? Punjab Assembly’s resolution on Kamagata Maru Incident

Komagata Maru v/s Chittisinghpura-Annatnag-J&K v/s 1984 MASSACRES

POLITICS could go to any length & breadth for personal-Political advantage, exploiting PUBLIC EMOTIONS. PUNJAB ASSEMBLY on closing day of budget session- March 2015 introduced bill in Punjab Assembly. The RESOLUTION was unanimously passed on Wednesday, seeking an apology from Canadian Government for not allowing a ship ‘Komagata Maru’, with Indians on board, to enter Vancouver port and forcing it to return to India, where British INDIA shot 19 innocent people representing original joint Punjab and imprisoned many others in 1914.

The PUBLIC OF PUNJAB has by & large lost the interest to QUESTION the WISDOM of GOVERNMENT on such knee jerk ACTIONS. The GOVERNANCE, without settling so many other UNSOLVED HOME GROUND CHAPTERS of INJUSTICE taken flight to CANADA under unproductive political blame game. The remembrance of 19 lost is valid but who to be asked to do what appears misdirected for the following reasons; Punjab Parliamentary Affairs minister Madan Mohan Mittal while Introducing the resolution, said: “Canadian government did not allow a ship with Indians on board, seeking freedom of the country to enter Vancouver port and forced it to return to India. When ship reached Bajbaj port of Calcutta on September 29, 1914, British Government shot down 19 freedom fighters and put many behind prison cells.”

The incidence for killing 19 took place in India and under BRITISH INDIA colonial rule and not on the Candian Land. CANADA has already regretted incidence happened one century ago.CANADA was under BRITISH like INDIAN territories. The BRITISH INDIA in BENGAL PRINCIPALITY was answerable for incidence shaped at both locations. The RESOLUTION is therefore ill conceived to divert attention of PUBLIC as if the state is caring so much for loss of PUNJAB. BRITISH were responsible & QUEEN OF U.K. should have been asked to APOLOGIZE along with so many other acts of criminalties on hanged freedom IDEOLOGIST SIKH diaspora for about 85% total punished between 1849-1947.

The desirability for Instant CAUSE OF ACTION in the PUNJAB ASSEMBLY may have begun with appeal to our own partner central GOVERNMENT to disclose conspiracy for the month of MARCH, behind Chittisinghpura massacre. The Chittisinghpura massacre refers to the shooting to death of 36 Sikhs on 20 March 2000, in the Anantnag district of the State of Jammu and Kashmir in India.India has yet not formally admitted the action shaped to have been performed by STATE ACTORS.

The information on net states that,”The massacre coincided with the visit of United States president Bill Clinton to India. In an introduction to a book written by Madeleine Albright titled The Mighty and the Almighty: Reflections on America, God, and World Affairs (2006), he accused “Hindu Militants” of perpetrating the act. This error created a major incident, with both Hindu and Sikh groups expressing outrage at the inaccuracy. Clinton’s office did not return calls seeking comment or clarification. In the hours immediately after the massacre in March 2000, the US condemned the killings but refused to accept the Indian government’s accusation that it was the work of Pakistani Islamist groups. The publishers, Harper Collins routed a correction through Albright’s office. In a public statement they acknowledged the mistake.”

There are thousands of unsettled-buried cases in the state of PUNJAB. Late Srd KHALRA brought out sample investigations at the cost of his life providing substantive prima facie evidence indicating allegedly elimination of more than 25,000 YOUNG SIKH BOYS from the PUNJAB SCENE for happiness of NEW DELHI. The state GOVERNMENT gone in SILENCE -EVASIVE-MYSTIC MODE on all such circumstances but picked to BLAME ANOTHER COUNTRY… who did not ordered the shooting of 19 number now being asked to APOLOGIZE. The GENOCIDAL SIKH MASSACRE 1984 continue to be UNSOLVED but RESOLUTION OF THE ASSEMBLY forgot to draw attention of CENTRAL GOVERNMENT for delayed JUSTICE -DENIED JUSTICE even during one year of their collective GOVERNANCE. The INNER CONSCIOUS OF PUNJAB…………….appears to have been consigned to …..GRAVEYARD…may take time to wake up.


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