divisions / sub divisions, internal race to be super boss for regulating religious ethics in its own model of majorities or being financial resources and has dented the very original thought process inherited. Let us introspect few reasons for derailment influenced by materialistic race;
LANGAR; Guru Nanak Sahib received a sum Rs 20/- from his father for doing business but his holiness felt that its multiplication in Rs 30/- to Rs its 50/- onwards is unethical, neither pro people humanist business model? Baba Nanak encountered groups of those unemployed -hungry by virtue of those prevalent economic systems- promoting accumulation/multiplications of wealth and was reportedly disturbed. His vision & wish for concept of business was addressed to the system operators where none is left hungry. He responded with immediate solution for the crises faced by those not getting basic meals. The LANGAR concept has not been fully understood which was not limited for replication of institutional FREE MEALS but a sample initiative for message to the rulers that their economic systems must be such not keeping their natives hungry. Sikh Diasporas has sincerely kept the idea alive along with practice for social religious equality during service of LANGAR but ignored basics behind revolutionary economical message. Muslim civilization are prohibited for charging INTEREST on money and Guru Nanak Sahib was perhaps aware of this pro people philosophy but none Muslim violating basics of economics taught by Guru Nanak Sahib?
Gold was used for DARBAR SAHIB Amritsar during the times of Maharaja Ranjit Singh & was on the lines for a practice of Hindu Temples but innocently brought in by default which was against basic fundamental of its foundation. SABB TOH NEEWAA, lowest levels in physical appearance but highest in for internal thought churning of devotees by submission before the Almighty God referred with different multiple title names. The community leadership by default has moved away from the original concept of simplicity and pushed itself in a competitive glittering materialistic artificial shines as that of prevalent for Mandirs & positioned Gurudwaras in an identical (ritual) models, disapproved by Baba Nanak who desired rebuilding humanity in natural humanist model. The living modern Saint-Dera cult lead by respective so called religious owner heads interpret the Shabad Guru in their own materialistic, expansionist designs and taking civilization to the rejected practices for magical faith healing & prosperities?
There are may be many more reasons for derailment of Sikh Life from the original none materialistic practice of life, values inherited after continues martyrdom & sacrifices made between Guru Nanak 2 Guru Gobind Singh 2 Banda Singh Bahadur 2 Sarkar E Khalsa ERA. The Sikh Journey 1850 to 1947 under British cocktail India has also not been introspected for productive community repositioning on adoptions of self protection safe guards & further remained directionless in last 75 years. The recent history proves the sufferings & loss has been due to directionless conduct of SIKH leadership pre 47 & post 47 selfish Life conduct. But these realities are not honestly confessed before Almighty for repositioning Sikh practices under practical constitutional frames of new India. Majority religious, political & religiously political Leaders failed SIKH civilization and got in competitive race for lust of materialistic gains forgetting hard earned values of Guru Era.
The Institutional Sikh leadership, SGPC in specific, if they got slightest inner respect for Gurus & cultivate fear of Almighty for humanly birth rebirth philosophies then may MISSION; reduction use of Gold & Marbal shines, promote donations for education of talented deprived Sikh children/Youth, self regulate multiplication money matters by limiting margins of exploitations, act for restoration simplicity & basics in Langar, frame rules none mixing ethical maryada violation & legal actions on theft! May encourage honesty in religious intuitional management, discourage political dramas enacted sheltering each other for past & futuristic business deals dreamed with unprincipled unholistic ANTI SIKH GATTH BANDANS! The conventional norms for declaration of TANKHAIYA & award of (soft) religious punishments for unintentional error omission may be fine but requires review for hard punishment on intentional bad acts including THEFT-CHEATING-FRAUD, such as happened at Gurudwara Patna Sahib or at any other place. The untruthfulness & economical fraud for stealing of Guru Treasury is not qualified to be buried under pretext of MARYAADA?
Nirmal Singh Keerka-Gen Secretary: Punjab Heritage & Education Foundation


Updated: September 16, 2022 — 5:39 pm