Month: March 2015

? Punjab Assembly’s resolution on Kamagata Maru Incident

Komagata Maru v/s Chittisinghpura-Annatnag-J&K v/s 1984 MASSACRES POLITICS could go to any length & breadth for personal-Political advantage, exploiting PUBLIC EMOTIONS. PUNJAB ASSEMBLY on closing day of budget session- March 2015 introduced bill in Punjab Assembly. The RESOLUTION was unanimously passed on Wednesday, seeking an apology from Canadian Government for not allowing a ship ‘Komagata […]

Four Banned organisations of Sikh Diaspora: Hurting & defaming SIKH community..!

TIME…for limiting role of POLICING & removal of mystical spots of POLITICS British India encountered few internal/external insurgency problems but had limited set of challenges during colonial rule of first two centuries. They in later part of their rule (mis) used full might to neutralize many a democratic public platforms, such as Kamagatamaru, Kuka Movement, […]